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Image: Screen grab from Popular Mechanics website by Jason Bean

Here’s another online contest where you could win $250,000 to pay off your mortgage. In economic times like these, getting rid of that house payment would really come in handy wouldn’t it?

Just to give you an idea of the scale, that $700B bailout we all just paid for would have been enough money to award $250,000 to 2,800,000 homeowners. I’d say that would have helped the economy a bit too. That would have been an Extreme Financial Makeover: Home Edition.

Since that didn’t happen, the next best thing is to enter the contest and see if you can win your own mortgage getting paid off. I’ve got to read the instructions though, if I won that money, I’d pay of this house, sell it at a loss and go buy us a bigger house a big discount with the housing market the way it is. Wonder if I can use it for that.

Just follow this link to enter the contest. You are signing up for a free trial subscription for Popular Mechanics magazine. I’m a subscriber and love it, but I also know this is one magazine that makes it easy to cancel your subscription if you want to after the trial.

Uncover a paid off mortgage with Popular Mechanics Payoff Your Mortgage Sweepstakes.

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  • lisamonalisa

    There are over 15 sweeps out there through Hearst magazines for $250,000, so start searching!!

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