Trey Parker and Matt Stone talk about Family Guy

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Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators, writers, and pretty much everything else of South Park, recently gave an interview to the Montreal Mirror. One of the topics they touched on was the rivalry with Family Guy:

M: How do you feel about Seth MacFarlane’s empire?

TP: There’s more and more stuff every day finding its way onto American television that I think is really great, but then you get this bubblegum shit that’s just, like, by the book, what we call 9-to-5 comedy writers. They mostly have families and kids and that’s the most important thing and then they go in to work and write comedy and when it’s five o’clock, it’s time to go. It’s gag humour, and gag humour drives us crazy. Where it’s just, like, “Here’s a gag, here’s a gag”—it’s got nothing to do with what’s going on in the show, just like, “Here’s a gag.” And anyone who writes comedy knows that that is the very easiest, simplest thing to do and you don’t really need any talent to do it, you just learn the craft and do it.

MS: Yeah, Family Guy’s just not a show I like. It’s funny, when we did that [Family Guy parody] show, it was more to point out that the similarities between our two shows is that they’re animated, and it stops there. They feel like very different shows. Family Guy, to comedy people, it’s kind of what that band the Offspring is to real punk rockers.

TP: The biggest thing is that you essentially kill yourself for a show—it’s like, you’ve got to die for it. When you’re an artist, you’ve got to say to yourself, “This is all that matters, and if it kills me, so be it.” And then you have the Family Guy writing staff who come in 9-to-5, write their gags and go home. But what I absolutely must say to you is that this totally, purely 100 per cent completely, comes from a place of jealousy. Because when we’re sitting there in our room, it’s three in the morning and we’re 12 hours from having to air and we don’t have, like, a third act, wondering why we do this to ourselves, we’re just totally jealous of their job. Seth MacFarlane is basically in the same position as us except he hasn’t written a fucking thing in four years. I wish I was him. – source

Honestly, I think there’s plenty of room for both shows to succeed; it just makes them look silly when they try to do rivalries like this.

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    Oh my god This rules. I have always thought that Family Guy is such a turd and that South Park is Great. Family Guy just bashes you over the head with its over the top jokes. It reminds me of that obnoxious kid on the school yard who would cackle at his own jokes chanting “hahaha get it?! GET IT?!” Yes I frieken get it. No sublety.

  • Sez

    Interesting… so these two are a little elitist aren’t they… you don’t hear Seth McFarlane bagging anyone… but jealousy does ugly things to people. Besides, when did Matt Stone ever write anything anyway? Everyone knows Trey Parker does it all… I haven’t found South Park funny for years… used to like it but it’s just not funny any more – think it’s past it’s use-by-date personally. Personally I think Family Guy is hilarious. So I’m curious – if Family Guy is such a turd, what were you doing sniffing around this site? Really don’t get people who go onto a fan site of something just to knock it… nothing better to do?

  • StuRob – I hate to say this, but you very obviously no absolutely nothing about comedy/humour if you think that your comparison of Family Guy to the “obnoxious kid on the school yard” is even remotely true.
    South Park is funny, Family Guy is funny … but Trey and Matt are just being snobbish and elitist – that remark about ” .. to comedy people …” is basically as anal as you can get.
    Jacqui, take your pathetic attempts at commenting to a more appropriate forum .. I suggest “Barney’s Big Purple Page of Wankness.”

  • Allie

    I totally agree – they are being so elitist. And I don’t believe you have to be able to die for ‘your art’ either. Comedy is comedy, there are all types and if they don’t realise that, perhaps they aren’t the truly natural comedians that they think they are. Their attitude has actually put me off South Park. At least Family Guy is honest about the type of comedy it is, and isn’t worried about reputation or where it is in the comedy class system we never knew existed until Trey and Matt got all snobby on our asses. That sounds gross, sorry.

  • Andy H

    To be honest, it’s all been a natural progression in my mind. In days of old I could have said that The Simpsons was the funniest animated show on TV, ’cause it had a smattering of adult humor but as they flogged it to death it got to the stage whereby I could watch an entire episode and not even chuckle. Futurama featured somewhere along the line but it was an acquired taste and I never laughed at all by the time I saw the film. When South Park came along it was coarse, raw and undoubtedly one of the funniest programmes of its time. It made its creators a bundle of cash from merchandise but in later years it just didn’t stimulate. Family Guy (in my opinion) blew S.P. out the water and in contrast American Dad was a massive turkey that should have been avoided. It’s all a matter of taste I suppose but I know what I like and there’s only been 1 or 2 recent episodes that haven’t hit the spot and I still rate it above South Park. Perhaps Matt and Trey have got warehouses of stuffed Timmys they can’t shift, hence the sour grapes. Alternatively, they could just be on the wind-up and actually like F.G. and are just having us all on. What a larf, eh?

