Seek the Six: The Prisoner Reboot at Comic Con

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Seek_the_Six AMC played their own little marketing game (Fox also did this with Fringe) at Comic Con to create buzz for their remake of the 1960′s cult classic The Prisoner.

Attendees were provided with cryptic puzzle cards, which when decoded drove participants to where they were told to ‘seek the six’ in order to reveal the secret behind the campaign.  

In addition, transparent stickers with a number “6” were placed in unusual places including ceilings, floors and even restroom mirrors.  In the afternoons, SeekTheSixSky“Seek the Six” sky-writing was seen above the convention center. The convention floor was  also populated with dozens of numbered men in black suits who randomly uttered the iconic phrase “I Am Not A Number”, but no other clues to their purpose other than “the truth is right beside you”.

For more information about AMC’s reinterpretation of The Prisoner please visit:

Photos courtesy of Deep-Focus and AMC

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  • Jane James
  • Mark J. Zappa


    I never got my hopes up with this farce of a re-make. The only

    thing that almost did was the casting of Jim Caviezel.

    I quote Tom above: “soul-crushingly disappointing”

    But now look, whomever says that Caviezel did a bad job

    portraying no. 6 is not thinking before opening their mouth. Did he

    not do as good a job as he could have, given that total CRAP of a

    script and story line by that Bill Gallagher genius? He was given

    too many dumb lines. Where Patrick Mcgoohan had the great

    ability to carry the original series with his dry humor and sardonic

    wit (Clint Eastwood also comes to mind), not to mention TRUE

    genius writing and directing skills. But what was given Caviezel,

    did not make that nearly as possible for him to do. Give him a

    deserved break huh! I could picture the original no. 6 falling for

    the old buried childhood momentos in the sand ploy, and having

    that give him! And standing in front of the Green Dome

    screaming his head off that he was going to destroy no. 2

    …..sitting inside eating some f*#^ing fruit cake (well at least that

    was quite fitting, given the casting of the actor who played no.2).

    Can you imagine Mcgoohan doing that? Or being so CONFORMING

    and going along with the “brother” lies…..or the going “back” to

    his bus driving job? Let me guess. It was all part of 6′s plan right?

    lol suurrrre it was.


    This farce of a re-make was also way too condensed, but thank

    God for that, with it being so moronic. And also that it was spread

    out over only 3 days instead of 6. It was over sooner. I can

    envision the poor loser who got the job of having to try to properly

    edit it. Impossible. However the torture in watching all of this

    farce was still bad enough, especially for a true Prisoner fan like


    Wow there Billy, a no.2 with family troubles, a homo no. 2′s son, in

    “love” with a homo no.2′s bodyguard….and let alone giving THAT

    precedence over 6′s story!???….HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    Of courrrse….HAD to put that in there right??
    ~Never underestimate the tenacity of a reprobate mind. Nor the

    tenacity of it’s perversions, either.

    And Patrick Mcgoohan is also laughing. As well as every other

    TRUE fan of the original masterpiece.

    The original was the greatest television series of all time. But

    seeing this typical garbage of a re-make, even if it took til’

    2009……..did not surprise me one bit.

    And ALSO from me, a true fan of “The Prisoner”, to everyone

    involved in the writing and production of this atomically lame,

    joke of a counterfeit………….
    FU#k YOU!!….from the bottom of my burning heart.


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