Keane Suck, Say Brit Music Scene Readers

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Keane Perfect Symmetry

There was I thinking Keane were one of the most loved British bands of the moment, but it seems, at least according to the readers of Brit Music Scene, that is far from the case. In fact, most people who answered the recent poll about the band though the band sucked.

To celebrate the release of Keane’s third studio album, Perfect Symmetry, I asked my readers “What is your favorite Keane album so far? The results are as follows:-

None, Keane suck – 30 votes
Hopes and Fears – 22 votes
Under The Iron Sea – 11 votes
Perfect Symmetry – 9 votes

So, it seems as though the majority of Brit Music Scene readers (all 72 of them obviously) think Keane suck big time. Of the people who like them, most unsurprisingly picked Hopes and Fears as their favorite album. Perfect Symmetry ended up coming in last place.

By the looks of it, Keane are getting worse as time goes by, with each subsequent album rated worse than the last. That’s got to be a bit of a worry for Tom Chaplin and the boys.

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  • Gerard

    By the looks of it, Keane are getting worse as time goes by, with each subsequent album rated worse than the last.

    You’ll probably find that’s the same for most bands, their classic material has had more time to be absorbed by people.

    All the same, I forgot to vote, so you can add me to a grand total of 73 readers! And I say Keane Suck! They truly are awful.

  • Suze

    I missed the vote somehow, so add another reader who absolutely loves Keane and at the moment thinks Hopes and Fears is their best. Perfect Symmetry has grown on me wonderfully in the past few weeks so it’s now tied with UTIS.

    As for the opinion of the majority of your readers, I hope they’re all British so that Keane can skip the British Tour and come over to Canada sooner!! Just kidding…don’t want to upset all the Brit Keane fans…they probably just couldn’t decide on the one favourite album – it was easier for those who don’t like Keane to say “none”

  • Jeanne

    Ouch… I love Keane :(

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  • danny

    err…did you check the figures??

    None, Keane suck – 30 votes
    Hopes and Fears – 22 votes
    Under The Iron Sea – 11 votes
    Perfect Symmetry – 9 votes

    thats 32 who are for Keane as opposed to 30 who think they ‘suck’

    albums gain popualrity with time also

    Keane one of the best brit bands around, end of discussion

  • Tim

    30 is not the majority of 72.

  • http://ladida craig skinner

    keane are dire….. the embodiment of all that is wrong with british music ….

    coldplay / snow patrol / glasvegas / keane / travis etc…. middle of the road pop music

    check out youthmovies and the twilight sad… truly great & original british music


  • James

    1.) 32 for Keane, and 30 against. technically more LIKE keane.

    2.) ‘Far from the case?’ That poll might as well be some backwater poll on someone’s myspace page. Seriously, don’t write something on the opinion of just 70 people who read an online publication that is clearly has a limited viewership. I could probably get better results from my facebook.

    3.) If you want something wrong with Pop music, come here to the USA and listen to the radio. Truly god awful. I enjoy Keane, and listen to it whenever I’m not forced to listen to the pop crap they play here.

    And craig skinner, could you enlighten me as to what is wrong with Coldplay being popular?

  • w-blakeney

    keane…along with coldplay, snow patrol, muse & radiohead are the best brit bands ever exist!

    if few people don’t like keane…that’s fine.
    but calling a band who nominated for grammys, won best album & has gone almost triple platinum worldwide “suck” are just insanely moron & tone-deaf loser!

  • http://nosuch Holy Priestess

    Your poll sucks, morons. Keane Rock!!!!!!!!

  • http://livejournal.priestessholy Holy Priestess

    Your polls and scribblings suck, losers and morons.
    Keane rock!!!

  • Dinah

    By the looks of things, Keane is causing a bit of a stir. Oh well. Anyway, they’re kinda cute.

  • Colin Metcalfe

    Tom Rice-Oxley is one of the best melody songwriters around at the moment. And the first 2 albums were masterpieces. This last one is not as strong but I saw them live at Wembley a couple of years ago and they were superb we all knew the words it was a fantastic sing song – best time I had at a gig for long time.

  • josh

    honestly…thier early works are great! hopes and fears, and under the iron sea…they are marvelous, the melodies and such, but perfect symmetry did SUCK! i have no idea what they were going after, but it totally was not them…gr.

  • Thuli

    I think this album is just AWESOME! especially the 3rd track. But wat i dnt rli tink is cool is the number of tracks in the album they are too few for that price we pay.