Misha Collins Answers Our Top 3 Q’s

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Misha_Collins If you’re a follower of SFUniverse (or me, for that matter) you know I love my “random” questions. Here’s Supernatural’s warrior angel, Misha Collins charging once more into the breach, dear friends. . . once more!
What’s something you’ve done that there’s no way you’ll ever do that again?

Misha: Kayaking down the Los Angeles River, it’s like an open sewer trough.

What have you saved since you were a kid?

Misha: Our house burned down when I was in high school, so I can’t say I have anything from childhood. I guess, my femur? (house burned. . . when he was a kid. . . does this worry any of you?)

Captain Kirk vs. Captain Jack Sparrow

Misha: I think Captain Jack Sparrow. He’s got a joie de vivre that Captain Kirk is missing. He’s a swashbuckler! (I like him, he says joie de vivre)

And a bonus question:

Your real name is Misha Dmitri Tippens Krushnic — Russian, much?

Misha: Actually, no.  My mother went to Russia when she was in college. She had a boyfriend named Misha and much to my father’s chagrin she named me after him. And the last name, Krushnic, goes back six generations in Canada and we’re not sure where they came from, could be Russian or Ukrainian or Polish. My brother’s name is Sasha, we’re not Russian but my mom wished we were Russian I think.  She was a hippie. . . .she wanted to bring communism back to America.

And apparently I’m not alone in my thinking. . . .

Misha:  I played a Serb on 24 for several episodes and the producers of the show came in to talk to me, like 5 episodes in. Denzel Washington had just won an Oscar and they said, ‘isn’t it great that minorities are finally getting recognition at the Oscars? It’s great for people like you and for Denzel Washington.’ I said, ‘I’m sorry but I don’t think I qualify. I’m a white guy from Massachusetts.

Click here to read Part One of my interview with Misha Collins and tune in to The CW this Thursday at 9:00 to see the white guy from Massachusetts playing an angel from heaven on the next episode of Supernatural.

Photo Credit: The CW

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  • http://squiggle-bunny.livejournal.com/profile Emily

    cute, and apparently very witty too!

  • Maja

    I can say with great confidence… I’m in love with this guy :D

  • Clipsie

    By far one of my favourite actors now… So many, but every interview I’ve read by him is amusing even in a little, and he’s a good actor. Love him.

  • Mads

    Oh he is just too cute!

    Seriously, he sounds like a total sweetheart!

  • Katie

    Oh Kripke, Can we keep him? Please!

  • Katie

    Lol – “I’m sorry, but I’m a white guy from Massachusetts.” He’s funny, and smart. I like him!

  • http://same hanniel shearer

    well i would definitly want to see more castiel because dean will show him respect. love hanniel.

  • http://www.recycledfabricofreality.blogspot.com/ Ebbtide

    :D Thanks, sfuniverse, for such a great article!! I love learning more about this amazing actor and those questions were great…not to mention the “lol” comments by Cynthia. Lovely. :D. I’m forwarding this to my friends! ;). Love Misha Collins on SN.

  • Tumblr Addict

    I love his birth name! It’s so awesome!

  • http://www.danaseilhan.com Dana

    A lot of names that end in -ic are Serbian. Think Milosevic or, for a nicer example, “Weird” Al Yankovic. Misha’s probably of Serbian ancestry on his dad’s side.

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