  • aulelia

    I think Trey Parker was trying to be slightly more diplomatic than Stone but they both are clearly vexed by the phenomenon of ‘Family Guy’.

    I think Family Guy definitely has more in line with Futurama in how Andy said Futurama was an acquired taste — I wholly agree. Family Guy really does grow on some viewers, whereas everyone literally fucked South Park to death.

    I think Parker & Stone should just focus on making South Park work for them. The rest will come if it is supposed to come.

  • StuRob

    Futurama was and still is one of the greatest programmes ever made. Bender alone is probably the funniest character I have ever had the joy to behold.
    American Dad is also hilarious, and to me is as enjoyable as Family Guy .. maybe even a little bit more as it has not been saturated all over the telly.
    This just goes to show one thing … comedy is one of the most subjective forms of entertainment out there. We all have different tastes … I just hate it when knob pasties like that Jaqui poster have to turn it into some sort of “my dad is better than yours” affair.

  • Ghost D

    Honestly you consider them elitist, but they are so far from it in every aspect of themselves as creators, and what they put into their work(s).

    Family guy has it’s moments, that is it though.
    Nobody here even remotely understood what they were trying to say and that is sad, you could label anybody an elitist if what they say strikes you the wrong way, when honestly they have every right to judge other modern animated comedies.

    Wake up people every corner of the world accuses us American viewers of being “dumb down” and “lacking wit” (putting it nicely) then any time someone with an educated opinion speaks to you (us) their blindly labeled elitist because they critiqued something with points of view that make total sense about something you didn’t realize yet.

    Wake up family guy is bubblegum pop crap and they wouldn’t change that for the world, why sit here and try to pretend otherwise or lash out about someone who is more than qualified to voice an opinion at the time, I doubt any of you really tried to hear them out (insert a lie to yourself in your mind right now).

  • Sez

    To Ghost D: So… here’s my problem with Matt Stone and Trey Parker… if they are so incredibly talented and not in the least bit elitist… why do they feel the need to bag anyone else’s show in the first place? I have never read an interview with Seth McFarlane knocking their show. He’s just doing his thing and being very successful at it. If MS and TP are so secure in their own abilities, why don’t they just shut up, get on with their own show and stop worrying about anyone elses?

    Only @rseholes feel the need to bag someone elses’ work… insecure ones at that. If they didn’t feel threatened by Family Guy, they wouldn’t feel the need.

  • Sez

    PS: Ghost D – since you think we missed it, could you also explain exactly what it is MS and TP were trying to say and how they weren’t elitist in that?

  • Toph

    The whole point of the Cartoon Wars was the, “I am nothing like Family Guy,” mantra. They don’t like the show, and therefore comparing their product to it is insulting, and I am guessing common. Perhaps they should have said, “We don’t appreciate being compared to Family Guy.” instead they chose to express themselves in the way they know best.

    I like early Family Guy, but in recent seasons I don’t feel like they are trying anymore. It has such a formula to it, “You suck Meg,” and [insert any gay Stewie inuendo here]. I think this is why you see so many Seth Macfarlane tangents (American Dad, the new Cleveland Show comming out).

    Finally, South Park is Matt Stone and Trey Parker with a little help from their friends. Good or bad, funny or no, it is their product they put on television. I don’t know how much involvement Seth still has with Family Guy, but with the time to be involved in two other shows, I doubt it is all that much directly.

    Enjoy both shows, because they both have their moments where they are amazing. However, respect the fact they are two entirely different entities, and for the love of Trey Parker, DON’T COMPARE SOUTH PARK TO FAMILY GUY! There is plenty of contrast to be found.

  • Familyguygotlamers

    I completely agree with the only two levelheaded people that left comments on this site. Family Guy can and is funny…on a certain level. These two shows are on two complete ends of the spectrum. Oh and when did McFarlane ever create even one funny movie? I seem to recall that the two South Park guys creating numerous cult classics. Most the fans on this site are feeding on the protagonist nature of the article. To say they are elitist…. is like the ignorant comments of how Bush is like Hitler. South Park taps into social, political and religious issues by intelligent satire.
    The love and following of this show is as immense as Family Guy…..and South Park isn’t even on a super large syndicate (i.e. NBC, ABC,etc.)
    Right, wrong, what does it matter? Can’t we just enjoy the entertainment that is offered to us?
    BTW, I stumbled on this website looking for recent news on the South Park guys.

  • -b-

    Apples and oranges…

  • get used to it! no i wont!

    haha i have to agree with jaqui… i think family guy is over the top like that kid in the playground, yeah i get it! Their comedic styles are completely different and are received in completely different ways. I understand why matt and trey are jealous, they write their shows based on the most important (to them and to me) things to be addressed at the time and time is the only factor where as family guy could write 100 episodes in a day if they were up to it and it would still be funny.

