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    This month I’m working on mid-year reviews for my team, and I thought it might be helpful to share the Mid-Year Review Form I use with my team. I like to keep the meetings at 30-45 minutes, and I like to make things clear, concise, and simple to complete. If you do a good job discussing things the first 6 months of the year on our one-on-one weekly reviews, this form should be very easy to complete.

    About the form:

    There are 2 sections, with 3 parts in each section:

    Section 1 is completed by the associates that report to me.

    1. Goals – I ask for updates on each goal they might be working on, and what they are doing to ensure they complete them by year end. My team sets up to 3 personal goals at the beginning of the year and I want an update letting me know how progress is coming.
    2. What went went well – Anything they did that was above and beyond, I want to be reminded of at mid-year. These are things like special projects volunteered for, extra shifts covered, customer kudos, and any training completed.
    3. What do you need from me to ensure a successful second half – As their manager, it’s up to me to provide the necessary resources they need to get the job done. If anyone is working on a goal they need my help on, this is their opportunity to let me know. Additionally, this is a good reminder that if you don’t ask, you don’t get what you want, at least not on purpose. Of course they can come to me throughout the year to let me know what they need, but the formality of doing this at mid-year is a good check-in.

    Section 2 is completed by me.

    1. Looking back – What did I see went well for the first half of the year. What did I see that needed improvement over the first half of the year. These are typically repeats of themes we’ve talked about at their weekly meetings, so this isn’t a surprise to anyone.
    2. Looking ahead – What do I see coming down for the second half of the year. This may be a project I see that aligns with one of their goals, it may be a training course they need to sign up for, or it may be a team-wide item that I need them to focus on for our team to win for the next 6 months.
    3. Other news and notes – This would be any special announcements that I need to share, any hiring updates, any things that need just a little more tweaking in order to be hugely successful for the second half of the year.

    I ask my team to complete section 1 before they meet with me, and I put the onus on them to schedule their mid-year review when they are ready to discuss things, no later than July 31st. We completed our last mid-year review on July 18th, almost 2 weeks ahead of schedule.

    You’re welcome to copy and paste the questions above into a Word document, or feel free to download my Mid-Year Review Form.

    Questions for you:

    Do you do mid-year reviews with your team and/or your manager?

    What questions do you find most helpful? Least helpful?

    What would be on your ideal mid-year review sheet?

    NOTE: You can do whatever you want with the Mid-Year Review Form I created. I’d appreciate if you share any updated forms with me and the readers here, it’s not necessary you do so in order to download the form.

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      • CK

        Do you incorporate the Situational Leadership II model into your reviews? (Ref: Ken Blanchard) As an example; those in the ‘Directing’ mode need more than weekly follow-ups where are those in the ‘Delegating’ side would require less – once a week or two.

      • http://makeitgreat.typepad.com Phil Gerbyshak

        CK – I’m not familiar with the Situational Leadership II model. Would you like to contribute an article about it, or at least share more in the comments section? I’d love to learn more.

      • Debbie

        Can you provide me with the mid-year form? It’s no longer available on this website.

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