LA Weight Loss Centers to Close (List)

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Warning to any current or future LA Weight Loss customers considering prepaying for products or services: rumors abound that certain LA Weight Loss Centers may be closing in the near future. If that happens, you may have a hard time getting a refund or the products you are owed.

According to the LA Weight Loss complaint site, numerous centers are believed to be closing in the near future:


Says KH Poser:

I was an Area Manager for LAWL for the last 2 years. The handwriting is on the wall. …The website reports that the company has 450 centers open, but it is a lot less than that. They have been closing 20-30 units now for the last several months. Many of the franchise centers were taken back over by corporate in an effort to re-invigorate the brand, but they could not make it work. Many of the centers are doing as little as $2000 a week in sales. When sales are that low, it makes it impossible to advertise…

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  • Jessica

    Yes I agree with all the statements above! La Weight Loss is in deep trouble! Our paychecks are bouncing, our shelves are empty, our rent goes unpaid, the lights water and phones get shut off due to unsuficient funds! It’s scary, really I think our owner has embesseled all the money these clients put into a weight loss program?

  • bella

    yes, I think she is right…what the heck is going on with la

  • Tash

    I paid for a program, then 2 weeks later started working there. After 2 mths became Mgr, 6 mths Later, my Dr caused my Brain to hemmorage, and they let me go.. I was in ICU for 9 days and told me I would have a job when I came back. When I was released to work, told me they did not have any positions available.. Just 5 weeks ago, the girls at the center called me one which had worked for me, and asked me to come in and use my program that I had paid over 600 for.. I started, now they are all losing their jobs and the centers are all closing and no one can get refunds.. I have had issues with LA since I worked there and put all that aside.. Now this.. They are screwing up bad!!!

  • Tracie

    Ive just been laid off from LA Weightloss in Alabama. Of course the last centers in Alabama will be closing November 21. After being pushed to call all previous clients from all over the state to rejoin free, of course the cost was to rebuy bars and supplements, not to count running ads on the local television stations, we are closing down. It appears they wanted a big push to get clients money just to leave. Im so embarrased that I ever worked for such a shady company. I feel all of this was preplanned because its amazing the same date Nov 21 last year was doom day for one local closing in the Birmingham area.

  • Aleithia

    I don’t know why you people are saying all these negative things about LA Weight Loss Centers. I was on the program and was very successful in losing close to 80 lbs. in 10 months time. If you want to lose weight, it’s an investment and in my eyes it’s worth it! I want LA Weight Loss Centers to come back because I don’t feel that I was ripped off.

  • Barb B

    my daughter and I joined in Eau Claire, Wi. We see the end is coming. Please keep us in mind if someone starts a class action suit, we will want to join along with another friend that joined.

  • mk

    I signed up in October and paid through April. I bought some LA lites and found out I can’t have them due to medical reasons. They said they processed the refund and never did. I was assured they submitted another one and it was in process the last time I called a few weeks ago. I have not yet seen a credit. I thought LA weight Loss was reputable and didn’t check the web before signing up. Of course now, I want my money back for the weekly visits through April. LA Weight Loss was aware of closure coming up and still working to sell as much as they can. I’d like to be involved in any lawsuit to get back my money (at least $600). The program is not what I signed up for. Today, the franchise only weighed me. It was a month, no measuring inches, no celebration for hitting a milestone, no reviewing my eating, and no counseling.

  • Tracie

    I lost alot of weight with la weightloss. The program does work but the COMPANY IS SO SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT PAY FOR ANY LONG TERM PROGRAM, OR BULK BARS CAUSE YOU WILL REGRET IT. CAUSE THEY WILL SHUT THE DOORS AT ANY TIME. I WORKED FOR THEM AND I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sherri

    All I really got was high pressure sales tactic from what I think was a miserable person/employee. I realize nobody forced me to pay, but the last time I was there, and signed up for a year, I think she knew they were closing. I trusted her. She screwed me over. Want my advice??? Don’t take any form of cash with you when you go in. Go home and mull it over.



  • rita j wilson


    My understanding is they are only staffed with one person (Jennifer Philly) in their customer service department at corporate and she is only returning voicemails. Due to the tremendous amounts of angry consumers out there–I am sure it will be a while before you get a call back.

  • veronica

    I am glad I checked this site out. I was trying to get a hold of the Alabama center. And after reading found out they are closing Nov 21. I am really surprised that they did not return my call, they seemed very nice to talk to over the phone. I personally feel (and I am a business owner) I would not ever treat customers who have paid money for their product and services they way they have. If you (the owner) is reading this I wish you well.

