Win A Slightly Used Line 6 Uber Metal Distortion Pedal And More!

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Sun, Sep 14 - 9:22 pm EST | 9 years ago by
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    Line 6 pedal I haven’t used this in quite some time and if you’re looking for a cool, rugged stomp box, this is it. The Tone Core Line 6 Uber Metal is a great distortion pedal. So I have this to give up. Still have the box and the pilot’s guide too. I thought about putting it on Ebay but I figured why not give it to a Metal Martyr reader. Along with it goes a Machine Head guitar pick I got from Mayhem Fest, a brand new set of SIT .010-.052 heavy bottom guitar strings, A Machine Head and Mastodon Poster from Mayhem fest as well. Not a bad little prize pack. Want to enter? All you have to do is enter in the comment section of this post. Just type whatever you want in the comment box with a valid e-mail address (That does not get disclosed to any other party or displayed). On October 1st a winner will be contacted and announced.

    Rules: Open to U.S. and Canadian residents only. Multiple entries are not necessary.

    Pictures of the other prizes after the fold…

    Sit strings MH Pick

    MH Poster Mastodon poster

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      • Gil

        I went to mayhem festival too, it kicked ass.

      • KoOPa

        I had tickets but couldn’t go lol that pack looks sweet tho.

      • Jaded Vixen

        Sounds great

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      • Karen


      • Michael Capp

        This would go well with my Line 6 amp.

      • Joe

        Line 6 pedals are pretty nice.

      • Sandy

        Another parent wanted to win for their child..but mine is for my daughter

      • dale schmucker

        I went to mayhem It was great. I would love to win this package. that would be SWEEEEEEEEEEEEET.

      • Blaine Albert

        Hellz yeah!

      • Frances Carty

        I would love to give this to my ex

      • giles


      • Lawrence Lampron

        Metal is my MOJO

      • Nick

        quite an AWESOME stomp box.
        plus more goodies?



      • Donna

        Slightly used? My son-in-law would love this. Thanks.

      • jffryclough

        i’m in for some distortion..

      • Andrew Gordon

        cool stuff

      • Anne

        My daughter, would begin to acknowledge me again if I won this for her lol


      • Shilo Beedy

        This would be a great gift for my brother!

      • Bob Barton

        Please count me in!

      • Angel

        Count me in

      • Tate

        haha at all the new people now. just curious, how big are the posters?

      • Scott

        I know, right. They seem to come out of the woodwork when free stuff is about. Think it’s probably stumbles. ANyway the posters are 18X24

      • michael woods

        Please count me in..thanks

      • ace

        mayhem fest-Denver- dragonforce awsome-blacktide signed t shirt

      • Tate

        cool, going to check ebay for that machine head poster. think i have just enough room to fit it into the wall.

      • Jacob LaFountaine

        Looks cool

      • Linda

        I would love to win this prize.

      • Paul

        I love Tone Core pedals! Count me in!

      • Ben Reardon

        Oh My! Super contest. I’ve been looking a distortion pedal. This is awesome. METAL FOREVER!

      • cynthia mccoy

        count me in!! looks awesome!

      • KoOPa

        Im pretty sure the article said “Metal Martyr readers” lol, but seriously how many soccer moms have commented here.xD

      • christopher h

        sweet prize

      • Todd Burleigh

        heavy prize

      • Joanna Connor

        Line 6 is GREAT! I missed out on mayhem.

      • James Davidson

        I could use this with my music.

      • Rosemary Lukenbill

        My son would really like this for the band

      • Janice Golden

        My Husband would love to have this IM IN

      • giles

        it’s probably all the same person with multiple e-mail addresses… can you tell if it is scott?

      • Scott

        I can tell with IP addresses. Anyone with more than one name and the same IP address will be disqualified.

      • Doug Barnett

        Dude, I gotta have this. My 10 year old son would LOVE it!

      • Jim

        Wow, it would be sweet to win this gear. It would go well with my Godin guitar and Roland cube. You rocketh!

      • david basile

        great contest thanks

      • cathi rushing

        love this site

      • GC

        I’d love to have this!!!

      • veronica sandberg

        want to win this

      • Jason

        Nice giveaway, I want to win !! Thanks !!!

      • mike anderson

        Hey that’s a great pedal and I would really love to win this prize!

      • ron

        the tone is at the core!

      • tim brown


      • robb milford

        I want this pedal!

      • Ojochris

        sign me up, I love these guys.

      • Tate

        lost in a crowdddddd lol

      • Linda Lansford

        Slightly used? My nephew would love this

      • Valerie Mabrey

        thanks for the contest

      • Adrian Klusek

        Sweet swag man. Hopefully mother luck strokes me with luck.

