Bones: John Francis Daley Interview!

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John Francis Daley
[Photo: © 2009 FOX Broadcasting Co.]

I just got off the conference call interview with Bones’ John Francis Daley who plays Dr. Lance Sweets on the show. What a nice man!

I was ready with your questions and the person just before me asked about Sweets’ back story, so I was able to ask three more questions of him during the call! I asked about Sweets knowing about Zack not being the killer, about the projects he has going outside of Bones and about his father being a Broadway actor.

Now comes the typing it all up part. But besides those questions, I can tell you what else to look forward to in the full interview (which will probably be posted by sometime tomorrow.)

  • He commented on the fact that we’ll find out a lot more about Sweets’ back story, including the fact that he spent parts of his childhood in foster care and some of the other things that happen when someone is the child of carnival people.
  • He explained quite a bit about what he’s working on outside of the show. For example, the latest with his band Dayplayer and the screenplay he’s been working on.
  • He told us some of the things Sweets will be doing on the show to help Brennan learn the subtle nuances of human interaction.
  • He told us how much of Sweets is like John and how much was created and very different.
  • He talked about his character on Freaks & Geeks and the similarities / differences between that character and Sweets.
  • He said that if Hart Hanson ever lets Sweets play the piano on the show, it would not only thrill his mother, but would be like the largest piano recital in the world.

Thanks so much for all of your wonderful questions!!! The interview was great for giving a lot of insight into the Sweets character…a lot of things we haven’t really seen before. Be sure to come back tomorrow to read the entire interview!

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