• Lachlan

    Or else you can turn on the keyboard viewer under System Preferences -> International -> Input Menu … I personally have it in my Menu Bar so I can launch it quickly – it shows all symbols etc when the modifier keys are pressed.


  • http://www.drastudio.com Oscar

    Nice post! I didn’t know about this widget … really handy.

  • Kraken

    where is the “option”key on the keyboard

    • Nicola

      It’s “alt” button

  • omkar

    i want it like “alt+no.”

    • Guest

      Where is the “no” key on the keyboard?

  • ace

    how can i make apple logo??

  • Te’a Dunn

    Oh ok now i c thanks bro

  • Regiz Rugenz

    I have both PC and Mac, and this is only possible on a Mac. Does anyone else know how to display the apple logo in a web?

    Such that regardless of what operating system you have, it would still appear as an apple logo on your screen when viewed or typed in a forum, or within a comment area of a website. ∠(ツ)✓

  • emman

    what is option?what number is it?