  • Helene

    Does anyone know the number for CORPORATE? We are in Charlotte. The center called my daughter on Mon and told her they had gotten some info for her. She told them she would pick it up on Sat. She decided to go over today and found they had already shut their doors. Strange they didn’t tell her that when she said she’d be in this weekend.

  • Sandy Hodge

    I live in Concord NC and joined LA a month ago. I found Saturday 12/13/08 that the center has been shut down. I called corporate @ 877-524-3571 and was given the website @customer and the franchise number 704-831-6182. LA owes me around $1000. I hope this will help someone.

  • samabth griffin

    I live in Provo ut and I am getting a lawyer to help me get my money back if you want in let me know they owe me over 2000 dollars. I went broke believing in them. And the lawyer says he will take them on if we get it all together. samantha griffin

  • Tracie Bean

    They owe me 3500 dollars and have called them everyday for 2 weeks………

  • Sherri

    I joined LAWL in Concord, NC. They owe me a lot of products and/or money. I am interested in a class action law suit. I will be happy to help make it happen if we have enough people to make it fly! Anyone interested?

  • Linda

    Yes Sherri–I am interested! I joined the Hickory, NC location in Nov and am out a bundle. The Hickory location is part of the Charlotte ownership. Keep me posted of any new info–thanks.

  • Sean Kelly


    If it is LA Weight Loss & you paid with a Care Credit Card or other credit card, get in touch with them asap and request a chargeback. You will have to fill out a form and furnish documentation, but many have been successful with Care Credit. Be persistent. Their contact info and form is posted here.

    If you paid cash, can’t get a chargeback or refund from the company itself, you can file consumer complaints with both your state Attorney General and the AG of Pennsylvania. The PA Attorney General was very aggressive in seeking refunds in the case of Pure Weight Loss customers, and will likely do the same with LA Weight Loss. Contact info for all AGs is here:

    Contact List of State Attorneys General

    Please keep us posted on your progress, and have a happy new year.

    Also check out the posts on Weight Loss Complaints

    Read about a related case here: Pure Weight Loss Members to Receive $700,000 in Refunds

  • Anita Gibson

    This message is to the former employees of LA Weight Loss Clinics that have closed: Please contact me via email. I know there were many people affected by the abrupt closings of the LA Weight Loss Centers. Patients, employees & the franchisees. I have had many patients tell me they have been so successful on the program, but I know by experience the program is only half of component, the encouragers/motivators (you) are the other half and most important part of these successes. I have a business idea that may provide services back to the patients, a profitable business back to the franchisees and jobs back to the employees. Most people that have ever been employeed in the weight loss business LOVE what they do. And therefore are very valuable.



  • Tracie


  • Donna

    I thought I might also add that care credit will not be used in any weight loss related program now because of the losses incurred by La Weight Loss as of Dec. 2008. As I did Love what we did there at La I was looking to find a program that was balanced and truly about helping the client. I found out that they received notice they could no longer offer that option to their clients. So they have even hurt other franchises as well.

  • sandy

    Sherri, I live in Concord NC as well and I would be very interested in filing a class action Law suit against LAWL. Please keep me posted.

  • Marj

    My centre also closed, in December 2008. I had joined end of February 2008 and paid for a full year in advance. I am still waiting for my refund. I submitted it in writing and now have sent that now twice to the contact person I was given for ONTARIO, CANADA. If anyone else in Ontario needs that contact information, contact me.

  • Kelli

    I found out on the news last week Monday that the centers in Milwaukee, WI have closed with no notice. I would LOVE to be involved in a class action suit. PLEASE tell me what I can do…Kelli

  • kimberly

    Hi Sherry I live in Kannapolis I would be interested if you get a Lawsuit going..I just started in July 2008 and Had already paid part of mine and when i was ready too pay what was left the doors closed. Keep me posted..kimberly

  • Teresa

    I got ripped off not once, but twice! Shame on me! I was very successful in Barboursville, WV, but then my husband was transferred to Gallatin, TN. WV LA assured me that they would ship my bars to me after we moved. Nothing occured after several phone calls. I rejoined in Gallatin, who said that the WV center was not part of the national corp. With several boxes of bars still on the computer again, I went in one day to weigh and they were closed….no warning! If a class action lawsuit is filed, I’m in! I’m so angry!!!

  • Michelle

    Sherri, I am also interested in a class action lawsuit. I went to the center in Hickory, NC.

