Gil Grissom Announces He’s Leaving CSI:

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Sat, Dec 6 - 10:10 am EDT | 6 years ago by
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In this preview clip of CSI: Vegas episode 19 Down, we see Gil Grissom, played by William Petersen, announce that he’ll be leaving the team. What an emotional thing for all of us who have loved the show since the beginning. Grissom has been the epitome of the perfect CSI: leader. It will be hard to see him go…

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  • Sherry

    I love the whole team and all but between Sara, Warrick, and now Gil, there’s so little reason for me to watch anymore. But even though we all knew it was coming, that clip still made me tear up a bit. :(

  • CSIWannabe

    Personally I feel the Grissom I used to love left CSI long ago. I am looking forward to new blood on CSI. The show has gotten better without Sara, and though I miss Warrick he was not one of my fave characters. With Grissom gone the writers can concentrate on something other than GSR for a change. Besides we still have Marg, George, and Eric!!

  • LeggomyGreggo

    There is more to CSI than Grissom. Its about the forensics, the science, and the cases. To stop watching because things are changing (for the better in my opinion) is just childish. CSI is number one not just because of the characters.

  • Adrien

    At some point WP leaving started to drag on and on. I wish once it was announced they had choosen to do what Grissom had told Warrick once. “When I leave CSI there will be no cake in the lunchroom; I’ll just be be gone.” After all the angst that WP had to play so far this season I don’t think I could stand him having to do an emotional goodbye walk through the Lab. Mind you his last episode in Jan/09 has to have him meeting up with Sara. 8 years some of us have been waiting; no reunion between the two and no hint of walking off together into the sunset will tick enough people off.

  • http://HotMail RON

    I for one sure hate to see GG leave. I think that he is what makes the show worth watching. I may find something else to do now that he is leaving.

  • Tessa

    Personally I think the cast is what made CSI great. a show is nothing without the actors,CSI lost a lot of its appeal when Sara left.Now grissom is going. I watch to be entertained if it stops entertaing me I stop watchig.

  • shayna

    the shows gunna suck now without grissom and warrick. grissom WAS csi. without him it will be as bad as all the other csis like miami and ny.

  • Albert

    Well , well GiL/WP is Leaving CSI what the hell. I whatched WP in “B” buget filmsb4 he did CSI and started to become a fan of him. Once I had seen he had the lead in CSI as a bug man. I was very intrigued on the part he was going play out. I do like the fact it is better to rotate chacters around and keep the show fresh, But seriuosly why leave WP your the main man after 8 years! My Wife and I are going to miss you and wished you hanged it out for than more than 9 seasons. But I will look for yea in the show Buzz, Good Luck on your next endeavor.

  • kirby

    What is the name of the song played at the end of the Grissom leaving episode?

  • Limpet

    I can’t believe Grissom has left. I cried through the whole episode. I will miss him loads as well as warrick. CSI will never be the same now. :(
    I hope we see William peterson again in something soon, he is amazing. Love him to bits.

  • Nikos

    Gil Grissom = CSI Las Vegas


    0= CSI Las Vegas ……..

  • ED

    Gil Grissom, is like a Professor on the show, in every episod, i’d learned always some thing new, like the scientific name of some kind of a bug or bugs. In every episod GG/WP has many theories, i’d learned many many things from him, specially the mutations of an insect or a bug. I hope that the Producer of the show will give us a surprice come back of GG/WP…