    Matt and Trey are just a bit pissed off Seth is making so much money off absolute bulls*hit and they work long and hard in satising and addressing todays issues which is to me is absolute gold cause “we need a good kick in the ass”.

    Matt and Trey pay out south park alot more than they have payed out family guy in that one episode so i think they deserve it.

    Hope they dont let their heads get too big, can almost smell the hipocrasy, if you’ve seen the episode we’re they steal music and britney has to settle for jet with only one tv in stead of five or something like that you will know what im getting at. Matt and Trey should just be happy that they write a great show and have changed alot people s way of thinking so just be happy with that. anyway….

  • Sara

    I love South Park, and I also like Family Guy, but never for the same reason. I like South Park cause each episode is a story and has a plot to it as for Family Guy is just one of those shows were they throw out a gag and you laugh and then another, it’s funny but not something I could watch a marathon of. The older family guys were really good and a little more original, as for the newest one I’ve seen really are starting to annoy me with the repeated jokes used in different less humorous ways. And like what others have said, Trey and Matt have been with South Park for the long run as for Seth is already making newer shows like American dad (which kinda sucks :p)
    But like the saying goes; fighting on the Internet is like being in the special Olympics, even if you win… your still retarded. So I’ll end it here.

  • upeoplesuck

    the only difference between an elitist and a complete tool is that an elitist can articulate why they think something sucks, rather than just saying something sucks. you people suck. people who write on these websites are complete douches.

  • usuck2then

    you know you are so right!!!!! I bet you never do normally. You are just way too cool for leaving comments on websites.

  • Justsayin

    Just sayin’, towards Sez, referring to your comment on “sniffing around fansites”. Type in “Matt Stone and Trey Parker Website” on google, this is the fifth or so link.

  • unbiasopinion

    Yeah, I, uh , have to say that, there are some interesting points of view here, but somewhere we missed the big picture as fans. The shows are simply entertainment and high quality at that. I have been a long time South Park fan because of its unique take on current events, so naturally, I was expecting a Family Guy reference once it became the Pop Culture and MS and TP certainly didn’t disappoint. I also expect the same type of satire on Family Guy, but I want it in a different setting which is why I enjoy Seth’s work. Think about it, South Park has pushed itself to wacky pointlessness just as much as Family Guy, even more since it has been out longer. (ice cream s#!tting taco, anyone?). What I would like to point out is simply this, if you tried to prevail South Park on this blog, then you probably have laughed at one of the gags of Family Guy, even if you didn’t want to. So how about giving credit where it is due, the shows kick-ass and South Park had an obligation to take advantage of Family Guy because TP always does that with current events. And we all know that this rivalry will only entertain America and force each show to step it up. Enjoy!

  • ajakhaiuooh

    the thing about these guys is they have worked hard
    (or not) and made you laugh at true humour and after all that ppl just go back to the run of the mill so so jokes and try and compare then with the former….which is impossible it;s pure talent to make” just another show” about kids funny….family guy is basically ripping off various elements of other shows ..the baby is burns from the simpsons ..a talking dog……homer with hair and whiny ass woman…… cartman is if anything calvin on steroids…but not too much mind you……major differences here ..similarities are purely coincidental similarities not ripping off deliberately…south park season 12 not written b y trey or matt for sure ass

  • get used to it!no i wonr! is an absolute spa

    that britney episode means exactly opposite t ur point u quality tool! southpark is one of the only shows that uplifted copyright laws on the internet. they were being ironic. are ur parents brother and sister???

  • derp

    well you see, derp derpy da derp da derp derp. but then again, derrrr da derp ba doo derp
    so in conclusion, derp.

  • j.pusherman

    Seth McFarlain’s attitude is completely more self-rightouse than that of either Matt Stone Or Trey Parker if you compare the comentary on any SP DVD to that of FG DVD’s. Or if you concider the characters portrayed… the same is prevelant. I personally don’t like people who are full of themselves, so for me, SP above FG.

  • FrankieSaysRelax

    I have to say, I am a fan of both shows for different reasons. I agree with TP and MS when they say they don’t want to be compared with another show. However, I think the American public needs some bubble gum gag humor every once and a while. Not everyone can afford cable, and for basic cable, it is one of the only funny things to watch. Honestly, I respect Seth Mac Farlane for using his “Family Guy” cash to help support smaller shows, i.e-Robot Chicken into having the same success. And come on, we all know that Robot Chicken is NOTHING but gags, but is still intelligent and funny. Why not use 1980′s pop culture to entertain the people who grew up during that era? I loved South Park, but TP and MS need to chill out.

