Supernatural: The Rapture Promo Pics

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The Rapture

CASTIEL RETURNS TO HIS HUMAN FORM — Castiel (Misha Collins) appears to Dean (Jensen Ackles) in a dream and says he has something important to tell him but they need to meet somewhere private.  Dean and Sam (Jared Padalecki) go searching for Castiel but instead find Jimmy, Castiel’s human vessel, who has only a spotty recollection of being an angel.  Jimmy wants to return to his family and normal life, but Dean and Sam are concerned about his safety.  Charles Beeson directed the episode written by Jeremy Carver (#3T7520).

“The Rapture” – Misha Collins as Castiel, Wynn Everett as Amelia in SUPERNATURAL on The CW. Photo: Michael Courtney/The CW©2009 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

“The Rapture” – Misha Collins as Castiel, Linnea Sharples as Lisa, Wynn Everett as Amelia in SUPERNATURAL on The CW. Photo: Michael Courtney/The CW©2009 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The “friend” is actor Aaron Pearl who is listed as having an uncredited role in Jensen Ackles’ movie Devour, and credits in Smallville, Stargate and a couple other dozen Canadian projects going back quite a ways.

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  • Angie

    Yeah, my comment is: Why do I want to watch an episode about Castiel? I don’t. Three episodes left in the season, I want to watch an episode about the boys. Specifically, about Sam. You remember him? The co-lead of the show? I really wish Kripke would stop writing his show based on TWoP reactions.

  • tina

    I like Castiel but not a episode about him, dont see the need or the point.
    Sorry but these pics dont really make me that interested .
    He isnt necessary to the show Sam and Dean are seems a waste of a episode but we shall see when it airs?

  • Jen

    Awesome! I can’t wait for this!!!

  • cassi

    Me, me! I WANT TO WATCH THIS EPISODE SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dies from all the awesome Misha pics*

  • cassi

    where are my manners? Sorry, I forgot to thank you for posting these awesome pictures!
    THANKS CYNTHIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lilli

    Thanks for the pics!! CAN’T WAIT for this episode!!

  • nymetschick1

    Misha is the best thing to happen to this show…..ever wonder why season 4′s ratings just all of a sudden shot through the roof? Misha.


  • Stacey

    Sigh. I want Winchesters.

  • Emmie

    I am looking forward to this episode, though I do kind of wish we’d gotten some stills of Dean too. I do love the relationship he and Castiel are forming.

    Also it’s one of those “Who’s that guys” as his buddy. :) I’ve seen him in alot of shows filmed in Canada. I know he was in an episode of Stargate SG-1 and this straight to video movie Escape from Mars.

  • cassi

    It’s the first pic of Misha smiling in an SPN episode!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE

    Sorry, I can’t calm down but what can I say Misha or Cas pics just have that effect on me!

  • bahaha


    snuggles jolly cas!vessel

  • muses_circle

    Does this mean the entire episode is devoted to Castiel’s vessel? What on earth is Kripke thinking, doing something like this with only a handful of episodes left? I don’t like Castiel and have no desire to learn about his vessel.

    I’d like more Sam, please. Haven’t seen nearly anything of him this season!

    Thanks for the post, though. I do appreciate that!

  • OK


    I love my Winchester boys, but man…these pics are the first promo pics that actually made me squee out loud.

    Yay for Castiel backstory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And yeah, I’m not too worried about the lack of Sam and Dean pics. They’ll still be in the episode a lot I’m sure. These pictures just show a small glimpse of what we’ll see in the whole episode.

    Oh. Did I mention MISHAAAAA!!!! ? \o/ SMILING.

  • tina

    The good thing is he isnt wearing that coat he seems wealded into.

    Misha is ok but not that great in the squee factor for me , and indifferent to his prescence really.

  • mel

    Wohooo! Misha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • adder574

    I can’t wait for this epi. I love Castiel. I wouldn’t worry to much about the lack of Winchester’s in the pics. Maybe they can’t show Sam and Dean because something big happens with them and they don’t want to spoil it.

