13 Champion Qualities for Athletes and Managers

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    Are you a champion according to Harvey?

    zinger david

    by David Zinger

    Harvey Mackay’s last newsletter focused on a short list of what goes into making an Olympic champion—or for that matter a gold-medal winning entrepreneur or manager.

    Here is his list of 13 qualities:

    1. Heart.
    2. Determination.
    3. Dedication.
    4. Goals.
    5. Preparation.
    6. Confidence.
    7. Concentration/Focus.
    8. Competition.
    9. Mental Toughness.
    10. Vision.
    11. Life is not always fair.
    12. Don’t let age be a deterrent.
    13. Fun.

    As someone who is approaching 54 in two weeks. I appreciated his comments on don’t let age be a deterrent:

    Look at 41-year-old Dara Torres, who proved to be the second fastest woman swimmer in the world and lost by 1/100th of a second. Or how about Romania’s Constantina Tomescu-Dita, who at age 38 won the women’s marathon. And don’t forget John Dane III, who at age 58, made the U.S. Olympic sailing team for the first time after trying to qualify for 40 years.

    To read Harvey’s last 3 columns, click here.

    You may also want to subscribe to his informative and carefully crafted newsletters.

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      • http://www.bhp.org.bw Chishamiso Mudenyanga

        The qualities that are mentioned above are very realistic in the sense that there is balance. Without determination and dedication, goals can never be achieved. In the midst of all the effort that one puts in wht they do we can definately get stressed out and hence the ned for fun. True champions also know that they do not win at all times and other factors amy contribute to that. That is why I like the point that life is not fair. Other factors may deter one from becoming what they truly are.
        I like the way it has been put accross and that it great stuff.

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