Apple: You know your brand is successful when…

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    You know that you have a really successful brand when you see things like this:

    Apple apple

    This Fuji apple has actually been ‘tanned’ with the Apple logo by putting a sticker on it in the last phase of growth.

    There are also apples with iPod logos an ‘Apple hearts’:

    More Apple apples

    It would be an interesting tactic if it was run by Apple, but it was actually the brainchild of a Japanese Apple fan.

    So this is what you should be aiming for: a brand which is so involved in people’s lives that they create promotions for you.

    Source: Nobon (translated)

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      • Morgan Coudray

        Clearly, this reinforces how Apple’s overall image has the power of creating consumer evangelists.
        I would worry, however, for the guy selling his apples because many do not like to be flooded with advertising.

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      • Nikki

        Love it! I’m a huge Apple addict :)

      • Rachel

        If there was ever a reason to have an apple tree…this is it. Great find!

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