Crazytoe Offers Rent-to-Own Gadget Plans

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Has anyone tried out The website offers mostly cell phones, UMPCs, GPS receivers, PMPs, and mobile accessories through rent-to-own schemes. Read on for a sampling of their current monthly rates.

  • LG KE850 Prada – $119.98
  • Nokia E90 – $116.98
  • HTC Touch Cruise – $99.98
  • Sony Ericsson G900 – $85.00

A bit pricey; one would imagine crazytoe’s business model involves premiums on the monthly rates. Though the website does offer phones at a lower price after 90 days of renting, and also has a recycling program that adds credit to a user’s account. Obviously, all cell phones offered by are unlocked to work with any cell network.

Would renting the “latest” cell phones be appealing? Wouldn’t you rather just save up for the drool-worthy gadget instead? Or do you have to be seen using a certain phone?

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  • Badmaash

    One of the main advantages of is the ability to borrow and then exchange the product for the next best thing without any contracts, whenever you want. It’s like Netflix for gadgets! So you’re always at the forefront of technology with just one monthly payment.

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