  • FrankieSaysRelax

    Correction: still love South Park;)

  • JD O’Rullian

    i honestly whole heartedly agree with ms and parker…. family guy is just one lame gag joke after another and its single handedly dumbing down the youth of america. There is really never a plot in the show and if you watch it enough you can honestly feel your I.Q. drop. the show has no morals and i think the show is only cool if you are still in grade school or going through puberty. honestly if i wanted to watch “Bush Bashing” i would turn on CNN and not family guy because at least they try and prove a point rather than use an animated dog to prove a point, its kinda sad that people would use “brian” as a credible source when mcfarlene isnt in the least a person to look up to for political affairs.

  • Ivor Biggin

    I enjoy both shows for different reasons, i respect the creators of both shows for the same level of integrity they share. sometimes i feel like a gag oriented onslaught, sometimes i require a plot driven episode. i dont feel one is ‘better’ than the other, (but i AM naturally driven towards Treys sense of humour) i think people are forgetting that liking one doesnt mean you cant like the other… i applaude the efforts of both shows and look forward to more classic comedy in the future from BOTH of them.

  • Bennettt

    I’ve enjoyed both shows. I find it funny that the gag humor Matt Stone & Trey Parker complain about is exactly why I love Family Guy. It’s pretty clear that Matt & Trey are pretty jealous which it quite understandable given the production value, and money put into Family Guy verses South Park. I was a big fan of South Park in it’s earlier years. I really don’t think you can say either is better than the other, but rather just different.
    Both shows usually use many of the same jokes, even though Matt & Trey seem to hate the comparison. It might even be awesome if they could set aside their differences, and work together, it might be awesome.
    Regardless I wouldn’t want Family Guy to change just because MS & TP are jealous, and don’t perticularly like it’s style.
    Both show are funny, and just as intelligent. Seth MacFarlane’s group has done well at making many people laugh.

  • x.x.M.E.x.x

    Personally, I find both South Park and Family Guy to be funny. But recently, I have grown bored of Family Guy as all the jokes are the same really. I mean, in every episode mostly Peter says “It’s like that time when I……” and then it goes to when he did… whatever.
    With South Park, the jokes and humor is different and a mixture, it’s not exactly repetative.
    And everyone who thinks that South Park sucks, you have to give Matt and Trey some credit for working a load of hours before air time and getting an episode done in time.

  • snarfsnarfsnarf

    i have watched alot of both shows, and like many people i agree that in recent season FG has gotten somewhat repetitive. which could easily be because seth mcfarlan is to busy doing other things…. As far as this article i have to give trey and matt alot of respect for saying they are jealous of seth mcfarlane not even having to write anymore when they work endlessley to get an episode out, and just that simple fact gives me even more respect for the s.p. creators cuz in all honesty they have a fantastic staff of writers also and could just as easily sit back relax and reap the benefits of others hard work… but instead they work harder because they actually care about their show, and dont want it to get old and repeatative….. and personally i think its gotten better every year… season 13 so far kicks ass.

    • nick0

      hear, hear.

  • Darrell

    I cant help but think that more thought is put into “South Park” than “Family Guy”. I like “Family Guy” but “South Park” seems to be a little more intelligent than “Family Guy”. However, I have tremendous respect for both parties.

  • anthony

    “Real Punk Rockers”….there are none left you douche bags….Matt, Trey, get over yourselves. Both shows are great!!

  • Yeahdude

    Family guy is a piece of shit. It can be funny sometimes but it is not great. Mindless joke after another. South Park is great. You can tell these guys actually try a lot harder to make a story and to make it funny at the same time. I think thats hard to do and takes real talent to pull off. something family guy would never have to struggle with. Not with a table of brainless douche bags anyway.

  • Sinead

    Im not even gona b diplomatic about it, matt stone and trey parker are absolute douche bags, theyr so up themselves tht thy cnt evn see the geniosity cotaind in family. Ther isnt many shows 2day tht are designd solely to entertain n thts y family guy uses

    • Nignog Please

      I’m sorry, what? I was too confused by the “geniosity” of your spelling and grammar.

      Your argument is invalid.

  • Sinead

    So many cut-away pop-culture gags. Its funy because its an equal oppurtunity offender. To b honest i used to lyk south park, bt i gt bored…fast. I have a lot of respect fr al the team of family guy n i think thyr doin an amazin job. Jelusys a bad thng..

  • Sinead

    Mayb if tp n ms stoppd woryin about seths show n spent the time workin on theyr own thy mite begin to cum close! Thy shud gt ther facts straight 2 as seth is continusly writin episodes n gags. For those complainin, let me c u do betr.. Thn u cn bitch fs!

    • nick0

      Its really hard to read what you’re trying to say, but based on your comments, its obvious you’re a fan of family guy. This just proves that Family Guy is hazardous material.

