Prison Break – Episode 4.12: Rate of Exchange – Casting Spoilers

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Episode 4.21: Rate of Exchange
Airs: April, 2009
Casting Spoilers

Plotline: Michael must choose once and for all between saving Sara’s life and saving Linc’s…

Agent Franco and Agent Wright: 30s – 40s. These tough, no-nonsense, above-the-law Federal Agents sent to find Michael and Linc question and threaten Don Self while he’s in the hospital, and listen in on his phone call to Michael. They lose interest when it appears that Michael has no plans to call back Self.

Nurse: 30-40. This nurse at the hospital tends to Self and explains how and why he came to be there.

Henchman: 30s-40s. A forceful henchman of Christina’s, he pulls a gun on Michael and is obliterated by an explosion.

Cop: 30s. Heard on a loudspeaker during a tense stand-off, this Miami policeman orders Michael to put his hands on his head.

Source: SpoilerTV

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  • Markb

    do you mean episode 21? lol

  • samar

    so one of them should die.
    i vote for linc . sarah died before and it didnt work out

  • Lisa


    even though i dont want any of them to go in the back of my head i sort of want him to pick sara to die not that i like linc better just becuase he should stay loyal to family.

  • Ellen

    It makes no sense, unless he finds a way to pick both.
    Anyway I think he would choose Sara.

  • Dogloverkd

    I think it is just aploy we know sara isn’t going anywhere…it would have be pointless to have her back. Anyway he should pick sara

  • Carla

    What? choose between his brother and the woman he loves and that made everything forhim?It can’t be..Michael is a genius..he can find a way to solve this …
    I don’t want to read more spoilers:(

  • SOP

    i wish he’d pick linc but he won’t
    i think sara is pregnant so he has to pick sara but probably he can save linc at the last minute …
    but not picking linc erase the whole serie, remenber ? first season?

  • PB408

    he sholud pick ,linc…and 2 hell with sarah he can find another girl

  • Scylla

    linc is the most ungrateful guy in the world, remember in season 2 he told michael he should have let him die in fox river, then he lied about sara’s death to protect lj, he puts himself first every time. sara gave up her job, friends, family and reputation and traded it in for a life on the run with michael. she is the obvious choice.

  • Matt

    It’ll be Sara who dies.

    Go check out what Matt Olmstead said about the show. “Michael and Lincoln will catch a break…but at a cost.” Could that “cost” be the death of Sara?

  • Logan

    I sure as hell hope it’s sarah. God me and my friend hate her. She is so useless on this show. This isn’t one tree hill this is an action drama. She should have stayed dead! She should have died after season one and stayed OD’ed!

  • http://prisonbreakbuff TK

    Whoa!!! Lincoln’s gonna die!!
    btw I agree with Scylla. They wouldn’t be out at all if it wasn’t for Sara!! she has sacrificed so much. so definitely she should live..

  • aaaa

    it’s funny to me how most of you people think this show is called “Michael, His Brother Lincoln and His Girlfriend Sara”.. lol… But it’s not … It’s [still] just plain, ol’ Priso Break .. lol …

    On a real note though, you guys are killing me!!! :) :D

  • Carla

    Why Sarah should be stayed death?I don´t understand that…she’s in the show since the first episode of the first season..she was very important in the show..helping the brothers…
    Everybody has different opinions of the characters..:)

    I think Michael will go will save both..!

  • Lisa

    I love sara and think it will be hard for micheal to choose but at the end of the day lincoln is his own blood his Family… and i know he loves sara but micheals grown up with lincoln and lincolns also done some nice stuff for him too!! if you look back thorugh all the seasons you’ll see. and also if he picks sara it proves that his love cant be that strong for his brother since in the timing of the show he hasnt even known sara a year.


    sorry SOP diddnt read ur comment properly and nikki moderate my comment theres hardly a bad word in there


    ok then shizzle


    basicly what im saying is as my comment wont be moderated sara has to die every time any one who disagrees cant have a brother or sister blood is thicker than water sorry too pop the misa baloon i was one of the only people who diddnt care last time she died also what would have been the point of season one were the objective was to save lincs life

  • Jody6055

    I have a feeling this whole “choose between linc and sarah” thing will end in none of them dying (in episode 21), but if 1 were to die, it would be sarah since they wouldnt kill off the co-star until the finale.

