DVD Giveaway: "High School Musical 2"

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    highschoolmusical2dvd Today’s featured DVD in Jane’s September Contest Slam (the last one!) is a fun one for anyone who loves innocent movies filled with music:

    THE DVD: High School Musical 2: 2-Disc Deluxe Dance Edition (released on DVD Sept. 23, 2008). Directed by Kenny Ortega, this fun flick catches up with the Wildcats as they head off for a summer of work and play at Lava Springs Country Club, owned by the family of Sharpay and Ryan Evans. [Official Site] [DVD Site]

    BONUS FEATURES: Interactive Dance-Along; Deleted Scenes; Music Video: “All For One”; Making-Of Featurette; Cast Favorites: Behind-the-Scenes Featurette; On-Location Shoot; In the Kitchen: Set Tour; High School Confidential: Never-Before-Seen Scrapbook; High School Musical 3 Sneak Peek.

    THE GIVEAWAY: I have ONE “High School Musical 2″ DVD to give away. To enter the contest, simply leave a comment on this post by midnight on Saturday, Oct. 4, 2008. Be sure to include a valid email address. A winner will be drawn randomly. I’ll email the winner for their snail-mail address after the contest ends. Good luck!

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      • C. Clemens

        enter tho

      • Steven T

        Great contest!

      • Danai

        My daughter loves this movie, it would be great to have it on DVD. Thanks!

      • tracy dufour

        this movie is sooooooooo good!

      • ky2here

        My nieces just can’t get enough.

      • http://www.myspace.com/buddys_girl Marina

        Thanks for the contest, I would love to win this!

      • Marilyn Wons

        I would love to see this!

      • Nikki

        My daughter’s favorite movie!


        Daughter can’t wait for The 3rd One, She loves the movie

      • Roseann Kies

        I’d love to win this for my niece! Thanks!

      • Robert H

        Great Contest!

      • randi

        My nieces love anything High School Musical!!! Thanks, great giveaway!

      • Shannon Asbell

        My daughter would love this.

      • Karen A.

        Hope to win this for my granddaughter…she’d be thrilled.

      • Michael Capp

        I want to win!

      • Terra Heck

        I’d like to win this for my daughter. She’s a fan of HSM.

      • Linda White

        fun clean show!

      • http://FilmGecko Jacquelyn Cannon

        This is my daughter’s favorite movie.

      • Deanna L

        i love this movie!

      • Leona P

        my son would like this

      • Sandy

        my kids want this- me- I can take nap

      • Kirby McCauley

        Great giveaway! Please enter me!

      • Jennifer Callahan

        Even I love to watch this!!!

      • Peggy Doty

        Enter me

      • Leslie


      • carol

        thanks for the great giveaway

      • Richard Deyarmond

        one for the grandkids

      • Linda

        My son would go lala if i won this dvd.

      • Piero Giorno

        My wife and two daughter’s all love HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. I would love to win it for them.

      • Steph

        I’d love to win. Count me in!

      • Rebecca Snodgrass

        My daughter loves this movie.

      • Amy Tucker

        Great movie!@ I love this musical.

      • Joe

        This was well done.

      • Allie Brockelman

        My daughter would love this!

      • leloni

        Great Movie

      • tamberly love

        great contest

      • trudee carreiro

        what a great contest

      • Kathleen L

        Please enter me in your giveaway. Thank you.

      • Denise

        Count me in!

      • Jenn S.

        The kids love this one. Count me in.

      • Sharold

        MY daughter loves this.

      • Emily

        I’d love to get this and for free would be even better! =D

      • Linda Peters

        great music

      • Estelle S.

        My girls love High School Musical. They’d be thrilled if I won this for them.

      • http://sonyasparks.blogspot.com/ Sonya Sparks

        My daughter would love this. Thanks for the chance.

      • chris swanson

        WOW thanks for the giveaway!!!

      • Tammy

        My kids would really like this DVD

      • Ann Fantom

        I would love to win this! Please enter me.

      • Janet F

        I would love to win!

        janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

      • Ruth Bousquet

        Nice prize…My family and I would enjoy seeing this DVD.

