Supernatural’s Castiel: Misha Collins Speaks

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Is Supernatural’s new angel, Castiel (Misha Collins) really a devil in disguise?

Supernatural's  Angel Castiel portrayed by Misha Collins

Whatever he is, this hot newcomer to the cast of Supernatural has charmed fans after only a few minutes of being on screen. Read more about this amazing character, and what he had to say in a recent interview after the jump:

CW’s fan lounge has been overflowing with questions about this intensely angelic new character, and the man who portrays him.

The scene between Castiel and Dean was quite intense last week, and is a jaw-dropping revelation on how, (and why) Dean Winchester is back from Hell. Here are the best bits of a short interview that Collins gave TV Guide, and you are urged to read it to get the full effect of this charming actor.

Misha shares some info about Castiel, how he got the role, and what his experience has been so far with fans of the show:

  • He portrayed the character of Dennis Hopper’s son on 24.
  • He initially auditioned for the role as a demon, and was told later that he is actually an angel.
  • He talks about his experience working with Jared and Jensen.
  • He reveals the “real” angelic presence he is channeling for the role.
  • Spoiler>>>There is another angel on the show named Uriel, and they do not get along.

    Catch the new episode of Supernatural tonight, at 9:00PM/C on CW!

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    • http://supernatural hanniel shearer

      hello misha im hanniel castiel is a gorgeously handsome angel castiel thanking for protecting dean im 21 years old.

    • http://screamstress janet

      please keep dean and castiel in the show as the guys are hot

    • may luc

      tudo bem com vcs!
      só passei nesse site pra dizer que ele fica mais lindo com essas asas de sombra!
      tem um monte de comunidade dele!
      eu dou outros!
      e teve um foto dele com o cabelo grande!
      e ficou ridiculo!
      parecia jered padalecky!
      vem mi ve!
      is lovi boy!

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