Live Blogging For Girls Gymnastics Competition

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Thu, Aug 14 - 11:01 pm EDT | 6 years ago by
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I’m here, on the couch, and ready to watch the U.S. women rock it!

(Don’t forget to refresh your page every so often for real time updates and commentary)

11:14 Man, it’s late. Anyway. There practicing a few of the apparatuses at the moment. Is it me, or is Shawn Johnson not the cutest thing ever?

11:19 Wow! Nastia just stuck an incredible landing on the vault. Awesome. Not sure about the pink leotard though. Might have to rethink that one.

11:20 Now it’s Shawn Johnson’s turn … nice vault, big step on the landing though.

11:24 Jiang Yuyuan just vaulted for China and she fell on her back. I feel bad for her.

11:29 We’re watching swimming now … I’m waiting …

11:34 Back to gymnastics. We’re watching the uneven bars at the moment. I like this event.

11:35 Nastia got totally robbed on her vault score.

11:36 commercial break.

11:39 Nastia is getting ready for the uneven bars. I’m nervous …

11:42 here we go …

11:43 Is she amazing or what? There was a step on the landing, but it was an awesome performance. Wow!

11:44 16.65 … nice. And here comes Shawn.

11:45 Brilliant! She stuck the landing!

11:46 15.2 … huh??? What?

11:48 Here’s Yuyuan again … not bad. She stuck the landing. The routine was so so.

11:50 The balance beam makes me nervous.

11:53 What are we waiting for here?

Midnight I have off tomorrow, which is why I am staying up tonight. Just and FYI.

12:04 OK, enough with the commentary with the guy who says, “You can do it!”

12:05 Here we go. Shawn is up first. Did I mention how I hate the balance beam?

12:06 A little wobbly here or there, but overall a very good routine. 16.0. I guess that’s good.

12:09 Yuyuan is up now. Lots of balance checks. Which aren’t good by the way. Eh. Shawn was better.

12:14 Nastia is up. (Yan Yilan is in first place at this point.)

12:22 There too much else going on. I only care about watching Shawn and Nastia.

12:23 OK. Here comes Nastia. Get it girl!

12:24 Beautiful. Wow! She rocked it!

12:26 This better be a good score …

12:27 16.125!!!! Nastia’s in first place!

12:29 And Shawn Johnson is in third place. The floor exercise is all that remains … can you stand the excitement???

12:33 Everyone is practicing now for the floor exercise. This is WAY better than the men’s individual all-around!

12:34 Yuyuan is up first. It was a good routine, but she made one huge big mistake during a dance twist step …

12:36 14.775. Not so good.

12:37 A couple of Russians are up now. Is it bad that I’m not interested?

12:46 Yan Yilan just went and she was great. I think she might be in first place now.

12:47 Nastia’s turn. Yilan got a 15.0. All Nastia needs is a 14.85. Here we go … Incredible! Wow! In the words of the announcers … “oh baby!”

12:49 And her score is … 15.525!!!! She’s in first!

12:51 Shawn Johnson can still get a medal here. Perfection!

12:53 Waiting for her score … 15.525!!!! Nastia gets gold! And Shawn gets silver! Awesome. Perfect. Couldn’t ask for a better outcome. I’m spent! I’m going to bed! Goodnight!

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