Montreal Canadiens Barber Stripe Jerseys Are Ugly

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Thu, Feb 5 - 11:21 am EDT | 9 years ago by
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Before you get all pissy with me and tell me that these jerseys are part of the whole centennial celebration for the Montreal Canadiens I just want to say that I’m all for going retro and paying respect but these are really ugly.

The sweater features a white maple leaf with the letters “CAC” (it stands for Clube Athletique Canadien) inside surrounded by narrow red, white and blue horizontal stripes.  *shudders*APTOPIX Bruins Canadiens Hockey image: TSN

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  • Joe

    I think they’re cool I want to buy one.. Continuing the hunt.

  • http://anonymous anonymous

    those jerseys look like crap. it looks like something toronto would wear. Habs are awesome though..

  • Chris

    Hay you leafs better get out of here, the Habs are comeing to play their… Oh its you! Well now I dont feel so bad for haveing a fashion sence from a decade ago. You guys have me toped by a factor of ten.

  • GSP

    My eyes hurt after looking at those monstrosities!

  • mika

    All of my european friends LOVE this jersey. Of course,me,too!
    I think the ugly jerseys of NHL are…
    Sharks,Lightnings,Canucks and Penguins.
    The jerseys of Habs are always COOL!

  • bill

    Those jerseys when seen on tv can give kids epileptic seizures.

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