‘Til Death: Season Three Premiere Details

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Kym Whitley, Brad Garrett/'Til DeathComing up this Wednesday, September 10, at 9pm EST is the third-season premiere of ‘Til Death. During the episode, we’ll finally get to meet the oft-mentioned but never shown ex-wife of new character Kenny. Her name is Tina, and she’s played by actress Kym Whitley (pictured with Brad Garrett in the photo), who was most recently seen in College Road Trip.

After Tina kicks Kenny out of his apartment, Eddie lets his “little” brother stay at the Stark home. The situation ends up becoming a dilemma for the tall one, however, because although he loves how nice his wife Joy is when Kenny’s around, the longer Kenny and his irritating habits stay, the harder Joy tries to get him back together with Tina.

Take a look at the new season of ‘Til Death in the FOX Fall Preview video after the jump, which features appearances by Joely Fisher and J.B. Smoove.

Photo: Kym Whitley and Brad Garrett (Michael Desmond/FOX)
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  • Katie

    Where the hell are Jeff and Steph? The whole point of the show is the relationship between the experienced married couple and the newly weds! IF they’re not on this season, the show may as well have been cancelled, cause the entire premise has changed. This is EXTREMELY disappointing!

  • http://www.comedycentric.com/ Chandra

    Unfortunately, Katie, the Woodcocks are gone. Brad Garrett clarified in a recent interview that the actors who play them — Eddie Kaye Thomas and Kat Foster — have moved on to other projects.

    I feel your pain, though, because I liked having them around, too. The premise of the show has changed now to focus primarily on the Starks, along with Eddie’s new best bud Kenny.

  • JT

    Kenny is their Oliver.
    When Oliver joined The Brady Bunch, the show was done.

    I love JB Smoove, but this is where the show jumps the shark.

    I have a solution for them. If they are going to change the show this much, have the Starks move away too. Just leave Kenny around to cut up. Maybe he can cuss like he did on “Curb.”

  • http://www.comedycentric.com/ Chandra

    Kenny is their Oliver.

    Everyone says something similar to that now when old characters leave a show and/or new ones show up. But change is almost inevitable in this day and age.

    If ‘Til Death goes down the tube, it won’t be J.B. Smoove’s fault since the series has always been uneven to me from Day One.

  • JT

    I blame the writer’s strike and uneven scheduling by the network.

    It was one show, and now it’s something else.

    Too bad. Brad Garrett is very funny.

    Maybe next week they’ll just decide he’s not a teacher any more. Maybe he’ll be a cop. His mother, Doris Roberts will move in… and he can whine about his brother Raymond.

    I heart Woodcocks.

  • LuAnn

    Well, I guess I’m done then. The chemistry between the four of them was great. I could care less about some “little brother” character. The whole idea was old marrieds and new marrieds. How stupid is that?

  • http://Google Lorie

    Where is Jeff and Steph. We won’t be watching until they come back. Sorry!

  • http://www.comedycentric.com/ Chandra

    Unless something unexpected happens, Jeff and Steph are gone for good. Just for the record, I already miss them a whole lot, too.

  • Nadine

    No Jeff and Steph?? Not watching…..so sad.

    Watched it tonight, and even with Joy and Eddie being funny as usual…everyone else SUCKED…the co worker who was pretend typing at her computer?? Stu?? Are they serious? Why make us suffer?

    Just cancel it and let us remember it as a good show!

    Too bad…I loved the show….not watching anymore. :(

  • Joe

    The Woodcocks are gone without any explanation. Like they never existed. They now join the long line of characters that are on the show one minute and vanish the next. Remember Happy Days? Family Matters? Step By Step?

  • http://aol.com tom

    I think til death will be cancelled.
    You made a big mistake taking the Woodcocks
    off the show.
    I never missed the show,and will still probley watch it ,until it is cancelled.

  • joe

    i don’t like the new cast the show is not funny anymore bring back the woodcock’s they dont even talk about him being a teacher anymore .

  • smarty

    They’ve ruined the show’s chemistry by axing the Woodcocks. The interaction between the two couple is what made the show work. Now they’ve changed the actress who plays the daughter, and the new one is worse than the old–worse looking, worse actor. This show has gone down the tubes in a hurry. What exactly was wrong with the way it was? It was not the greatest show, but it was mindlessly amusing. Now it’s just flat and boring.

  • RemovedFromTiVo

    The Woodcocks are the real reason I liked this show — Eddie and Joy are so annoying and now that new guy is even more annoying. This is the death of Til Death for me!

  • http://www.andremiller.net/ Andre

    It was with great disappointment that I watched the premiere of season 3.

    Jeff and Steph are just gone, no explanation given. The interaction between the young and the old couples is what made this show interesting.

    I never missed an episode, but won’t be watching it anymore. The show might just as well be canceled now, its a waste of airtime.

  • nick waugh

    100% Kenny FAN!! The Woodcocks were a pain to watch…..it was bad, forced acting at its worst. At least Kenny is funny. For the first time this show has got legs. I hope this is the last change for Til Death. Great show!!! Keep it up!!! RIP woodcocks.

  • vicky

    I miss the Woodcocks!!! Kenny is stupid and boring. My husband said the show isn’t funny anymore, Joy & Eddie just put down each other, no longer funny. We are no longer fans…

  • http://www.comedycentric.com Chandra

    After going on hiatus at the beginning of October and not showing up on the schedule afterwards, many believe ‘Til Death has been “silently” canceled, so to speak, although Fox won’t come right out and admit it. So, it’s possible the whole Woodcock issue has been put to rest by default.

    Incidentally, I agree the show was much funnier with them on, too. They were like a welcome breath of fresh air whenever the Stark stuff started getting stale.

  • http://www.comedycentric.com Chandra

    Ha! I spoke too soon. The very next day after my previous comment and despite pulling the show three months ago, Fox renewed ‘Til Death for a 22-episode, apparently Woodcock-less fourth season. Wonders never cease to be…

  • sean

    hey does anyone know what song was playing in joy ride when kenny pimps out the car i have been looking for it and if anyone can help me plzz

  • sean

    is anyone gonna answerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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