The Ting Tings – ‘We Walk’ Video Review

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It took me a while to warm to The Ting Tings but they are now one of my favorite new British groups. Their debut album, We Started Nothing, is a collection of ten of the most catchy and feel-good songs ever written.

Not content with already having had massive hits with That’s Not My Name, Shut Up and Let Me Go, and Great DJ, The Ting Tings are releasing a final single from the album. We Walk is released today.

The We Walk music video and review is after the cut…

We Walk is as catchy as any of the other singles released by The Ting Tings so far. As seems to be their trademark, the song has a very strong bassline, mainly because there’s really very few options with a guitarist and drummer making up the group.

Katie White, my latest celebrity crush, sounds brilliant once again. Her singing style is sublime, her voice unique, and her looks tantalizing. Especially while she’s wearing those shocking pink stockings.

The video is once again an effort to be different. The Ting Tings have yet to release a boring video, and this is no different. Featuring visual effects galore, it shows the duo literally walking through a park. I know it sounds dull but it manages to not be.

I think it’s right that this is the last single from the album as one more may be pushing it. But it’s another great slice of alternative pop that leaves me waiting impatiently for news of their second album.

Song: 8/10
Video: 8/10


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