The David Holston-Earl Boykins Comparison

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At the conclusion of an earlier post (Room of Stink), I made the assertion that Chicago State’s sweet shooting point guard David Holston would be the next Earl Boykins. No explanation supporting my opinion was given, until now.

The fact that both put up monstrous numbers in their DI basketball careers is impressive. In a perfect world, Holston could easily be compared to Allen Iverson or Jameer Nelson. But those guys didn’t come from little known schools like Chicago State and Eastern Michigan and certainly didn’t get the notoriety or lack thereof, either.

Both players are under 5’10. That I am certain of. I’ve seen Earl listed at 5’5 virtually everywhere and have seen David Holston listed at 5’8. From having watched both on TV (never have seen either in person), Holston definitely has a few inches on Earl.

Having never watched Boykins play in his college days and going by a small sample of Holston youtube highlights and a couple game segments when I actually knew who Holston was, please take this whole comparison thing with a grain of salt. I trust that all 4 of you will.

Holston, by a fairly considerable margin, is a better 3 point shooter than Earl. And it’s safe to say Holston also uses his handles to create separation from the defender when attempting 3′s more than Boykins ever did (thanks Youtube). Holston could definitely be labeled as a bit more showy.

Earl’s only season of eclipsing the 40% mark on 3′s was his senior year (98′). In each of David’s first 3 seasons he has amassed the 40% mark, albeit just slightly. So far this season Holston is shooting a career best 41.6% from deep. Holston usually heaves a double digit amount of treys per game while Boykins shot more around 4 to 5 per game.

The assist and turnover stat is a little troublesome for Holston’s cause. So far his career totals reveal he’s averaging only .8 more assists than turnovers. Boykins took care of the ball better and also had a solid career average of 5.1 assists per game.

Free throw percentage is very similar for these two. Boykins spent more time at the free throw line than did Holston however. This is most likely because of Earl’s willingness to shoot running jumpers in the lane and drive to the basket more so than Holston is accustomed to doing. From watching Earl dozens of times in the NBA there seems to be reason to assume Earl got it done by playing smart and taking tons of chances on both sides of the court. He only toped out as a 34.9% 3 point shooter during his 10 seasons in the NBA, so in no way was the 3 just a minor part of his repertoire, but there was a definite mid range game mixed in with creativity and elite quickness that lured so many different NBA clubs (8) to sign him. Earl’s stop and go quicks really earned him substantial minutes with the Denver Nuggets.

Holston could make an impact in the pros as a lethal 3 point specialist, but he will have to show he can take care of the ball and be a decent defender. The lack of Chicago State’s success will no doubt harm Holston’s chances. Although Boykins was not drafted, the EMU Eagles made 2 NCAA tournament appearances while he donned the uniform. Never overrate the big stage.

If it all works out, Holston will likely follow Boykins’ path in to the NBA because of excellent pre-draft camp showings and being in the right place at the right time. The NBA is a scorers league filled with offensive specialists on every team, a perfect situation for a guy like Holston to make a dent.

5 foot 8 of explosion

5 foot 8 of explosion

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  • Corey

    Nice job with the further info on Holston. Seen his name on leading scorer charts for a few weeks now, didn’t know he was so good from deep. Wish his team had some TV games.

  • Ryan Pravato

    Keep an eye out for him at the Portsmouth invite before the NBA draft, guys who do well there usually get a longer look.

  • Anthony

    Playing along side Holston for a lot of the school years, I’ve always expected big things from him on the court. He will make it to the league – he made me a believer a long time ago.

  • Ryan Pravato

    Glad you dropped by.

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