A Zune Quirk – No Folder Scheme?

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microsoft-zune-120GB File folders are pretty ubiquitous right now aren’t they? Anyone using Windows is probably quite familiar with them right? Windows has been around now for awhile right? Microsoft developed Windows right? Microsoft developed the Zune right?

Why doesn’t the Zune interface support a folder hierarchy for files?

I’m still trying to decide if I’m going to go with the 120GB Zune or the 120GB Apple iPod Classic. Luckily the finances right now aren’t putting me in a position to make this decision immediately so I’m able to glean some good feedback from other individuals I know and online.

A friend of mine just purchased a Zune, for the most part because I recommended it to him. He was asking me about features and stuff and told me he’s as fed-up with iTunes as I am. I reminded him of the Zune and that they recently released one with a larger capacity in the 120GB version.

He called me shortly after purchasing it and getting it home to let me know that the interface doesn’t let him organize his movies into any type of folder structure. The closest he could get was to go in and edit the meta data manually to group movie files together by making them a part of the same TV series.

Does that seem right? I asked him if he had the latest Zune 3.0 software, which he said he did. Can that be right? Why wouldn’t Microsoft intuitively allow you to organize you media files into type of folder structure you could imagine?

That’s just weird.

It’s still not even close to all the frustrations I have with iTunes so I doubt it’s going to change my opinion much at this point. Just seems really weird.

Image Source: Zune.net website
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  • http://msftandthefuture.spaces.live.com/ Quikboy

    Probably because they just wanted to make it so simple that a caveman could do it. :)

    At least it’s not just random. It should be in alphabetical order, AND you can separate your videos into categories using the Zune software. Categories sort of acts like a folder. I think Microsoft didn’t want to go into the whole hierarchy thing, because it’d be just like the iPod where you can have tons of folders within folders and keep going on and on… and digging yourself a deep hole.

  • http://www.microsoftweblog.com Jason Bean

    So you think it’s more of a feature to not use folders and to use categories instead? Similar to the way Gmail organizes e-mail?

  • Vikas

    I am stuck with the same situation. I have around 50 GB of songs that I have ripped from CDs / converted from tapes etc.

    I can not stand the thought of sitting and adding mp3 tags for artist / genre / rack etc for each of them… it is plain insanity.

    I was hoping that Microsoft at least would have the ‘folder’ view on Zune…

    Guess I will wait for that feature to be there, rather than spending $250 right now and being stuck banging my head with mp3 tags :)

  • Kamalesh

    Yes. I too feel the same. I don’t think the way zune organizes files is most simple. The simplest way that any cave man can organize files is by folder structure. suppose if you have 120GB of songs, if they display only songs, how difficult it would be to jump to a song or a particular album.

    I think they should change it to folders or atleast there should be an option for us to opt for which mechanism we would like to use.

    Another functionality i would expect in any mp3 player is Equalizer. This gives user to change the way he would like the listen to music.

  • http://cid-f5d8899e5c6302cf.profile.live.com/?mkt=en-us Qois

    So when I am using the Zune software, it only sees (recognizes) some of my movies. Is there a clear reason why it wouldn’t show me all of my video options? Like I can’t see movies, and like tv shows that are on my hd…

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