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    I did not feel like working out yesterday.  I also had a TON of housework to do, so blocking out gym time was out of the question.  So, I just made it part of my To-Do list.


    That’s my motivational stationary. It says, “Believe in Yourself: because nobody else here does.” Inspiring.  

    I wrote down a bunch of different exercises, one for abs, arms, legs and cardio, and broke it up into different sets.  As I was running about the house doing my chores (chores? I’ve lived on my own for 4 years- you’d think I’d stop calling them that), I would stop every so often, do a set, and then cross it off the list. In the end, I got all my chores done, fit in my workout and actually ended up doing more sets of everything than if I would have done it all at once.

    Moral of the story: No Excuses

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      • MizFit

        there is yer money maker :)



        coming soon on dvd.

      • tfh

        Good idea. A lot of housework already feels kinda like exercising. Or maybe I just have a really heavy vacuum.

      • Kim

        like this idea a lot! i’ll be incorporating this idea this week cause the house needs cleaning!

      • Lethological Gourmet

        That’s a really good idea! I should do that while I’m cooking or something. Stir the pot (do some squats), chop some onions (do some jacks), add some spices (do some pushups).

      • Nicole

        That is a great tip! I love it. Thanks!

      • debby

        LOVE this idea! Kind of an active alternative to Vickie’s 15-30 day, where you are having a really down couch potato day, and you allow yourself to sit on the couch for 30 minutes, and then get up and do 15 minutes of chores.

      • Maggie

        I do leg lifts when cooking and chest press on counter. And when I reach for a pan for something, I usually first do a few arm lifts with the pan before using it. Yes, it holds up dinner, but its well worth it. :)

      • monica

        Awesome. I was actually doing something similar today. I had some chores to do so I rolled out the yoga mat. Between doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, taking out the recycling, and tidying my desk, I did some push-ups and stretching. Great idea!

      • Sagan

        I do this. My agenda book is also my life; I write down everything I need to do in it so I make sure I get it done and cross it off.

        Including “write blog post”, “go to boot camp”, “go to work”.

        It’s much easier to fit in everything between little chores- SO EASY to get in ANY kind of workout in there. Definitely no excuses!

      • Allison K

        ahh..Love it!
        You know what this reminds me of? One of those “trainer’s tips” on the biggest loser! You should copywrite before Bob steals it. :)

      • rhodeygirl

        love it! i tend to do the same… it is not unusual to find me doing squats with the windex and paper towels still in my hands hahahahahaa

      • runjess

        Such a good idea! And sometimes housework can add to a workout. I got kinda warm mopping last night.

      • Kristie

        This is a great idea. Gotta love multitasking.

      • ttfn300

        wow, way to be. i’ll have to add them to my “chores”

      • M

        Fantastic…keeping it real! Great!

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      • Merry

        I love sneaky tips for fitting in fitness :)

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