Heather Mitts Engaged to A.J. Feeley

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The soccer and football worlds finally unite! At least, in the romance department they do.


Soccer gal Heather Mitts has announced her engagement to Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback A.J. Feeley. In a blog post entitled How Can I Top 2008?, Mitts said that “two of the things that I love most in life were very good to me this year.” She went on to say very casually that she got a gold medal and was engaged.

A gold medal and a band of gold. Life is very good, indeed!  But is this a real announcement or a practical joke?  Stay tuned.

Image: Newscom.

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  • http://eagles.com andy ried

    a.j.feeley and heather mitts are not together…..

  • http://mail.com adam

    yeah, i heard a.j. got tired of being used and he told heather mitts to get lost. these engagement rumors are just heather’s media stunt since she can’t find anyone else to slander…feeley’s been hittin it with another woman for many months so I don’t know what to tell ya’all.

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