  • Izzy


    That is all.

  • Viviane

    Thanks for the pics. Misha’s so beautifull. I can’t wait for this episod. It’ll be very interesting to knowing about the life of his vessel. I love Cas. Misha is a very good actor. I’m so happy season 5 will be with him.

  • KaeDee

    This late in the season I’m more Sam/Dean oriented, but I’m sure the episode will be terrific. Pretty much every episode of Supernatural is terrific! When we’ve got such proven story-tellers in charge, we should trust there’s a purpose for a Castiel-centric episode for the future. And we don’t know how angel-centric the ep is from the photos, so I’m sure there’ll be plenty of Sam and Dean!

  • melamory

    Oh, here we go again, samgirls are complaining. Again. How surprising really.

    There had always been another people in the episodes, besides Dean and Sam. Bobby, Chuck, you know. Not just your beloved Sam all the time. And it doesn’t mean there would be no Winchesters in this ep, just the case they would be investigating is about Castiel’s vessel family. For the God’s sake.

  • Ozzie

    Misha is good looking , but better than Jared or Jensen ….HELL NO. Supernatural is about Sam and Dean….not an angel. Kripke has been drilling that into our heads for 3 seasons….now we get this. I see a spin of SPN… from Kripke….with Misha playing the lead. I ‘am OK with that, but when SPN dies ….I ‘am following the J’s….not Kripke or his angels or his demons….any where.

  • Ozzie

    SAM girls are complaining because even Sera Gamble said that they are puting Sam in the background this season…to tell Dean’s story with the angels….and don’t you Dean and Castiel fans whine about Dean or Castiel either….you guys are getting plenty of THE DEAN, and CAS this season. This is while I will be having my own wrap up party in 2010 …when Kripke ends SPN on the small screen….because then I can see the J’s making some movies.

  • Ozzie

    Misha will be a regular next season….I think in like 17 episodes….because they must continue his story and Dean’s story. Season 5 looks like it will be Dean , Castiel ……..and Sam….no I mean ….Sam….the brother ….all ….the ….way….back……there….in the back of the impala…..back there.

  • ima

    Seriously? Season 4 rating shot to the roof because Misha? LOL. As I recall Misha is NOBODY prior Supernatural.

  • bahaha

    they’re promo pics.
    no need to get any panties in a twist.

  • galveston

    Outstanding. I’m *very* interested in Castiel and I’d like to find out about the man he’s possessing. I’m also a “Sam girl.” We don’t all complain. ;) Meaningful character development for everyone only enriches the SPN universe, and Castiel is hardly a minor character at this point.

  • Isabella

    Ooooh I can’t wait for this. More Castiel, more Misha equals good to me. Misha is such a great actor I’m happy they are actually using him instead of just tagging him on at the end of an episode and just give the guy some material to work with, he has done wonderful with everything he has been given so far plus he is SO pretty to look at. Thanks for posting.

  • Caritas

    I think there is going to be a very big reason for this episode that will affect the last 2 episodes

  • boohoo

    Castiel is related to the Dean arc.. so I don’t think they will have Castiel in an episode (as in a Castiel centric episode) to piss fans off.. In my option, if you don’t Castiel, you are simply not a fan of Supernatural..

  • Jen

    “Misha is good looking , but better than Jared or Jensen ….HELL NO. ”

    Oh for gods’ sake. WHat is it with a lot of J2 fans (of which I am one, btw)? Nobody can say that someone else is good-looking before someone pops up to say something like this. In my opinion, HELL YES. And I like Cas, and obviously Sam and Dean are going to be in this episode too, and obviously this is going to tie in with the Apocalypse storyline since the little girl is possessed by Lilith. And Sam is not in the background FFS, he’s the one with the powers.