      • sheletha

        me2 me2

      • Patti D

        I would love to win this for my daughter- she loves musicals~

      • Andrew Gordon


      • Sierra Rendon

        My daughter LOVES HSM! We can’t wait till the new one in October…. Thanks for such a cool contest!

      • Stacy

        This one is for the granddaughter! Thanks!

      • Leslie Sil

        My daughter loves these movies Hope I win So she can have this one

      • Erica C.

        my niece would love this!

      • Dan Smith

        Please enter me

      • Paula H

        My girls would love this.

      • Maja

        i love it

      • Susan Smith

        Great movie

      • Kathy Scott

        I would love to add this to my collection.

      • Christine

        This would be great for my son! Thanks for the chance!

      • christopher h

        youngest would love this

      • michael woods

        please count me in..thanks

      • Brittany W.

        lol me and a bunch of my (college aged!) friends are obsessed with the whole HSM series. hope I win!

      • Christian

        I love Vanessa.

      • Anne

        My daughter would LOVE this! ty

      • Jaque

        One of my children’s favorite movies. Thank you for a great giveaway! :-)

      • Anne Pichette

        I really like musicals.

      • K. Cleaver

        I’d like to watch it with my kids.

      • Gary Emes

        ANother great prize. I’m all in!

      • Mary Casper

        I have always enjoyed musicals whether in theater or a movie

      • Sue

        Thanks for the chance

      • Brenda E

        would love to be able to give this to my daughter for christmas :)

      • Laura Collins

        I would love to watch.

      • Kathy D

        My Hannah loves these Movies,,,,

      • DL Stephens

        Love the dance movies!

      • John Mizell

        This was filmed close to here would like to see it

      • Rose G

        Daughter LOVES it!!!

      • Tina Rath

        My granddaughers would love this.

      • Cherie J

        Please enter me. Thank you!

      • Susan Ledet

        My 3 great nieces love this show.

      • http://ghostamongyou.blogspot.com Stephen Saunders

        have a great day.

      • Abby

        I love this movie please enter me to win!

      • Jill Myrick

        My daughter would so love this dvd.
        Thank you so much for offering this wonderful giveaway.
        I would LOVE to win !!

      • J Chaborek

        High School Music. It’s great, plain & simple!

      • Michelle L.

        My kids will love this! Hope, I win!

      • marleen davis

        Nice contest, thanks

      • Nora

        This movie would be rockin at my house.

      • Patty

        My daughter would love this.

      • http://middle-aged-mama.blogspot.com/ Sharon Jones

        Would love to win this for wonderful daughter…thanks!

      • pat ramey

        thanks for the chance

      • david basile

        a fun disney movie

      • Victor V.

        Can’t go wrong with Disney!

      • Heather S

        Looks like a fun movie

      • Chas Childress

        The movie to see and great prize.

      • denyse

        Pick me, I’d love to win!

      • Rosanne Morrison

        Very positive DVD

      • Monique Bradley

        The kids would love this!

      • ellen cunningham

        I’d love to win this for my niece. Please enter me.

      • dianne

        A perfect prize for my grand daughters.

      • David

        Right on!

      • Linda

        Great DVD

      • Stephanie Adkins

        My niece would lov this!

      • Evelyn

        my son would love it

      • Jim W.

        Not my cup of tea, but the kids would like it

      • Sarah Stern

        Thanks for the great giveaway!

      • http://www.stealsdeals.blogspot.com Abby

        I have a little girl that would squeal with glee to receive this!

      • Dan

        Great contest

      • Vicky Boackle

        the grandkids would love this.

      • Eloise C

        My daughter would flip over this movie, she can’t wait to see HSM 3 and just bought herself a pair of HSM 3 shoes for her birthday. Thanks so much for this great giveaway!


      • Angela J

        I’d really like to see this.

      • israel y

        thanks for the contest!

      • sharo

        please enter me

      • Pauline M

        There is nothing as entertaining to me as watching my son and his friends try to repeat the dance steps from any HSM movie! I’m sure they would really enjoy having this!