      • Tonya Froemel

        cool count me in

      • Lisa L.

        luv it !!

      • Vergie

        guess it?

      • Stephen Saunders

        thanks for the contest.

      • Clyde Hale


      • Harry Barbee

        Mastodon rules

      • bill


      • Shawn

        This would be awesome to have. :)

      • Theresa Dell

        Cool I could use this

      • Sarah Davidson

        Great prize, I sure could use one.

      • Tom Bellamy

        good prize

      • Beverly (Dayton Ohio

        My friend Bobby will love this he is the
        lead singer for Red Earth.

      • sarah

        enter me!

      • jim scott

        What a cool prize

      • emerson

        Satan commands you to give possession of these items to me!

      • MaryBeth Isaac

        my husband would have SO been there if we didn’t have things like work and kids….

      • JimboRat


      • James Jenkins


      • B Arnold

        It’s not slightly used, it’s just Broke In! Thanks!

      • Sarah

        That pack looks sweet.

      • Shaun Davis

        I’m a HUGE Mastodon and Machine Head junkie!!! This would so kick a**!!!!

      • KERRY


      • brian

        my friend would go crazy if he got this.

      • Chrysa

        Great prize!

      • Julieh

        Wow, this would be so awesome!

      • E. Adams

        My band DonT Touch could use this! Thanks!!

      • Jon Oder

        My guitar with Dimebuckers would sound SWEET going through this

      • Mark Rinaldi

        Enter me in the contest, I LOOOVE Mastodon

      • jen gersch

        my brother

      • Stephen Alexander


      • Sherry Gibbs

        My husband would love this!!

      • Regina

        Thanks from this fledgeling picker!

      • Rudella Custer

        I would love to win this!!!

      • Anthony Hedden

        enter me

      • Renee

        I would so love to have this.

      • joshua holmes

        rock on!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Monica Stone


      • betty c

        Oh yeah! Cool prize!

      • Karen Gonyea

        Awesome :)

      • Jim W.

        Sweet prize pack

      • Robert Weller


      • Luke Frazier

        Yay Mastodon!

      • Daniel M

        way cool add me please

      • Monalisa C.

        Thanks for this chance to enter to win. Very cool prizes.

      • R Hicks


      • Dorothy Davidson

        Thanks, for giving away a great prize.

      • Cassandra

        Please enter me–thanks!

      • chris neal

        This is awsome!

      • Bruce Vrana

        Line 6 makes good equipment

      • Jenny Vrana

        Thanks for the contest

      • Erma Hurtt

        I would love to win this, thanks.

      • Robert

        I really like Line 6 pedals

      • shhudso2

        < Machine Head pick please

      • Laura

        Would love to win this for my brother

      • Paula Harmon

        Lucky, whoever wins this.

      • Gianna


      • John

        Cool prize

      • william causey

        kick ass

      • Carol Drury

        what a great prize!!

      • Joanna Smith

        All of our guitars and musical gear is used. We can get better quality equipment buying it used, than if we purchased new equipment that was less sound quality output. I would love to have a used Tone Core Line 6 Uber Metal that is a great distortion pedal to vamp up our sound even more!

      • J Chaborek

        Went to Mayhem Festival, it rocked. I’ve been a fan of Machine Head for ages.

      • Deb Wallin

        I would love to win this.

      • Mary B.

        Would love to win for my son

      • Samantha Pruitt

        this would be so cool to have!

      • Susan Burch

        Nice! My son would love this, he’s in a band.

      • James Davidson

        This he Tone Core Line 6 Uber Metal would be “new” to me. I would put it to good use.

      • Andrea Henry

        what a cool gizmo…I am the band mommie and we have been selling cookies and purses trying to get up funds for more equipment for my “4 rockstars”.

      • torie

        my boyfriend would love this! hes trying to get all the things he needs to start a band. hes very talented.

      • Amy

        thank you for the giveaway

      • Stacie R.

        i’d love to win.. thanks

      • Jim

        I would love this piece of gear

      • DENISE

        My hubby would love this!

      • vanessa hunter

        Dude….great contest!

      • Philip N. Davis

        Used, new, who cares! It still kicks a**

      • carmela jones


      • Max


      • Opal Baker

        This is considered a big win and I can see why…Class A

      • Sarah C

        This would be the perfect Christmas gift for my husband.

      • Adhab Al-Farhan

        Slightly used…cool!

      • Metal Martyr

        Contest Closed. I’ll announce the winner October 1st. Thanks for entering.

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