  • Lord Barker

    I am thoroughly tired of family guy, and I haven’t watched south park in a year. But, I can tell you something that maybe you haven’t realized. Family guys contract is owned by fox, and they aren’t allowed to rip on current real-world happenings. Stone and Parker work under comedy central, and their job IS HUMOR! Both shows are getting old, and admittedly, both can be hilarious. All It realy comes down to is, what’s your prefrence? So stop whinning, and stop trying to be a wise-ass. Peace bee itch is.

    • KYLE

      Lord Barker: “But, I can tell you something that maybe you haven’t realized. Family guys contract is owned by fox, and they aren’t allowed to rip on current real-world happenings.”

      WHAT??? Aren’t allowed? I know you said this 453 days ago and chances are slim you’ll read this but that is seriously stupid. Not allowed? Who’s not allowing them? What consequences would there be if they did?

      They don’t do ‘ripped-from-the-headline’ stories because it takes them 9 months to make an episode not because they being prevented from doing so.

  • Mike

    Are people really typing these words or just puking them up onto their keyboards?

  • Chris

    Now see here I’m confused. The interviewer asked Matt and Trey about Family Guy, they said what they thought about the show, what’s wrong with that? And if you honestly do know anything about a good written show that goes from Point A to Point B to Point C, Family Guy isn’t a good show. People can like it but if you actually say it’s written well then you’re retarded.

    Eh, I guess people think going online and calling people they don’t agree with douchebags makes anyone feel smart. Oh, and to anyone who thinks Family Guy is an actual good show, the next episode ideas for season 8 are two, hour long Star Wars parodies (Basically watching Star Wars with some extra plot holes in it) and another Stewie and Brian “Road To…” episode. I think it’s more like a 12-3 show now.

  • Trevor

    Its funny how everyone is trying to say that they are being elitist…
    Maybe Trey and Matt just believe in creating art and sending a message rather than cashing in on the general public’s tendancy to latch on to simple and unoriginal. This exact same thing happens in music: artists spend their entire lives learning their art and then some moron like kanye west buys a rhyming dictionary and steals songs from artists with talent, and he makes millions. All the while the artist who has played the guitar or violin since they were 5 is left playing on the weekends for peanuts.

    Unfortunatly we live in a culture where art is lost to stupid gimmicks and money is the only thing that matters

  • Why am I doing this?

    Ghost D: Your comments sound a bit elitist itself. “Americans have bubble gum shit on their TVs and if anyone says anything different they get mad because the person saying it obviously has more right to make an opinion.” That just sounds pompous and arrogant.

    FamilyGuyGotLamers: You can’t even see the similarities between Bush and Hitler, so you’re obviously one of those morons Ghost D was talking about without realizing it.

    I, however, don’t feel like MS or TP were being elitist. They even admitted it was out of Jealousy. They were also asked a question. They have the right to answer honestly without being called elitist.

    As for the shows themselves: they’re both funny. With the exception of Season 1 of South Park and Season 5 of Family Guy, I laughed hard at both shows. Both shows appeal to a different side of the comedic spectrum. South Park points out how most people are just mindless sheep following the crowd doing idiotic things, and often it’s only Stan and Kyle who can see that everyone else is stupid. As where in Family Guy, Peter is the idiot and it’s usually everyone else who is more intelligent.

    One interesting point though is that in the Cartoon Wars episodes Stan and Kyle both liked Family Guy. It was Eric Cartman that hated it. Parker and Stone often make reference of Stan and Kyle being their alter-ego characters. So wouldn’t this suggest that Stone and Parker both liked Family Guy, but the envious side of theirs (Cartman) can’t stand how McFarlene gets away with something they can’t. At least that’s how I took it.

  • Unaddressed point

    First of all, both shows are great. It’s pretty obvious that they are completely different in their humour, but i believe MS and TP crossed a line in saying that the writers of family guy do not work hard on their comedy. Comedy on family guy may not always follow the story line, but it still entertains a very large audience. The writers are thinking of this whenever they write a joke. To say that they are ’9-5′ writers is saying that they do not put an effort into thier work, but they obviously do if they keep drawing in a crowd. And let’s keep in mind, it takes a mere 2 weeks or so for TP and MS to produce an episode while family guy takes 6 months for a single episode. South park does this to keep up with issues and to offer their view point on current events with their brand of comedy attached; the show is very issue and story driven. The family guy writing staff is more concerned with character, animation, and composition (keeping some fresh music in each episode). That’s my rant, but here’s my point- It is unfair to say the family guy writing staff is not dedicated to their work. They might not be for all i know, but they are the heart of a very successful show and should not be harped on for adhering to the guidelines given to them by Seth MacFarlane (who was obviously on to something with his humour), they are still excellent writers who know what they are doing. TP and MS are obviously talented writers, but they shouldnt harp on a shows writing staff- they should simply make fun of the show itself.