      • Thomas Gibson

        Thank you for this promotion.

      • Anne D

        My kid’s would love this movie.

      • Molly Capel

        My 7 year old would love this!

      • Richard T.

        Hope I win.

      • charline s

        My son would love this DVD,

      • Lisa

        Would love to win for my niece. Thanks.

      • Jennifer Barnett

        I’d share this with the little girl next door.

      • Pat Connors

        My daughter would be in heaven. Thanks for the contest.

      • Gina

        Please enter me, thanks!

      • Daniel M

        add me please!

      • http://www.angelfire.com/pa/mystershopper Mike Weisberg

        i want to win

      • Kim

        I would love to see this! Thank you for all your great giveaways!

      • Monique Rizzo

        My daughter would LOVe this! Thank you.

      • Sue

        Would you please enter me in your drawing?

      • Anthony Hedden

        enter me

      • susan varney

        i would like to see this one

      • Christy Goodwin

        I love East High!!

      • Noelia Gutierrez

        my daughter loves this, thanks

      • Dana

        Would love to add this to the collection!

      • Deborah Wellenstein

        This would be fun to watch-thanks!

      • djp

        i;d sure make points with my niece if i got this

      • Kari Dennis

        Great contest.

      • Heather

        My daughter loves this movie

      • Garnet L

        Great Giveaway

      • Cheryl Byrne

        Would love to see this movie

      • Elizabeth M.

        Fun movie, thanks for the chance.

      • Ann

        Every where I turn I am seeing High School Musical items and I haven’t seen the movie yet so here is my chance…please enter me. Thank you!! :)

      • Bobv

        Great prize, enter me please.

      • http://thegreenyak.etsy.com Green Yak

        Ooh, please count me in!

      • Jeffrey Beckett

        Sign me up please!

      • Kevin M.

        Nice. Please count me in, for a chance to win.

      • schnauz

        Great movie for my daughter!

      • Donna Hunt

        This would make the perfect Christmas gift–please add my name. Thank you for the contest!

      • Carrie Baird

        I’d love to see this – thanks for the contest!
        wgbc1446@yahoo. com

      • Felicia L

        thank you for a great giveaway.

      • http://www.youravon.com/jsmith4293 Julie Smith

        Because I have teenage girls, I have seen these movies over and over (every time they play on TV). The High School Musical stories are among their favorites.

      • Paulette

        Funny and more funny!

      • Bob DiFrancesco

        Would make a great gift.

      • julie

        this would make me the fave auntie!

      • Paula S

        This is my daughter’s favorite movie!

      • Marion B

        My daughter would be very excited to own this dvd!!

      • http://www.geocities.com/deck_it_mi william causey

        please count grandpa in

      • Jennifer C.

        My daughters would love to win this.

      • Kristen D

        Please enter me! My oldest would love to own this! Thanks

      • Sherri Siler

        My daughter would love this.

      • Melissa V

        i’d love to watch this, please!

      • Sandy

        Great movie for my kids!

      • jennifer slusser

        the kids would love this! thanks for the chance to win it

      • anna t.

        Hope I win.

      • Tim Miller

        Sign me up!

      • valerie mabrey

        count me in to win

      • Jean

        I liked the first one.

      • michelle stewart

        my kids would love it

      • veronica sandberg

        want to win this

      • Terry Vanderpool

        please enter me in this great contest thanks

      • Alecia Gibson

        A lot of people like High School Musical. Thanks for the giveaway!!

      • Monalisa C.

        Please enter me. Thank you for this opportunity to enter.

      • Vicki Wurgler

        please enter my name in the contest

      • Pam

        My niece just loves this movie and the kids in it!

      • Ed Nemmers

        Sweet niblets!

      • John

        my kids would love this dvd

      • Stephanie Bruce

        we would love to win thanks so much!

      • Gianna

        Please enter me :)

      • Michelle H.

        My kids love this movie.

      • Irene

        Great movie for my kids!

