FrontPoint Security Wants to Make You Big Brother at Home

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Here’s one PR email that caught my attention—if only because it promised the use of multiple wireless gadgets to turn your home into a self-aware feedback system to satisfy your need-to-know dreams:

FrontPoint systems are fully customizable so they can also be used to monitor for freezing pipes, rising water which can lead to a flood, carbon monoxide, open cabinet doors, and increase in temperature from a fire, among others. Users can also configure the settings to see if the maid is going somewhere she shouldn’t, the dogwalker showed up on time, or if your spouse was really home when they said they were.

The emphasis is on a multi-member system that doesn’t require large-scale installation schemes. And of course, Farpoint also offers remote-controllable wireless cameras. Whatever kit you choose, updates—and control—via mobile are possible. Which raises one question: isn’t defeating this system a simple matter of jamming the control panel’s cellular link? Wouldn’t you be able to have your way then? Wouldn’t the maid be able to go anywhere in your personal domain, wouldn’t the dogwalker be always late with no consequence, and wouldn’t your spouse be able to pretend once again that he (or she) was home?

Basic setups go as low as $100, but that requires agreeing to a 3-year contract. More information available on FrontPoint’s website.

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  • Chris Villar


    Great posting! I’m with FrontPoint Security and I wanted to mention that upfront. Your question about jamming the celluar signal is a great one… here’s the answer: with unlimited time & money, it’s likely that any security system can theoretically be defeated. However, the cellular link in FrontPoint’s control panels is significantly more secure than both traditional phone line alarm systems (which can be easily disabled by a burglar simply cutting the phone / internet line – all that’s required is a $5 pair of wire cutters) and more secure than traditional cellular backup systems. Our systems use digitial GSM cellular technology powered by — here’s one unique (and patented) feature… it’s called “Pending Alarms”. Whenever the system is armed and a sensor is tripped (like a front door being forced open, for example), the system will send a Pending Alarm signal. If a Disarm signal isn’t received shortly thereafter (indicating that an authorized user came home & disarmed the system), then that Pending Alarm will be treated just like an alarm. That first Pending Alarm signal is sent within seconds of the entry alarm (in this example, the front door opening). So, it’s virtually impossible to break in, locate the control panel, and disable it — either by smashing it (frequently called “Smash & Grash”) or by using a cellular jammer to jam it. Also, keep in mind that cellular jammers are illegal – and often expensive.

    In the end, any system can likely be defeated with unlimited resources. But, an all-cellular system, using’s patented Pending Alarm feature (like the systems we use at FrontPoint), can significantly reduce the risk of a burglar easily disabling the system.

    Again, great article! I enjoyed reading it!


    Disclaimer/Notice: this is an official posting from Chris Villar, an employee with FrontPoint Security. FrontPoint is a Preferred Dealer for

  • Rico

    Hey chris, thanks for the dropping by. Good points, especially regarding the Pending Alarm bit (I must’ve forgotten my security 101, because the wait-for-disarm feature is a standard on any respectable system right?).

    And yes, woe to he who has foes with unlimited time and money!

  • Chris Villar

    Hi Rico,

    Actually, the “wait-for-disarm” feature isn’t usually standard. Here’s an example of a typical traditional alarm system: burglar forces open the front door, the system goes into a 30-60 second “entry delay” mode before the alarm sounds (to give you time to disarm), after that delay, there’s usually a 60-120 second “dialer delay” (which gives you some time to disarm the system if you forgot, before the alarm signal is sent to the monitoring station). So, that means that there’s a 90-180 second “window” for a burglar to find the system and disable it — all before an alarm signal is sent to the monitoring company (and, by extension, the police).

    That’s what we really love about’s Pending Alarm feature… even if the system is disabled / destroyed, that Pending Alarm would already have been sent within seconds of the initial break in. And, not to mention that there’s no phone line to cut. Pending Alarms are a patented feature of’s technology – but are available through any of’s 600+ dealers (like FrontPoint Security).

    It’s really important to dig into some of these topics when purchasing an alarm system since it can really impact the reliability of the system.

    Hope that helps!

    Disclaimer/Notice: this is an official posting from Chris Villar, an employee with FrontPoint Security. FrontPoint is a Preferred Dealer for

  • Alan

    I have an interest in the security industry, and I have been a Frontpoint Security customer for about 14 months…. so I happen to follow the company with Google Alerts. Thus is how I came across this blog post. Good post, Rico.

    I just want to give some props to a deservng company… so… in addtion to it’s underlying technology, what REALLY sets Frontpoint apart from most companies in this industry is it’s outstanding customer service. They have bent over backwards to take care of me any time I’ve called. You don’t feel like just a number there.

    If you google them, you will also see others second my opinion on their technology and integrity.

  • eliza

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  • Alex

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