Great Use of an Alcohol Bottle

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Sat, Apr 4 - 11:39 pm EST | 9 years ago by
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    I’d like to make this a weekly feature but who knows if I would be able to find enough really cool alternative uses for alcohol bottles.
    Anyway, I found this truly awesome use of a spent Captain Morgan Private Stock bottle.

    This is what Tom [the creator of this great lamp] has to say about the history behind this cool creation:

    I had a bottle Rum Jumbie a friend got me when he went on a cruise. I had asked him to pick me up one as James “Sunny Jim” White sings a song about it. I was going to see James “Sunny Jim” White perform, so I took the bottle. He told me he had seen people make Rum Jumbie bottles into lamps. So I looked into that when I got home. The Rum Jumbie wasn’t empty yet, but I had an empty Captain Morgan’s Private Stock bottle. I used that to create my first liquor bottle lamp.

    Sure, Tom could have just tossed his bottle but isn’t it cool that he “re-purposed it” and made it into something functional AND cool? Now, it’s not only a lamp but also a conversation piece.

    Hell, I found it while randomly searching Flickr and now Bill has his lamp featured on

    Don’t you wish that you had done something as cool?


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