  • Carla

    I think is something horrible has to choose…I don’t want Lincon die…I want the two alive! of course family is family!My opinion was about Sarah’s character, because I love her character…and not about who he should choose…my hope is that he need not choose .. because it’s clear that love between brothers is single .. but not save someone who also loves it would be very bad for him…


    i hope not either but you have to admitt killing linc wrecks the whole brothers dynamic you know what i mean its just last time sara died sum people were saying “id rather linc died” and gave me loads of abuse 4 not agreeing but i respect your opinion carla about saras carachter me and my bruv are a bit like linc and mike age gap wise and to me there is only one choice but i defo respect your opinion tho

  • Carla

    Of course;) I like him and never thought he should die or should have died instead of sarah…because I think the three deserve a good end…I just want to explain that I don’t want linc die! I just do not want to Sarah’s die too …
    this is what prison break is good, several reviews:)

  • Jasmin

    This show is pointless.

  • Rebecca

    I hope he picks Sara because!!
    ..He has already done enough for Linc (saving his life and getting him out of prison, having all the plans for when they are on the run, saving his nephew, and helping him get scylla).
    And Sara has been beside him almost all of this time… she deserves to be saved!!!
    But i still love Linc lol


    how can u say that rebecca u dnt have a brother or sister do u why cant u see that he diddnt save his bros life 4 him 2 just be killed in the last season and jasmin what planet r u from this show is pointless would u care to elaberate on that because i think its the best show ever made i was never a fan of american tv untill pb the charachters have all gripped me in some way or another its always been compelling stuff from season 1 2 4 season 3 was a bit dodgy i had mixed feelings about that season dont u love mahoane bill fichtner is one of the best actors in the world his portrail of mahone deservs a oscar or some kind of award i just want to say thank you 2 prison break past and present 4 all the great and grim memories but seriously micheal wont choose linc to die ask wentworth hes my freind on facebook lol

  • Susanne

    Without Sara we wouldn’t have any Linc on the show!
    And Sara is NOT going to die agin! I dont think anyone is going to die. As Carla said “Michael is a genius..he can find a way to solve this” I really dont hope anyone dies, I just hope he choose Sara!
    Sara is great!


    umm ok then how hav u came to this conclusion the show is about the bros not misa yea shes playd her part but he would never chose her over his bro how naive of u to think otherwise whats happend to the real fans who know there stuff and think about it even if they kill sara what can u do there isnt a show 2 go bk 2 nxt year cant anyone els see this u only have to look at the credits and were does swc name apear at the end and swc not staring what wud b the point of micheal saveing linc in the first place i hope sara does die so all u swc fans start p***ing and moaning again lol

  • Lisa

    i think its just stupid for anyone to pick for sara to live. the show is about MICHEAL AND LINC and just has the romance threaded through it in wentworths words so it would just be pathetic for the storyline to not count. even though i really love sara and micheal would be gutted, lincs family!

  • misafan

    Maybe both will die maybe both will live we won’t exactly know until that episode airs and IMO Linc should be the one who dies, I’m kinda tired of him always getting into trouble and michael saving his butt for once linc should save himself…

  • Daydreamer

    Logan: don’t be evil. Sara doesn’t deserve the death. She save Lincoln’s life twice. She sacrificed herself for Michael.

    I don’t understand people who hate her. She is a wonderful and charitable woman, and Fox brought back her, because they realized that she is too important to the show and the fans. I’m pretty sure that she will not die again, and if Michael must choose he will rather Sara. Of course I don’t want neither Lincoln’s death.

  • Carla

    I also don´t understand peolpe who hate Sarah :(
    I still believe that Michael will not need to take that decision!

  • Kate

    did anyone notice that the plot line says, “Michael must choose once and for all between saving Sara’s life and saving Linc’s…” why do we assume that … mean’s Linc’s life? it doesn’t actually say Linc’s life, it says sara’s life and linc’s something. i think it’s a play on words or something sneaky like that. we will have to wait and see i suppose, but april will be here in no time.

  • Scylla

    interesting. very interesting theory.

  • JC

    It’s suppose to be Linc’s life. :)

    Reading through the comments (here and on another site) has got me thinking. We know there will be deaths and with the episode summery we all just assumed it would be either Linc or Sara.