      • James Coyne

        Enter Me Please

      • Cheryl Byrne

        Can’t wait to see this one

      • Gary Osborn

        Wooo Hooo Make me a winner!

      • Jason Fiske

        The kids and I are really ready for this one.

      • Helen

        My kids would go crazy for this!

      • Phillip Fry

        Awesome prize! Thanks for the great giveaway.

      • Desiree

        Please enter me in this giveaway ;)

      • Joy Venters

        would love to win this – thanks

      • Robert R

        please enter me…thank you

      • carla Pullum

        My daughters would love to win this for family night!

      • http://mom2ways.blogspot.com Julie Donahue

        My family would love this!

      • Deb K

        Would love to win this for my daughter!

      • Tamara Burks

        Please enter me.

      • Samantha Pruitt

        i’d love this!

      • mary mcmurray

        I would be such a hero to my daughter if I won this for her.

      • Denis

        I would like to win this to give to someone.

      • Janice Wright

        Thanks for the opportunity to win!

      • djgroz

        Great Prize Thanks

      • kathy pease

        Auto-off power saver

      • Shannon

        I know a girl who would love this.

      • Tiffany

        My daughters love this movie!

      • Shaun Davis

        Mgirls would love to have this movie! Great prize : )

      • Veronica Garrett

        I would love to win this contest.

      • http://deleted lorene

        I have 2 huge hsm fans in my house

      • http://www.nanetteolson.com Nanette Olson

        My granddaughter would love this.

      • Gaye McGill

        My granddaughter is a huge fan. I’d love to win a copy for her.

      • Jennifer Schroeder

        My kids and I would love to see this! Thank you so much for the great giveaway!

      • Amy

        Would love to win! Thanks!

      • Sharon W

        Please enter me, I would like to win!!!!
        Thank you for the contest

      • Peggy Gorman

        Great giveaway, count me in

      • Ashleigh

        My daughter would LOVE to have this. I would really like to win this.


      • Lisa Cook

        Great prize!

      • Suanne Giddings

        HSM seems to be sweeping our pre-teen and teens off their feet! Ahhhh, the magic of Disney! Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

      • tim brown


      • angela guiles

        Great classroom treasure box prize!

      • judy brittle

        Another great one for the grandkids. Thank you so much!

      • Belenda

        Please enter me. Thank you.

      • Linda Moeller

        Kids LOVE it!

      • Aimee

        With some young girls in our house, this definitely would be something well loved and appreciated! Thank you for the chance to win!

      • tiffany pettey

        havent seen it but if i win i will watch this

      • Candie L

        I would love to win this for either one of my nieces (ages 6 and 7)

      • Pamela White

        I love this kid musical.

      • Dave

        Looks like fun! Please enter me to win.

      • Marie N

        The whole family would love this movie if I won it so its not just for me or just for the kids…its for everybody.

      • colten edwards

        my daughter would love this

      • Donna Wilde

        I would love to win this awesome prize!

      • sabb266

        Please enter me

      • Donna Kozar

        Love HSM

      • Casey

        Great Giveaway! I’d love to win this!

      • Debbie B.

        I’d love this! Great show

      • Beverly Metcalf

        I would love to win this. Thanks for having the contest!

      • Kathleen

        I would like to win. My daughter loves this DVD.

      • Jayme Isaacs

        I Like This Movie

      • Cassandra

        Please enter me–thanks!

      • Donna

        My opinion is: I’d like to win. Thanks!

      • http://www.xanga.com/divine_diva_in_nc Tamara Merritt

        My DSD is a HSM fanatic!

      • Janet

        My daughter loves this movie, it would be great to have it on DVD. Thanks!

      • theodore esteghamat

        Count me in.

      • Lily Kwan

        Please enter me into the contest. Thanks!

      • Jennifer Matt

        Great contest! My kids would love this!

      • workaholic

        What a wonderful contest!!

      • http://www.ReelLifeWithJane.com Jane Boursaw

        Thanks to everyone who entered the contest! I’ve emailed the winners for their snail-mail address. Stay tuned for DVD Giveaways on Film Gecko every Monday and Wednesday. Thanks for stopping by!

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