  • Silverback

    You never head Seth Macfarlane bash South Park because he wouldn’t have a leg to stand on if he tried.

    South Park, since its inception, has been the cutting edge of satire in America.

    Family Guy’s schtick was entertaining for the first three seasons but, to paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, fish and sight gag comedy shows tend to stink after three years.

  • Manbearpig

    Stop throwing that work (elitist) around, its getting to be bothersome. Family guy in my OWN opinion has its moments like the fighting with peter and the chicken lol. But Southpark has so much more to offer a GOOD story line that you can follow. You see I learned something today, its not right for us all to fight over who’s right and who’s elitist. Its our own opions and beliefs and we all have a right to them. Maybe Matt Stone and Trey Parker are being unreasonable but still they were just expressing their beliefs. Here I have a song that might be able to help. Im gonna make love to ya woman! Im gonna lay you down by the fire and caress your womanly body make you moan and perspire. Now do you understand?

  • Says

    God damn it family guy sucks ass..seriously.

  • .

    I grew up watching South Park so I’m pretty fond of the show. It’s part of my childhood. I remember when the Family Guy phrase in my school started, and I hated the show. I thought it was unbelievably stupid, and sort of a gay rip off of the Simpsons. After a while though, having to watch it often at friends houses, it sort of grew on me, my opinions changed, and I began actually enjoying it. The new seasons made me go back into hating the show again. It has it’s funny moments but it’s mostly just annoying garbage (in my opinion). It’s repetitive and mindless.

    For an example: the constant musicals, Peter in general, and the worst part, the stupid pointless scenes where Peter fights a large chicken… It’s like they can’t come up with anything else and have to throw in a random chicken. Peter reminds me of a really annoying homer. Or like Jacqui stated,

    “It reminds me of that obnoxious kid on the school yard who would cackle at his own jokes chanting ‘hahaha get it?! GET IT?!’”

  • lt

    obviously the creators of south park are exceedingly talented in quite a dubious manner. they just use their sense of practicaltiy and transform some of the most simplistic imagery into poetic motion. i agree that family guy is an unjust show to be compared alongside something containing intellegence (ie south park and the simpsons, both fucking ingenoius cunts). i wouldnt mind smoking a few cone-daddys with those hometown chills

  • Frankie

    I have to totally agree With Stone & Parker (as per usuual). How could anybody dispute thier superiority in the world of comedy? Thier dipiction of hummanity and philosophy is undisputedly flawless. They create a certian ettiquet that true South Park fans can appreciate. Others find South Park harder to digest and therefore concede to accepting ” 9-5, gag, bubblegum shit.”
    Family guy is forgettable. Inhibited, spiritless and coldblooded. where is flow, ease, structure?. “Remember the time… and then… So I…”
    Who could forget South Park’s anialation of the likes of Mel Gibson, Kanye West or Hilary Clinton? “Mrs clinton, Im afraid terrorists have snuck a snuke up your snizz” Tell me that’s not funny. (sez- who apparently believs “South park is’nt funny anymore” do You have a gun to your head? Or are you actually as foolish as you comment?)
    They expose ignorence on principle then take it to its most severe,(and accurate) riddiculousness. Central to all of this, though, is the warmth, affection and gratitude they have for the essence that allows them thier comedy.
    If your preference is an insignificant, irrelevant and, quite frankly, worthless machine gun of uncomfomfortable and selfconcious punchlines, well then be my guest.
    At leatst you now know the reason for your lack of cultured mind.
    There really is no comparison to be made. Family guy is bone idol. South Park is God’s gift to the thinking person.

  • familygay

    I don’t know what everybody is talking about!! As an American young adult, I have no idea what the concept of smart humor is! That’s what I like about Family guy. I don’t want to have to follow a storyline, which is great because family guy has none! South Park is stupid because their jokes actually has to do something with the plot… i know.. dumb. O well, my other favorite show the cleveland show is on.

  • deeznyuts

    I like Family Guy because it makes me chuckle.
    I like South Park because it’s edgy and makes me laugh my ass off.
    I also like other animated shows that are considered “Funny”

    Well fuck, according to Matt and Trey I am a “bandwagon fan.” (I’d put money down that the “n” in fan is really a “g” when their talking in private.)
    Well damn, I’m SO SORRY if my interests in comedy stretch farther than South Park.
    SO SORRY you guys, that I actually enjoy OTHER SHOWS too.

    Guess I’m just not a REAL and TRUE fan.

    Guess I’ll just go sulk in the corner due to my OBVIOUS lack of understanding of what is actually funny and what isn’t.


    Anyone who thinks they know better than me when it comes to what makes me smile, grin, chuckle, snicker, laugh, LOL, ROFL, LMAO, ROFLMAO, etc. can kiss my ass, I will continue to like both shows and they will just have to stick their heads up their asses and cry like babies knowing that I have OTHER INTERESTS like any normal sane person.