    I think Michael will be put into that position of having to choose between Sara and Linc. This doesn’t mean either will die… Mohone’s with them, if I remember the script correctly and if it’s the right scenes, lol. I think Michael will save one person and Mahone will save the other.

    If one must die, I think it should be Linc. Yes, I have siblings and I’m still saying this. I think Linc will stop Michael from having to make that choice and sacrifice himself, but I think his death should be a key factor into bringing down the Company or stopping their mother from becoming the next company. I wouldn’t want his death to be for nothing. It started with Linc, it should end with Linc.

    As for the comment about “real fans”… The MiSa relationship IS apart of the show. Just because people like them and want them to live doesn’t mean they aren’t real fans. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion!


    well u obv dnt care about you family 2 much do u so your another misa freak if the point im makeing is the show is about micheal and linc not sara they killed her once the could kill her again and misa fans can give it all the backlash they want but it wont matter as there isnt a show 2 go bk 2 wen u look at the great scale of whats happend in the show saras most interesting story was wen she died that gave micheal a dark edge remember he took sammys life not directly but he set it up and knew what would happen im not saying your not entitled to your opinion cuz that would be ludakris so get off your high horse and wake up linc over sara every time and about mahoane will save one and micheal the other what about sucre he could return i also wonder if they will clear the kellerman story up because we dnt know if hes dead and ex president reynolds doesnt she deserv a jail sentence

  • JC

    Haha. Liking characters from a show has nothing to do with my love for my family. It’s a television show, not real life. If you understand then why are you attacking people when their opinion isn’t the same as yours?

    When the show started it was about the brothers, I’m not saying it’s not anymore, but the show has grown since the first season. It’s not just about a man breaking into prison to save his brother from a death sentence for a crime he didn’t commit anymore.

    You may think Sara’s death was her most interesting storyline, but that’s you. Personally, I like when we found out Sara use to be an addict and an alcoholic. To each their own.

    That was a theory of mine. I also said that from the scripts Mahone was there AND I didn’t even know if it was the right scene (where Mike has to choose). Sucre hasn’t been mentioned in any spoilers that have been released, but that doesn’t mean he’s gone for good. Until then, however, he’s still off somewhere doing his own thing. I’m just going by what I’ve read so far.

    These are the last episodes, so the writers could kill off everyone if they wanted too. I’m not saying Sara will or won’t die. I’m just saying that we have already been through this in S3. I’m sure the writers can be more creative than that!

    I want to see all open storylines resolved, or at least most of them. I would finally like to know for sure about Kellerman, although I think it may be left open. The conspiracy is out there now, so I’m sure they’ve been looking into Reynolds part in it. If they bring it up, I only see that happening when the Company is taken down.

  • http://prisonbreakbuff TK

    what’s wrong with this dude?? the best part is, he doesn’t make any sense at all!!! lol.. I’m having a jolly good time reading these!! :D

  • http://prisonbreakbuff TK

    I was talking about “KONVICT” :D


    what i was doing is putting myself in micheals shoes and what i think im not saying i dont respect your opinion cuz i respect all pb fans opinions and tk add something or shut it im enjoying reading theese what are you a voyer a treki maybe. this is why pb is so good i have a close relationship with my bruva i know its not real life but put yourself in scofeilds shoes who would u choose awnsers on the bk of a post card please…..


    what what what whos your daddy kons 1 misa 0 get in there

  • JC

    So, with your reasoning – just because Linc is Michael’s brother, he’ll ALWAYS choose him? Even over the woman he loves? Michael loves Linc and Sara. She’s a part of his family in a way. Michael lost Sara once, I doubt he wouldn’t try everything he could to save her. Like I said before, I don’t think Michael will have to make that choice. He’s already done so much for Linc (Sara too), I think it’s time for Linc to step up and do something for his brother. I also have another theory involving Mahone, as you know.

    We all just assumed that if Michael chose one, the other would die. I’m not saying it’s true or not, I just think it’s a way for the PTB to keep everyone talking during the hiatus. It’s not always the way it seems, as we all know from the previous seasons.

    You say you respect the opinions of others, but why are you going after them? o.O Before you criticize other posts, take a look at your own.

