No New Bones Episode This Week After All

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[Photo: © 2009 FOX Broadcasting Co.]

I have very sad news to tell you Bones fans. FOX just issued a press release saying that the new episode of Bones (Double Trouble in the Panhandle) that was scheduled for this Thursday has been moved to the 22nd. Apparently, Presedent Bush will be making a farewell speech and some people even think that’s more important than Bones. (Go figure.) ;-)

But if you check the schedule below, you’ll see that there’s wonderful news for January 22. We’ll get TWO new episodes of Bones, back-to-back!!! For once, things are not so bad for Bones fans!!

You might also want to look down through the schedule for the next few Thrusdays to see that there will be a few of them with no Bones, because of specials. But at least now we are forwarned.

  • Thursday, January 15
    8:00/7:00c – “Presidential Address”
    8:15/7:15c – (To Be Announced)

    9:00/8:00c – “Kitchen Nightmares”
  • Thursday, January 22
    8:00/7:00c – “Bones: Double Trouble in the Panhandle” (Time Slot Premiere)
    9:00/8:00c – “Bones: Hero in the Hold” (New Episode – Special Time)
  • Thursday, January 29
    8:00/7:00c – “American Idol” (Special Night)
    9:00/8:00c – “Hell’s Kitchen” (Season Premiere)
  • Thursday, February 5
    8:00/7:00c – “Bones”
    9:00/8:00c – “Hell’s Kitchen”
  • Thursday, February 12
    8:00/7:00c – “40th NAACP Image Awards” (Two-Hour Special)
  • Thursday, February 19 & 26
    8:00/7:00c – “Bones”
    9:00/8:00c – “Hell’s Kitchen”
  • Thursday, March 5
    8:00/7:00c – “American Idol” (Special Night)
    9:00/8:00c – “Hell’s Kitchen”
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  • nataly

    mmm that¨s so bad:(.. but.. did you watch the clips on Bones fox web? really amazing!

  • dandan

    nooo this isnt fair, who even cares what P Bush has to say

  • karen

    nobody cares what the Bush-man has to say!! I guess he figures he better get his final air time now, while he can.Much rather watch Bones! Well atleast we get a double dose the following week.

  • nobones

    Fox is so trying to cancel is show. First SM got it wed 8 time spot now LTM is going to that time period. Thursday at 8 is only going to be when Fox can’t find anything else. KN get the AL lead in Bone get the low ratings Fox hopes.

  • Catrin, Wales UK

    Perfect, UK has an extra week now. Thank.You.Bush! lol

    But damm your lucky, two episodes in one night; one being the gravedigger!!

    I hope Sky 1 does the same.

  • chanelle

    he is not even the presedant !!!! wth. at least it could be obama!!!

  • Misfit

    Does anyone really even care what that tool has to say?

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  • Scout

    So. Not. Cool.
    This just totally ruined my night.
    Sad, but true.

  • Michelle

    You know, if Fox didn’t have to screw with things so much, they could have left Bones on Wednesday nights, we wouldn’t have to go one more freaking week without a new episode, and instead of internally cursing the powers that be, we could all be happy fans discussing the rocking new episode. But nooooo. Grr.

  • TV Flare

    I was wondering why it got axed for tonight. Thanks for sharing! At least we get a back-to-back; although it is annoying.

    I still can’t understand why they moved the show in the first place. It sounded like it was doing well on Wednesday nights.

  • nobones

    It 8 oclock in CA no Bush but we have KN. What Fox doing?

  • Bones Spoiler Queen

    Yeah that really sucks. I can’t wait for Bones to return, though!!! :D

  • kay

    i was wondering why it wasnt on… stupid kitchen nightmares… i got myself all excited & then boom! no bones.. sad.. but 22nd.. ill be even more ready… im ready! im ready! im ready!.. for my bones!

  • Neochick

    I hear that it wont be Hero in the Hold as the second episode now. I think they are showing Fire in the Ice instead, then HitH next week?

  • Nil-Wren

    As long as they do not cancel the show! I’m looking for buying the seasons, I’ve only the one in dvd. It’s now, my best TV show. Unfortunately it doesn’t still run here in France!
    You know, aside from the fact that the cast is very good and Emily Deshanel is marvelous, it’s a show where we can learn many things. And the level of English is so good, that it helps to improve my own level.
    And I also love the philosophical aspect of the main character: Trying to question everything, even if she knows how to reach an answer with her left and right cerebral lobs.

  • ruthe

    The episode has been released on I’m watching it now!

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