    Thank you Matt and Trey for making a funny show. Go fuck yourselves. *smile*

  • SoMe GuY

    take it easy deeznynuts i dont think trey and matt are reading your comments. i like family guy more than i like south park. i dont no why i just do. but people are right in saying that south park has more of a story to it than family guy. for example in the “gingers” episode of family guy it was all about “gingers” but in the “joe gets new legs” episode (it wasnt called that that was just the plot) it starts of with peter and his m8s building are mens club because their wives go to the drunken clam and then joe cant dance so he gets new legs. see what i mean? but i still enjoy that humour more than i enjoy south park humour, i mean i still really like it but just not as much. the simpsons it is really really funny as well probaly even more so than family guy. REMEMBER THIS IS MY OPINION SO DON’T START SAYING “OH UR WRONG SOME GUY SHUT UP” BECUZ YOU DONT HAVE TO LISTEN (or read) TO ME ITS YOUR OPINION THAT MATTERS. (to you anyway)

  • SoMe GuY

    also im an irish pre-teen

  • Jefferson

    Family Guy and South Park both are hilarious. Both are in my top 5 favorite TV shows of all time.

    That was pretty lame saying it’s not funny or they don’t try. Calling Seth Lazy. Is lazy creating and managing 3 TV shows? nahhhh I don’t think so. South park you guys are awesome but don’t talk shit about Family Guy off air. It’s cool when you make fun of them on TV but it’s gay taking shots like that while being interviewed.

  • theskillz

    they arent really bagging on them they just dont think its funny… theyre tired of people comparing the two shows they just think they should get more credit because they actually take the time to come up with something well written. they arent sno like that just have diffrent prospectives yall should respect. south park <3

  • nick0

    Well I’d be jealous too if I was putting everything into a show all the time, then there’s this other guy who’s just followed the same formula constantly with the same jokes (just slightly different variations from time to time) who ends up making 2 more popular shows that are the same thing as the first one. It’s lazy writing. I mean it’s one thing to like a show just because you can turn your brain off and laugh because a fat person fell over, but to call it genius or really even talented is an over-statement. South Park tries to do something different all the time and can give some clever commentary, whereas Family Guy just tries it’s hardest to be random for the sake of being random. It was funny the first season, but again, its easy to like a show when all you have to do is shut your brain off and laugh when the fat man falls over.

  • Liisa

    The only reason that Family Guy is more popular than South Park at this point is because it appeals to a wider demographic. South Park just touches upon subjects that aren’t always PG, and therefore won’t air on several stations at all hours of the day, like Family Guy and the Simpsons. There’s more taboo subject matter on South Park that the general public may find offensive.
    I love both shows, we all can. It’s art, and there’s always more than enough room for all types.

  • charlene

    accusing matt and trey of being elitist? well…no one here has ever read the quotes that come out of seth macfarlane’s mouth have they? take a gander at any interview the guy has given in the previous 5 yrs and you’ll see the definition of elitist.

  • iLoveSethMacfarlane

    some people put more efforts into writing these comments then the guys who were being interviewed put into their responses.

  • KTO

    I have to say TP and MS have no right to talk shit because the last 5 seasons they put out have been crap compared to evey other season they put out. I grew up watching Seth Macfarline’s works, how many of you guys knew he wrote for Jonny Bravo, Dexter’s Lab, and many other Hanna&Barbara cartoons. When Family Guy came out I knew it was a classic from the start. South Park has been great for so many years ,but they are falling off like the Simpsons. I think Matt and Trey should just put the series to an end before they go full blown Kenny vs Spenny on us again. Family Guy and American Dad are in their prime so its only natural for MAtt and Trey to feel threatened. They know that their humors is not the the same as they just put random shit together like cartman being a ginger and a jew after how many seasons of him hating them? Thats just being lazy as lazy as they call the family guy writing staff. Ohh and here’s a not for you dumbasses who think Matt and Trey still write all of the show, they do nothing but make the voices and a poorly written story that they have their writing staff of dumbasses go back through and make it evern worse. The fact that they keep up with current issues is because they want you to feel they are on top every current issue.

    • R

      Booooo hisssssss

    • dollop

      smart retort! typical of a Southpark fan

  • Paul

    I’m sorry, Stan being sick everytime he speaks to that girl isn’t that a repetetive gag?
    Kenny dying every episode… Isn’t that a repetetive gag?

