Silas Weir Mitchell Stars in Circle

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Silas Weir Mitchell (Haywire on Prison Break) co-stars in the thriller film Circle.

Written by Brad Tiemann, directed by Michael W. Watkins (Prison Break, 2005) and produced by Luke Daniels, Circle stars Silas Weir Mitchell as James Bennett, a sociopath serial killer who escaped from captivity. The FBI team up with US Marshals to follow the clues and hunt down Bennett to stop his meticulously planned killing spree.

Also starring in the film is Michael DeLuise (Gilmore Girls) as one of the US Marshal investigators, Bill, working the case. Circle takes us through the history of James Bennett, showing us how he justifies his crimes with Greek philosophies. Meanwhile, six graduate students studying Bennett’s surroundings could be his next victims, because Bennett is going home… (official movie synopsis here)

Also co-starring in the film are Jason Thompson (General Hospital), Gail O’Grady (Desperate Housewives, 2008), Peter Onorati (Desperate Housewives, 2008), Erin Reese (Buried Alive), and Erin Foster (Gilmore Girls).

“Circle” Movie Trailer

Redwire Pictures Presents CIRCLE from timpedersen on Vimeo.

“Circle” Production Stills


Images provided by Redwire Pictures

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  • Suz

    He makes such a good crazy person!

  • CsibiDani

    Hey! Haywire!! He’s crazy :D i can’t wait for this movie. do u know who’ll miss this film? robert kneeper. sorry if you don’t understand what i writed, but I’m from Hungary, and I don’t speak English very well… :):)

  • george

    Omg Killing eyes!

  • StarBreak37

    Haha=) This part really suits him! A lot like Haywire:b Cool!

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