  • Lauren

    It’s good to see Misha Collins is getting a spinoff series. I wonder if it’s going to replace Smallville as a Supernatural lead-in? Or will it be on at 10…

  • Meg

    I don’t know what show you guys have been watching but I’ve seen A LOT of Sam this season. Except for ITB and even that episode really was all about him. Anyway this show is not just about Sam or about Dean it’s about TWO BROTHERS and I’d like to see BOTH of them please.

  • Shonaille

    Cue the whining from the same people as usual. Thanks for providing the photos and the Winchesters are in the episode, if you can look up pics, you can look up spoilers to know they are in it and it is connected to the myth-arc. The ep is not all about the vessel, only some of it.

  • Crystal

    What’s with all the Castiel and Misha hate? Jesus Christ.

    I for one cannot wait for this episode. Misha looks mighty fine in these pictures :)

  • Mari

    I love Castiel and I think he brings a lot to the story. And I guess this means he really is part of SPN now, with crazy vitriol directed at him.

    Come on, guys. Supernatural will ALWAYS be about Sam and Dean. But it is OKAY if some characters are developed too. It is also okay for these characters to develop fanbases too. It does NOT mean that people who like a new character will not like Sam and Dean anymore, or love them less. Okay?

  • Jen

    I can’t wait for this episode! Screw episode 19, I want 20 NOW. I’m so happy the writers are using Misha to their advantage. If you got a great actor, use him.

    And for those who are worried/annoyed by this. Well, just think. It COULD be worse. We could be getting a backstory on Ruby.

  • jenny

    ouch. you people really do complain ALOT. and i 100% agree with boohoo. if you dont like cas , how can you even call yourself a fan !! either you like the show or you dont. you cant hate one or two characters with a show that ONLY HAS 7 or so characters in it . lets think for a minute. you can get a show like lost that has 25 main characters in it, and hate some of them. a fan base like the one supernatural has needs to stick together , not get all whiny over 1 episode. besides, this site has people that complain alot for every ep , yet once you see it , it still gets great reviews. (remember on the head of a pin, everyone whined about “supersam” saving the day. but if you check how the ep did on and other sites , youll see that it currently stands as the 3rd best ep in spn history!!) .
    hey i cant wait for this episode, and i really do think that it will turn out great!! so hey just put a sock in it until you can find out more (please)


  • mel

    Even if the entire episode would be about Castiel and his vessel which is very unlikely because so far Sam and Dean have been in every single episode, even in the Ghostfacers episode, Kripke wouldn’t do an Castiel episode just too piss fans off because not every fan dislikes Castiel, some people LOVE the guy!!!
    And why shouldn’t the writers focus on Castiel if they have the possibility to tell his background story? We know that Lilith is also in this episode, so his story is definitely connected to the bigger picture.
    It’s funny, every time there is some Cas-related news, the complainers appear with the same old boring complaints!

  • Jason


    That could be because they always seem to be the same people. LOL.

    Thanks for the pics. Can’t wait for the episode, looks like a good one.

  • Cynthia

    All opinions are welcome but foul language is not. Several of the comments posted to this thread didn’t make it through the four-letter word filter. Please keep it clean and don’t make it personal.

  • tina

    I please respect what everybody says and enough of complaining and whining , their feelings and opinions are genuine and not somethin to be dismissed because you dont happen to agree.
    Now I am a Sam girl and been less than impressed with the treatment of Sam this season but Castiel dont care either way and if this episode gives us a backstory fine but I wont pretend its what I am interested in .I like Castiel well enough but I dont love him but respect the fact others do.

  • Kelly

    >>I like Castiel well enough but I dont love him but respect the fact others do.<<

    Fair enough. I like Sam and Dean well enough but I don’t love them, but I don’t go around bashing them and whining about screentime. We should all just try and get along.

  • mel

    “We should all try and get along”
    That would be awesome! I haven’t been a fans since season 1 so I’m curious, was there a time when that actually worked?