    Sounds like someone is trying to make themselves out to be more special than they are…

    • jayahnn

      kenny stopped dying a while ago.. stan bein sick everytime? when was the last tim u saw an episode. idk if u even pay attention but south park actually exposes alot of the shit going on today and makes it fuckin hilarious at the same time.. also, the show makes fucking sense and the jokes connect to one another. if u can say the same thing about family guy ur a fuckin retard..AND atleast trey n matt admit they are jealous..seth macfarlane is just a douche

  • Southparkblows

    Family guy was not funny when it first aired. It only became funny after being saved by Adult Swim airings. These two jealous douches need to realize that Macfarlene is 1000 times more talented then the both of them put together. How did BaseKetball do at the box office compared to Ted? Are these two douches hosting SNL or the Oscars? Did they put out a real album and not just a comedy album of themselves doing stupid voices from the unfunny poorly drawn cartoon? Usually when you bash another person in a interview it means you are jealous. Family guy is funny because they get what is funny in today’s society and references to pop culture and movies. Get a life and move on.

    • Brittany Hanson

      You’re a douche.

    • HasaDiga

      Baseketball wasn’t their film, they did it because their friend David Zucker of Airplane asked them to do it.
      Their other two films that were massive box office smashes Team America and the Oscar Nominated South Park Bigger Longer Uncut were better received than Ted.
      The other two films Orgasmo and Cannibal the musical are considered cult classics. With Cannibal the Musical having a west end stage transfer soon (almost 20 years after originally coming out that’s staying power).

      Matt and Trey aren’t hosting the Oscars or SNL because they were too busy winning Tony Awards for their smash hit musical The Book Of Mormon.

      Their Grammy winning REAL ALBUM The Book of Mormon seemed to do pretty well too, considering it was the fastest downloaded musical album of all time on iTunes

      They are one award away from being inducted into the EGOT hall of fame (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar & Tony) They’ve already had the Oscar nomination they just need the win.

      They write all the songs for their episodes, co wrote their songs for book of Mormon, Team America and South Park the movie. Trey can sing, listen to the demo version of “Man Up” those notes he gets are freaking awesome, his tenor rock belt voice shits all over Seth Macfarlane and his wannabe Frank Sinatra crooner voice (yes I am aware he had the same vocal coach as Frank Sinatra).

      Trey also directs every episode of south park frame by frame.

      Their episodes get what’s funny in today’s society, they normally spin out an episode in 6 days. They do movies (Dances With Smurfs: When Avatar was huge, but just a blatant rip off of Dances with Wolves), most of their stuff is pop culture and up to date satire as it will be things they have seen in the news that week. E.g. the Tiger Woods Scandal, the Dead Celebrities episode, the two elections.

      Seth Macfarlane doesn’t do today’s society most of it is old 80s jokes from when he was a teenager, which is fine, but doesn’t really hold up your argument. How many times does he need to put a Back to the Future episode in? Yes it’s an awesome film, but seriously…

      Their video game the Stick of Truth has just been released to awesome reviews. All right massive delay but hey you can’t have everything on time.

      Also in the band DVDA – dunno if that counts but its pretty sweet…

      So thats:
      Film – Oscar Nominated – and man did they take the piss!
      TV – 5 Emmy Awards and higher rated on IMDB
      Music – Grammy winning for Book of Mormon
      Theatre- Tony Award Winning (7) and record breaking
      Gaming – Award for most anticipated game

      I believe Seth Macfarlane is releasing Ted 2 next year… hmmm flogging a dead horse or rehashing the same idea again…
      Seth Macfarlane
      Film: Ted – Mediocre at best film that pokes fun at how the lead character even sounds like Peter Griffin
      TV – Emmy i think? Family Guy, American Dad and Cleveland Show – all much of a muchness, American Dad is by far the best show, mainly saved by Patrick Stewart. Did animation and writing on Johnny Bravo, Cow and Chicken, Dexters Lab etc…
      Music… He sings at awards shows and has done a few concerts
      Theatre… oh dear, loves musicals, never written one though…

      So if you could please counter my argument, how exactly is Seth Macfarlane 1000x more talented than these two?

    • Ramonesmaniac

      “Team America: World Police” was not a box-office smash and “Orgasmo” and “Cannibal: the Musical” were the drizzly shits. Otherwise, I agree with your argument.

  • Sam

    Man I loved the “art” that was baseketball

  • Vaibhav

    Personally, I’m a huge fan of both shows. I’ve been watching south park since the 7th grade and only got into family guy more recently, loving it throughout. All of them are really talented, even though I have to agree trey and matt probably put a lot more effort into their show, which I admittedly only began truly understanding when I watched the whole series again this year. I’d have to say south park has a better storyline, amazing topics and relations that family guy just doesn’t, but regardless of that they’re both great shows and shouldn’t be compared nor criticized by one another or anyone else.

  • Rodinho

    Funny how they think they can preach when they’ve done nothing but milk their own show for about 4 seasons of complete shit now. And they rattle out the same old current affairs metaphor based crap every time in just the same way that family guy sticks to their process & think they are being so creative and clever. Both shows are dog shit these days