How Do You Spell Hiatus? Common Sense PR Is Taking a Breather

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Sat, Jul 26 - 1:29 am EDT | 6 years ago by
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Thanks everyone who sent me a note about guest blogging or co-blogging on Common Sense PR.

For the time being, I’m going to step back from postings here. Not sure when things will resume, and whether I’ll be part of the mix. But for now, I need a break from feeding the machine day in, day out.

I’ll be spending some time in August prepping for a public relations class I’m teaching this fall, and relaxing at the beach, on the golf course and in the back yard. What I won’t be doing is writing regular posts for this blog.

I’m tired. I want to not have a public opinion about everything I see. And if you aren’t absolutely driven to blog, you shouldn’t be doing it.

After a bit of pruning, I plan to resurrect my personal blog at  You will be able to find an archive of my old stuff, and any new writings I pull together this fall.

I’ve enjoyed the buzz of being part of a blogging network. It’s harder work than it looks, but there are rewards. Though I’ve only met a few b5media bloggers in person, I have come to know many of them quite well online. They’re a great bunch, and I look forward to staying in touch with those who are still with b5media, and those who have moved on.

My last post here will be July 31. After that, you’ll have to follow me at if you want my reaction to the latest celebrity gaffe!

Stay in touch,

Eric Eggertson

Eric Eggertson, PR blogger

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  • Sherrilynne Starkie

    I’ll miss Common Sense PR, Eric. But have a good break and I’ll see you on Twitter.

  • Joseph Thornley

    Eric, Frequent posting can indeed become a grind. I’ve always found your writing interesting, insightful and informative. Enjoy your August. Recharge your batteries. I’m looking forward to your continued, though less frequent postings at

  • Geoff Livingston

    We’ll miss you, Eric. Come back when/if you are ready.

  • Ike

    You’ll be back, somewhere. And I’ll be there, just like you were when I awoke from my hibernation.

    Go recharge.

  • Lauren Vargas

    Your contribution in this space will be missed! I understand the need to recharge. Take care.

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  • Scott

    Oh, we’ve been doing this a LOOONG time, haven’t we Eric? I can relate, as you well know. You’ve done a great job of feeding the beast and I know you’ll come back strong in one creative form or another. Enjoy August.

  • Kami Huyse

    Ah Eric; One of my favorite voices. You enjoy every minute off. And let me know when you are back.

  • Eric Eggertson

    Thanks for your comments, everyone: I feel like Sally Field at the Oscars!

    Looking forward to reconnecting with you when the dust settles…

  • Leo Bottary

    I know how it feels all too well. I will say that since coming back, I’m enjoying it more than ever. I hope it’s the same for you someday soon. In the meantime, see you on twitter!

  • Chris Clarke

    Enjoy the summer while it’s still here, Eric. Best of luck with your class this fall. Lucky them!

  • CR Cataunya Ransom

    Wow Eric! YOU have been really super as I have attempted to enter this world of blogging. You were the first to embrace me with a thumbs up for my blog on Stumbleupon.

    I thank you for helping put the spotlight on me and I will truly miss you!!! All the best my friend.

  • Eric Eggertson

    Wow, a month without blogging and I have yet to feel bereft!

    Lots of projects to keep me busy for now, including training a new puppy.



  • Ike

    Well, WE feel bereft. Come back when you miss us.

  • Scott Baradell

    I’m so bereft from lack of content to read, I’ve actually occasionally read Ike ;)

  • Eric Eggertson

    Ouch! The smackdown!

  • Ike

    No smackdown there, Eric. I noticed Scott coming around more once I started using smaller words.