Treasure Quest 1.04 Recap “Return to the Legend”

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Treasure Quest (Discovery Channel)
Episode 1.04 “Return to the Legend”
Original Air Date: Thursday, February 5th 11:00 PM EST/PST

In the previous episode of Treasure Quest Team Odyssey is about to solve one of the biggest mysteries of a war ship that has been lost for almost 2 1/2 centuries. They are not sure if they have found it or not or if this just the remains of another lost ship.

In this episode they travel to the secret location of the supposedly lost battleship at the bottom of the English Channel. The location is called Site 25C and may be one of the greatest maritime site for the UK. The ship was about 125 feet long and had a crew of over 900 people. The historical records show that the ship called The Legend probably holds the vastest treasure they have ever seen, with about 40 bronze cannons and a royal crest, which is historical data that can be taken back to show proof. The operation is lead by Tom Dettweiler and Neil Cunningham Dobson.

There is a lot of work to be done and they need to first pull up conclusive evidence that this wreck is The Legend before they can disturb the site or begin any kind of shifting of the ocean floor. Watch the clip below as they try to determine if this is possibly The Legend.

Image Credit: Discovery Channel – Tom Dettweiler on board Odyssey Explorer

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