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As a metal fan we are all collectors of band swag whether we like to admit it or not. We see something new come to the market and we want it. Not just because it looks cool but we like to pay tribute and show our pride and fanhood of our favorite metal bands.


Black Sabbath, whether it’s with Ozzy Osbourne or Ronnie James Dio have made a permanent imprint on the history of heavy metal and will forever be remembered as one of the founding bands that birthed the genre as we know it. What better way to pay tribute to a classic band than with classic footwear.


Converse’s 100th Anniversary edition Black Sabbath World Tour 1978 All Stars are a great tribute to The Masters Of Reality. With the winged demon on the outer ankle of the shoe and “World Tour 1978” running up the rear ankle support of the shoe, this edition of the Black Sabbath All Stars is a simple enough design to not go overboard and look tacky as a lot of tributes do.


They fit like any other All Star does, comfortable and cool. However if you have high arches you’ll need an arch support because they do not offer a good cushioned arch like most running or basketball shoes do. If you’re flat footed then you’ll probably find yourself much more comfortable than those with huge arches.

Other styles of the Black Sabbath All Stars are available as well like the “We Sold Out Soul For Rock N Roll” and “Black Sabbath Vol. 4“. The ‘Sold Our Soul’ are available at Journey’s online store but the World Tour 1978 and Vol. 4 are only available “in store” at Journey’s.

C_BSshoes_04 C_BSshoes_06

We Sold Our Soul For Rock N’ Roll Available at Journey’s Online

Image Source: and Converse

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  • Yvonne

    I like the Chucks, but I’d much rather see some Sabbath tribute on Affliction boots.

  • Metal Martyr

    Affliction boots would be cool too, but most people can’t afford Affliction T-Shirts let alone the boots.

  • summer

    How can I get these shoes??!! I have a different pair of sabbath converse but I’ve worn them out and they are falling apart. I want these, but can’t find them anywhere!!

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