  • Angie

    No, Mel, there was never a time it worked. Most Dean fans have conveniently forgotten about the 3 years of non-stop complaining that they did about how mean Kripke was to Dean because Sam actually had a story, and my God, it took away from Dean! There is still non-stop complaining if Dean isn’t portrayed as a perfectly perfect saint – anyone remember how fans threw such a fuss that Kripke had to issue a press release about how Dean was not a dick after Yellow Fever? But okay, only Sam fans complain.

    I would have to seriously consider watching another show not just with Kripke, but also with Jensen Ackles. Love the guy, but the overzealous lovefest some of his fans have with him has really destroyed the show for me – they couldn’t tolerate ANYTHING that got in the way of his pretty face (Dark Angel redux, anyone?) and Kripke bowed down to it and distorted the story to appease those fans, and anyone who had a healthy dose of appreciation for BOTH boys got screwed in the process. The same goes for Misha. A bunch of girls think he’s omg!so!pretty!so!perfect!so!related!to!Dean’s!storyline! and boom – he’s all over the show like glue, even though he technically serves little to no purpose. It’s like some people are watching the show with their pants and not their heads.

  • Viviane

    Castiel is a important part of this season. He saved Dean. He’ll give a mission to Dean. If demon exist, angel exist too. After all Dean get through in Hell he deserve an angel. I love Castiel from the beginning. Hope you understand me my first language’s french.

  • susannah eanes

    great article, cyn. thanks for the info and the pictures. i am very interested to learn more about cas and also? if the boys are not in this episode much, then good for them – they needed the break.

  • mel

    thanks Angie! I figured it always has been like this! I have theory, maybe there is always some part of the fandom that complains because in general SPN fans are just used to voice their opinion as loud possible in order to promote the show! BTW I’m a Cas and Dean fan! :P

  • Mari

    Angie, you say that overzealous Dean fans are turning you off Jensen? Well, I love Jared, and I am determined not to let the equally overzealous Sam fans turn me off him.

    Mel, fans on both sides are the same with their endless complaining that their boy is being neglected.

  • Viviane

    This year, I’m mostly a Cas and I’m a Dean fan, I love Sam too but I loved him more from season 1 to 3. I use my voice to promote the show and to protect my favorite characters.

  • Tina

    Thank god he hasnt got that colombo coat on for this episode. Hmmmmm Cas in a suit

  • Chris

    “What’s with all the Castiel and Misha hate?”

    Good question. I don’t understand it either. I’m really excited about this episode. And just because Dean and Sam aren’t in the promo pictures doesn’t mean that they aren’t in the episode.

    “SAM girls are complaining because even Sera Gamble said that they are puting Sam in the background this season…to tell Dean’s story with the angels”

    No, she said that only for the *beginning* of the season because they had to lay the foundation with the angels for their expanded mythology storyline (since Dean previously had storyline for himself in the mytharc).

    “Most Dean fans have conveniently forgotten about the 3 years of non-stop complaining that they did about how mean Kripke was to Dean because Sam actually had a story, and my God, it took away from Dean!”

    Wrong, Angie. Dean fans only asked that Dean have an EQUAL place in the MYTHOLOGY of the show. No more, no less. Kripke admitted that he felt Dean didn’t need to be included in the mytharc … until voila … this season. And it turns out to be the most successful SPN season EVER on the CW. I’m very glad Kripke realized that it was beneficial to the show to have both boys with their own individual storylines in the mytharc this season and I’m glad the ratings prove that Kripke was right to give Dean his own mytharc storyline and that we’ve been renewed for next season (whew!).

    “anyone remember how fans threw such a fuss that Kripke had to issue a press release about how Dean was not a dick after Yellow Fever?”

    This wasn’t about fans complaining. Kripke issued the press release because REVIEWERS thought that Dean being a “dick” was the cause of the ghost sickness, when in fact the sickness was because he used fear as a weapon (later revealed because Dean tortured souls in hell). Kripke felt that reviewers (and fans) missed the point by focusing on what Sam *mistakenly* thought was the reason for Dean getting infected. Sam also thought Dean was a dick in 4.18 … yet no statement was issued by Kripke after that episode — because that wasn’t the reason for the statement after YF.

