Becoming A Guitar Virtuoso

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minibookcover I’ve been “Playing” guitar since I was about 15 or 16. Self taught all the way, woohoo! For the longest time I would try to read Tablature and learn some of my favorite Metal songs but I was never really good at it, in fact I’m still not.

I really didn’t start to improve until I started to learn actual chords and play acoustically. This improved my picking and being able to change my finger positioning better. I can tear up some power and bar chords and play some riffs here and there but I can’t really shred through a complicated riff or solo. Lessons cost way too much for the amount of time you get and it’s hard to find the time to get to the lessons. So what can you do to learn to play faster?


Tennyson Williams is a reader of Metal Martyr and a guitar pro. He wrote an E-Book called the The Essential Guide To Guitar Virtuosity, a 153 page e-book that teaches you the essentials you need to become a better, faster guitar player. Whether you have ideas of being in a metal band or you just enjoying tearing up the fret-board, this book might help you accomplish more than you expect and learn some of those riffs that you never thought possible.

If you’ve ever read Tennyson’s guitar blog, Guitarticles, then you already know that he knows his stuff. The e-book isn’t free though. He’s put a lot of time and effort in to it so the man has to get his pay-day to. Still for $19.95 it a bargain considering how much you would pay for lessons to learn all of these techniques and little secrets that can make you shred faster.

Check out Guitar Speed Secrets and get your fingers moving.

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  • Martin

    I bought my first guitars(acoustic and electric) about ten years ago, i’ve learned few things, here and there for the first 3 years(self taught too) and then i didn’t keep practicing and learning, so now i don’t remember much from then.
    I gotta check this E-Book out.

  • Tate

    i’ll most definately check that out, i’ve used his site to self teach myself and it’s been going better than any of the other sites i’ve tried.

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