  • Laura

    MN closed as well, and I would be in for a class action

  • http://LAWeightloss Gertie Haese

    What everyone needs to do is file a complaint with the Consumer Protection Agency. You will need to let them know exactly what transpired and have all your paperwork in order. The contract says they will refund your money in 21 days of request. As far as I know, that has not happened. Mine has been over a month now. I have tried contacting their Corporate office with no response. Their website says they will respond in 24 hours and I have tried that twice with no response. Just google Consumer Protection Agency to file a complaint.

  • Monica Real


  • Linda Cross

    I too paid ALOT of money for this, twice, and I do not have any of my products or my consultation that I sunk money into. I did not get a credit on my Care Credit Card at all. I feel this is so wrong. I still have to pay for nothing. WHERE IS MY CREDIT.

  • SEM

    Hello, I worked for the LAWL in Hoover Alabama about three years ago, and I am just finding out all of this about it closing. I quit working there and moved to the other end of the state and started my dream job – TEACHING! I would love to talk to some of you from the Birmingham locations to find out what you know about what happened. I am so interested, but I can’t help but feel as though it is karma for all the bad things they forced their employees to do and all the people that they took advantage of. I worked there in management for less than a year and I hated every day of it. I LOVED the clients I worked with, but I was the kind of employee that refused to take advantage of someone and try to sell them something they didn’t need, so in the end I was put under so much pressure and (for lack of better terms) abuse from those above me, I just couldn’t take it anymore. Anyway, I am not sure how to post my email address, but I will try [del] PLEASE contact me if you have any info about the Birmingham situation. I would love to know what ever happened to some of my friends that I worked with there.

  • ritajwilson

    SEM: So you worked for Neal? I worked in both Memphis and Birmingham before starting my own company–Let’s talk!

  • SEM

    I sure did! Which center did you work for? What years were you there?

  • ritajwilson

    I was there 1998-2003– Did you have Zondra (spelling?) as an Area Manager?

    There was so much potential, but the company just was not run well.

  • SEM

    The main manager while I was there was Patti (TOTAL nightmare…made my life so miserable, I have tried so hard to block her memory completely from my mind) and then there was someone by the name of Sondra (I believe her last name started with a Z) that I worked with towards the end of my time there. I think you are right that there could have been potential, but the entire company in my opinion was overrun with greed and was being run by individuals that lacked the credentials and education it takes to make a company that large work. How did you feel while working there? Were you happy? I did love many of the people that I worked with in the center itself (with the exception of a few truly horrible individuals) and I pray that each of them have been able to find adequate employment in these troubled times in which we live Thank goodness God lead me to become a teacher. It is my true calling in life and I cannot imagine living a day where I could not call myself a teacher. What line of work are you in now? I know you said you had opened your own company, what type of company is it? (If you don’t mind my asking)

  • ritajwilson

    I ended up going into weight loss, but with a different franchise. My understanding is almost every LAWL has closed. I agree, the clients were great, the program was great, but the sales tactics were awful. Having to explain yourself to the center manager every time you had a sale that “missed” or if your call/appt/presentation/sell ratio was not there. Or if you did not sell a full bulk.

    We were never visited by Neal, which is why I think the company folded. Upper Management was not hands on.

    Its a unique working environment, but so rewarding to help people and save lives. Congrats on your teaching career!

  • SEM

    Oh yes, and having that kind of stress is just too much for anyone to have to endure. It was not constructive criticism sort of situation, as far as I am concerned it was abuse.

    I am actually looking for a new weightloss program to join for myself. What franchise do you own now?

  • Jenster

    To all that did not get your money refunded but paid on your credit card and did not receive the product OR service should contact your credit card company to see if you have protection of purchased service or good. I purchased a flight ticket with an airline and a week later it folded before I could use the ticket. They did not refund me my ticket purchase but my credit card had the protection and they refunded me my money. Worth checking it out.

  • Kristie

    I have used maybe 3 months of a 1 year prepaid deal with LAWL. What’s worse, this was a gift to me from my sisters! We would like to get in on a class action lawsuit! I have tried to call the location in Birmingham, AL but their voice mail is full and cannot receive any further messages.

  • Neda

    Hi Marj, I’m in Ontario Canada too & wonder “what a rip off!) Now my problem is that Care Credit company is after me by calling twicw a week to pay the balance which has been paid 10 out of 18 months payments. Even worse, I paid 2 more in advance not knowing L.A closed (I didn’t visit them for 3 months). As I returned noticed it!
    However, do you have any info how to deal with Credit company. I undrestand, L.A is gone & not refunding not me nor anyone else but how about credit company??? which I should pay to IF I receive the servise.
    Let me know if you know anything or anybody to help. THNX

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