    “I would have to seriously consider watching another show not just with Kripke, but also with Jensen Ackles. Love the guy, but the overzealous lovefest some of his fans have with him has really destroyed the show for me – they couldn’t tolerate ANYTHING that got in the way of his pretty face (Dark Angel redux, anyone?) and Kripke bowed down to it and distorted the story to appease those fans, and anyone who had a healthy dose of appreciation for BOTH boys got screwed in the process.”

    Wow. What a nice thing to say about your fellow fans, Angie. So I guess fans who appreciate Jensen are just a bunch of “overzealous” idiots who ONLY appreciate him for his “pretty face”? Can’t say that that’s true for me, and I would count myself among Jensen’s fans. I think he’s talented and does a GREAT job as Dean — and I feel the same way about Jared as Sam and Misha as Castiel. I can actually look beyond the “pretty” so see that we have several talented actors on our show and we’re very fortunate to have them. And I don’t feel that I’m in the minority among other Jensen fans who feel the same. It’s too bad that you feel you have to spin some kind of Kripke conspiracy theory to blame Jensen (and Misha) fans for your own personal disappointment with the show. I understand that you’re a Sam fan, but does that mean you have to hate everything else about the show that *isn’t* Sam?

    Dean was right … “boy, for ‘fans’ they sure do complain alot!” ;-)

  • mel

    wow! It’s somehow amazing that 7 pictures can cause such a fuzz! *giggle*
    I just find it fascinating that every time there is something Cas-related, Sam fans start complaining! I became a fan during the writer’s strike so I have no clue what happened during season 1 and 2!

  • marina

    “I just find it fascinating that every time there is something Cas-related, Sam fans start complaining!”

    Exactly! No single article about him doesn’t have at least a few such comments. Why? Dean and Sam have pretty equal screentime, but there have to be other supporting characters, and since Cas will be regular in S5 (YAY!) it seems only reasoned to write him in story arc properly. Sam has his supporting character Ruby (sorry, guys, it sucks, I know) and Dean has Castiel (lucky guy :D). I think it’s only fair, since we’ve learned about Ruby’s backstory and her past and whatnot, that now we have to learn the same things about Castiel.

  • http://n/a jess

    They have episodes/hunts centered around a different character of the week all the time. Why is one about Castiel’s backstory and former family suddenly so bad? I can’t help but think this is just “Samgirls” feeling threatened (since I’m sure the Dean camp is very happy Dean got his own mission this season outside of Sam’s destiny).

    I happen to love the character of Castiel. He’s being integrated into the story in a way that enhances the mytharc. Accusing the show of turning into the Castiel show is ridiculous. The last few episodes advanced Sam’s story more than the entirety of the 3rd season.

  • Tavore

    Ah la la what I see is that those promo pics make people talk ! Every sites I’ve seen people have a lot to say about ! Some want more Sammy , more Winchester , less Cas , more Cas etc . If there is this episode right now , so close to the end of the season there is a reason ! Watch the episode , and we’ll see after

    “Sigh. I want Winchesters”

    With everything I’ve read , your wish will be fullfilled ! But be very careful for what you wish for !

    Personnally , I lov e Dean & Cas , and what to see this episode . I’m curious about Jump The Shark , though

  • mel

    Or maybe the aweful hellatus just drives us crazy! *hug*

  • Cam

    More Castiel is always welcome in my book. He’s like a breath of fresh air to this show. The writers finally got a regular supporting character right. Bela was hot but morally irredeemable and Ruby just plain sucks.

    I’m excited about this episode but I’m not too sure about “Jump the Shark”. Third Winchester? What the hell…

  • Johnny

    I love Supernatural but the majority of fandom for this show absolutely sucks, I’m sorry. Unlike other shows like Lost or BSG, you can’t have a discussion about the show without it devolving into retarded fangirl-ism. These are fictional characters so I don’t understand why some folks feel they have to campaign for their favorite brother to the rest of the internet. I just looked at the other related Supernatural articles in SFUniverse and it’s the same people repeating the same tired opinion every time.

