Converse Celebrates 100 Years Combining Classic Bands With Classic Shoes

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    C_BSshoes_04 Converse is celebrating 100 years of converse with a new line of the Classic “Chuck TaylorAll Stars. 100 years, really? That’s right. Converse started up 100 years ago in 1908 as Converse Rubber Corporation. Nine years later the Converse All Star basketball shoe was born. Still a timeless classic that has survived through almost a century of changes in footwear fashion and design. Very few things have lasted so long without deviating too far from the original design.

    As part of their new designs celebrating their 100th anniversary, Converse started unveiling a line of rock band inspired All Stars sold at Journey’s. Bands featured in this line is The Grateful Dead, Black Sabbath, The Doors, The Who, Ozzy Osbourne, and Pink Floyd.

    The first line to roll out is the Grateful Dead design. With a white on white look with the classic Grateful Skull and Roses. Also available are low-tops with the classic Dancing Bears.


    Shop for the Skull And Roses style at Journey’s

    More styles after the fold…


    Shop for The Dancing Bears style at Journey’s

    The Grateful Dead design is only the beginning. Black Sabbath gets the respect they deserve with three different designs. The first being a black-on-black high-top with the “We Sold Our Soul For Rock N’ Roll” logo on the outer ankle and the band logo up the back of the heel. But that’s not all, I said THREE styles.


    Shop the We Sold Our Soul For Rock N Roll Style at Journey’s

    What would a cool Black Sabbath shoe be without the winged demon from the 1972 Master Of Reality Tour? This sneaker boast a white, almost cream color to it with the classic (How many times have I said ‘Classic’ now) winged demon art on it and Black Sabbath across the upper tongue.


    (check your local Journey’s or for availability)

    This one has a killer look. Black Sabbath Vol. 4 was a simple, yet effective album cover with a simple title scheme and that gold silhouette of Ozzy with his arms up. With Ozzy on the outer part of the shoe and (although you can’t see it) Black Sabbath Vol. 4 on the inside ankle with a gold All Star logo, this is a cool homage to that album and a cool look.


    (check your local Journey’s or for availability)

    Coming November is the tribute to The Doors. I mean, what would classic bands be without The Doors. These low-tops with the Doors logo have a great look to them, and could be worn with just about any outfit, whether your dressing casual or semi-professional.


    (Coming In November)

    You can’t have a shoe with Jim Morrison in there somewhere. These high-tops have the man himself on the outer ankle in black on white soles. An awesome shoe for everyday wear or collection.


    (Coming In November)

    Below is a bit of a press release on each of these shoes and a schedule for the roll out of each line. I can’t wait to see the Pink Floyd line! The only thing more we could possibly ask for is a Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, AC/DC, or The Rolling Stones line.

    • Grateful Dead, Black Sabbath – in Journeys stores and now

    • The Doors – November 2008
    • The Who – January 2009
    • Ozzy – February 2009
    • Pink Floyd – March 2009

    Grateful Dead

    From the beginning in 1965, the Grateful Dead set its own standards and redefined music and the live concert experience. The band’s apparent disdain for the status quo enabled them to become music’s most enduring success story, and what began as a freewheeling group of musicians transformed into one of the most powerful icons in American pop culture. Serving as a canvas, the collection pays homage to the Grateful Dead legacy through simple execution with detailing left to the powerful imagery and artwork for which has become forever associated with the Grateful Dead.  Featuring the two artists who were at the forefront of San Francisco’s renaissance of graphic poster art in the 1960s and 1970s, Alton Kelley’s and Stanley Mouse’s artwork is featured prominently; Skull & Roses is one of the icon pieces featured. The famous dancing bears round out this amazing collection that includes Chuck Taylor® All Star® high top and oxford shoes. Available in black/blue/grenadine, black/bears, white/blue/grenadine leather, white/bears, white/grenadine/gold and white/multiple, shoes in this collection retail for MSRP $40 – $70 and will be available at and Journeys stores.

    Black Sabbath
    Inspired by the Black Sabbath metal anthem Iron Man, these Chuck Taylor® All Star® high top shoes have hard-core details that shout individuality. A tribute to the sound that, in the 1970s emerged and changed the music landscape forever, these shoes feature smooth, monochrome black leather uppers with metallic detailing and Sabbath-signature purple accented linings. Metalwork and hardcore buckles combined with rich black leathers give the Jack Purcell® shoe version an especially industrial look and extreme attitude. Prints on the Chuck Taylor All Star shoe versions showcase iconic Black Sabbath artwork. The Jack Purcell shoe is available in parchment/black canvas.  The Chuck Taylor All Star shoes come in high top black/white, black/white/gold and parchment/black canvas. Shoes in this collection retail for MSRP $50 – $100 and will be available in Journeys stores and beginning in October.

    The Doors
    Revolutionary in both sound and lyrics, embodying a spirit of rebellion and joy, The Doors helped usher in a new musical era. Challenging convention at every turn, legendary frontman and poet Jim Morrison turned every performance into an unforgettable ritual – while keyboardist Ray Manzarek, guitarist Robby Krieger and drummer John Densmore forged a mind-altering blend of rock, blues, jazz, latin groove and experimental sonics. After The Doors, nothing would ever be quite the same. They charted a new path for modern music, and scores of imitators would follow in their footsteps.

    In honor of the band’s extraordinary legacy, Converse will debut a new collection of Chuck Taylor® All Star® shoes. The song “The Unknown Soldier” inspired the military-style, high-top shoe with combat-fatigue detailing and black soles. With the lyric “It’s all over” emblazoned on its outer heel, it’s a wearable work of art with real graphic power. A comfort-pack footbed and other premium details give it added comfort and a premium look and feel. Adding psychedelic flair to daily wear, The Doors’ classic logo is subtly embossed in glossy detailing over a monochrome black, leather high-top version. In addition, a white low-top version features the logo in a unique print that blends the canvas and rubber side-wall into one. The Chuck Taylor® All Star® high-top shoe is available in vineyard green/black canvas or black/black leather. An oxford version is available in white/black canvas. Shoes in this collection retail for MSRP $50 – $150 and will be available in Journeys stores and beginning in November.

    AllImages Courtesy of Converse

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