  • Carla

    JC, as I said, I also think Michael will not have to make that choice…and I hope that idea about Mahone is right..he will help Michael…

  • http://prisonbreakbuff TK

    u there “konvict”, why don’t YOU shut it?? it’s very clear that you have a lot of issues!! you call me a voyer? lol..haven’t you been watching the show you big misa hate freak?? there hasn’t been happening anything between misa in the 1st place, for me to watch!! there’s nothing wrong including a little romance in a show. why can’t you just handle it? try getting into a relationship other than with your brother and you probably would understand!!!
    Sara may not be a blood relative but she too is family! & if it wasn’t for her, the bros will still be rotting in jail! and this show isn’t only about the brothers! it’s also about breaking down the company and exposing its crimes to the world! breaking out lincoln lead to that exposure. so killing linc in the end wouldn’t make this show meaning less because breaking out linc motivated breaking down the company!! so even if he dies, it would be for a good cause!
    I wont be commenting further on this. you’re simply not worth it. so stop trying to crack me up with another one of your hilarious posts!!

  • Jasmin

    It seems is confirmed already that these stupid writers kill Sara in episode 4.21 !

    They want to tell the audience, now that ratings are no longer of interest, that they are the ones who have the power after all.
    And for that they end in the show in sheet.

    It`s well done that it`s gonna be moved from mondays to fridays.
    No one is interested to see this pathetic comedy.


    im here tk live and sick ive been in a relationship 4 5 years if u must know and u saying sara is almost family still doesnt make her family so i understand the love 4 the woman he loves so what u neen doing 4 5 years other than spanking ur boyfreinds monkey lol and j c what isur theory about mahone id love 2 here it also tk i dnt hate misa i just cant see why micheal wouldnt take his bros side he has done every other time do u not think this site is better with debates like this just because i can live with out sara in the show i get slated u bang on and on about everybodys entitled to there opinion but because i dnt mind if she dies then im attacking people sorry i dnt agree with some people at least i have the decency 2 say that i respect ur opinion and seriously jc i would love to here what u have 2 say about mahoane i wasnt being carcastic either i am genuinley interestd to here it tc u started this with me so if u cant stand the heat get out of the kitchen baby yeah cant u see i love getting up ur nose its brilliant

  • Carla

    What Jasmin??explain better…where did you see this new?It can’t be..


    tc were r u why r u so quiet lately been blown out have you never mind come on son bring the banter were u at u was game to shoot your big mouth off the other day whats happend ha ha kons 2 misa freaks 0 nill nadda zilch lol

  • Steph

    Oh my god this jerk still there. What a determination.

  • JC (“”\_(o_O)_/”") He eats brains. Don’t worry – you’re safe.

    kONVICT, I’m having a little trouble reading your post… so, if I get anything wrong about what you said, let me know.

    Saying Sara isn’t apart of Michael’s family doesn’t mean she isn’t either. :) You don’t have to be blood related to be a part of a family. After all that Sara has done for the brothers and been through with them (and BECAUSE of them) she should be considered more than just Michael’s girlfriend or a side character.

    As for Mahone, here’s the short version. Mahone is with Michael. Alex can save one, while Michael saves the other. :D

    That’s all I could make of your post. I’ve been wondering, what’s “kons 2 misa freaks 0 nill nadda zilch lol”? Haha.

  • JC (“”\_(o_O)_/”") He eats brains. Don’t worry – you’re safe.

    Carla, nothing has been confirmed. ;)

  • Miiro Bels

    I think T-Bug will pull it off this time to get sarah out and micheal will proceed to rescue linc. but remeber it will be hard for micheal to choose sarah since he does not know that she is pregnant. but guess what this guy is a genius and he can play them both. the general will kill Micheals mum and mcheal will kill her mum. how about that

  • Miiro Bels

    I think some other members like Sucre, and the other black guy, will show up to help in the final break of the game. but neither sarah or linc will die

  • Shon

    Michael wouldn’t be Michael if he wouldn’t screw both general and his mother now, and save them both instead of making a choise(linc and sarah). And i do hope at least someone between general and Christina gets killed soon, or at least sent to prison.

  • gtryuojhghtrryttj7u6vfrty

    i think he should save both i heard that micheal said he was going to save every one