December Cocktail: Peppermint Mojito

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Ahhh Christmas. If you’re at all like me, you start looking for the next flight to somewhere, anywhere hot. If you’re like my friend Carly, you decorate starting today, and you revel in all the wonderful things Christmas can be. There’s room for both of us in the world, but we’ve decided it’s better if our paths don’t cross too much during the silly season.

Drinks After Dark’s exclusive cocktail guru, Steve Kemble, has prepared a Peppermint Moijito for those of us who need a little escape and for those of you who just want to enjoy a dirnk with friends during the season.

To make:

1 oz 10 Cane Rum
1/2 oz Simple Syrup (to taste, really)
Squeeze fresh lime juice
Club Soda
Crushed Peppermint for garnish

Mix like you would a regular mojito – muddle the mint, lime juice and simple syrup together in a glass, add in the rum,and give it a stir. Add club soda and garnish, give it another good swizzle, and then float a peppermint on the top and serve.

I’m of the mind that Christmas should be about what you’d like it to be about – so if peppermint mojitos makes you happy, enjoy!

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