Happy Employees Make Happy Customers!

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    Shiny happy people are more engaged!

    “The happier your employees are, the happier your customers are, and never the other way around!” – Phil Gerbyshak

    One of the rules I’ve lived by as a manager is knowing I need to keep the folks that report to me happy, and they will keep our customers happy, and not the other way around. Though I’ve read from plenty of trusted sources that happy customers make happy employees, I’ve never ever seen that work in my life.

    What do you think?

    Do you think happy employees make happy customers, or do you think happy customers make happy employees?

    Happy employees courtesy of darlene is evil

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      • CK

        I have to agree! Happy employees bring enthusiasm to the workplace. Employees are also the frontline that the customer see first (giving an inside look into the company). You’d want the very best impression presented to the customer and who is it that makes the first impression? The employee!

        I was taught that it is a triangle, Happy employees mean happy customers who bring in money to make the bosses happy!

        It is my belief (and correct me if I am wrong) that management should be servient management style – serving the customers (and employees) rather than autocratic and self serving attitude like many are today. (a good example are the banks and the ‘big 3′ throwing parties on our money and flying their private jets asking for a bailout!)

        The problem is locating such a company to work for!

      • Greg

        I agree too., if for no other reason than management has a much greater opportunity (much more time) to work on the state of mind of their employees.

      • http://www.theslackermethod.com Slacker

        Customers expect to be served with a plate of happiness or at the least, not to be bothered with the personal feelings of your staff. Make sure your staff is trained on how to speak to clients properly, no matter how they’re feeling the delivery should always be the same. Positive, courteous, and attentive.

        - Slacker

      • http://SourcesOfInsight.com J.D. Meier

        Indeed. That’s been my experience.

        Blanchard echoes is too (http://blogs.msdn.com/jmeier/archive/2008/05/07/ken-blanchard-speaks-at-microsoft.aspx)

        Simon Sinek of the Golden Circle also did a video interview where he shares his experience of the difference a happy employee makes.

        I also agree that training in customer service skills helps a ton — rapport, empathic listening, … etc.

      • http://www.irunabiz.com Jeff

        Your front line employees are you primary line of contact with your customers. if they have a positive attitude, your customers will appreciate it

      • http://notorganic.wordpress.com Matt Morris

        It all ties back to the old adage of “A happy worker is a productive worker”.

        Attitude, whether good OR bad, is as contagious as the common cold and is something that will definitely filter right down to the customers.

      • http://www.pokerleadership.com Raymond E. Foster

        The question is how to you make them really happy? How to you ensure long term high morale in your organization? Most of the recent research indicates that workplace conditions are only a minor part of worker morale. The lion’s share of worker morale (long term happiness) is worker alignment with organizational vision and goals. In otherwords, when people find value in their work (understanding their contribution to organizational health, perhaps) they are happy. Anyway, I just had a chapter on morale published in a book so I am kinda of hot on the subject:)

      • http://www.mariannepowers.com Marianne

        I think it can work either way. I love to get a call from a happy customer, and it does make me happy! But it is easiest to start with happy employees. You have more influence and more opportunities!

      • CK

        @Raymond E. Foster – “The question is how to you make them really happy?” Simple … ASK them!!! If you like a quick and easy read read “Dream Manager” – it just may give you some thoughts!

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