Justin Hartley Answers My Top 3 Questions

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Justin Hartley_Smallville_01 What have you kept since you were a kid?

Justin: I’ve lived around Chicago my whole life until I moved to LA [as an adult]. As a little kid, my dad and mom took us to Florida for vacation and they took us to the Dodgers spring training camp back when they had Fernando Valenzuela, Steve Garvey and Steve Yeager. They had a great, great team, so I got the ball signed and I became a Dodgers fan when I was a tiny little kid. All through high school, everyone is a Cubs fan or Sox fan and I’m a Dodger fan and everyone is like what’s that all about? So oddly, I end up moving to LA and a couple of months ago my dad sends me this picture of me when I was a kid, standing there with three of the Dodgers. So I have that hanging in my house, the only picture of me I have in my house. I’ve had that forever, well, my family’s had it forever, it’s cool to see a picture of you from 25 years ago.

What’s something you’ve done that there is no way you’re ever doing that again?

Justin: So many things, what can I say. . . a couple of ex-girlfriends . . . no, cleaning my pool equipment! At the beginning of the summer, my pool wasn’t working properly. I found the problem, it wasn’t that big a deal, just something needed to be cleaned out.  I’m unscrewing this and messing with that, and I’m not a really handyman around the house, my hand slips and my arm goes into this metal contraption and I literally sliced myself to the bone. Blood spraying everywhere, I’m getting dizzy, I’ve lost way too much blood, gory scene. So from now on, I don’t do any kind of handyman stuff. I’ll barbeque, but I’m not cleaning anything. My wife, she’s like, ‘this needs to be painted.’ I show her the scar. Do you want this to happen again?

Captain Kirk vs Captain Jack Sparrow?

Justin: I think they would probably meet, and Captain Jack would try to attack Captain Kirk and Kirk would find away to fend him off just for a quick second, enough to say a few of his catch phrases and Captain Jack would appreciate that and they’d probably team up and go at it together. I don’t think they would fight. How can you fight Captain Kirk, for god’s sake. You’d like him, all right dude, let’s hang out.

You can catch Justin Hartley on Smallville on The CW this fall and right now on the new webseries Gemini Division.

And if you missed it, you can read Part One of my interview with Justin right here.

And Justin talks about his role on Smallville right here.

Photo courtesy of The CW

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  • jennifer

    Hi, I liked Justin on Passions and in Smallville. Is it true he is related to Luka Magnotta because someone said they were cousins? Can you clear this up Justin?
    Since you are both models and from Chicago..

    Anyways looking forward to seeing you as the Green Arrow!!


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