    At least there is only one season after this right? Which means the writers can exercise creative freedom without feeling like they have to compromise with or address stupid fan complaints.

  • Emily

    I’m really looking forward to this episode (when it finally hits England!), and I can’t wait to get the backstory on Castiel. Rumour is that Lilith is involved in this episode, too, so I’m not sure how anyone can say it’s unrelated. Especially as the Winchesters are both in it, plus Castiel, plus Lilith.
    Castiel has brought a lot to the story – we’ve had 3 seasons of demons, it’s nice to get the other side, and it’s not a fuzzy-cute angel side either! Kripke has yet to put a foot wrong, and I trust him to deliver another awesome episode which must be part of the bigger picture.
    It’ll be really interesting, too, to see how Sam and Dean react to meeting his vessel, especially as Dean was none-too-impressed about Cas possessing someone early on!
    And I’m with Cam – the addition of Castiel really is a breath of fresh air – finally a character the majority of the fanbase seems to be getting on board with!
    ~ Em ~

  • Avalon

    Sweet…. I am very excited to see this episode. It’ll be good to get some background on Cas’ human body.

  • cassi

    I have no clue about the BSG fandom but LOST has definitely it’s fair share of bad apples!!!!!
    I have made enough bad experiences with that fandom! I’m done with it and prefer watching the show without a fandom! I don’t think it’s everyone but LOST fans tend to be a bit too arrogant for my taste! God, every time you disagree with a story or character development you’re accused of being stupid! Oh, and if you mention that you don’t think it’s the best television show ever it’s like you commited blasemphy!!
    PS: SPN fans might argue about the brothers but Lost fans fight about the age of a character and whose fault it is that it doesn’t work in the storyline!

  • brie

    alright the episode looks great. i love castiel and he deserves an episode. i just also felt like adding the little fact that dean has less and less of this show by the minute. sam has powers and sam says that dean cant handle anything. dean is suppossed to be starring this season and im not seeing much of it. i mean in the beginning was dedicated to him but thats about him. seriously people if you say one more word bout how dean has had this whole season and sam deserves something im gonna yell. i love dean and now there starting to make him look bad. he deserves powers and to stop the apocalypse on his own. sam has had alot lately and they should have even straws thats all im asking.

  • Cart

    ^^^^^ You’re right, Johnny. Just look at Brie’s post. It is so damn tiring to be hearing this non-stop.

  • Nevena

    OMG this will be great! Misha really deserves an episode. I love the title-The Rapture,as i know,that is second coming of Jesus,so this must be something important,Cass will tell Dean something from prophecy or maybe something about what Sam is doing,ohh…i can,t wait. And i don,t see a third brother,so that,s even better :) I heard that last 3 episodes will be Dean VS Sam,and maybe Sam is Lucifer,like Dean was Lazarus,i have sooooo much ideas. :)

  • Bobby

    All you complainers are eventually gonna regret even opening your mouth and badmouthing, what, 4 pictures?

    JFC, you don’t know the real story behind this, and you’re just gonna go ahead and say that this episode sucks?! You haven’t even seen the goddarn episode!!!

    Sam girls. Shut up. Dean girls. Shut up. Hell, even the Castiel girls, shut up!!! Just enjoy what Kripke has to offer, and I’m sure he has a bigger surprise in store for his fans. Be thankful he even came up with such a wonderful show.


  • Mur

    Jeez…Misha has been such a welcome addition to the cast, and as soon as Kripke utilizes him more the fans start whining. I’ve been an on/off fan since season one, and for the first time (in a long time) I’m truly intrigued with the direction the show has taken. The show for a longtime had lost it’s focus and honestly at one point I thought I was truly done with it, but then the season 4 opener gave me hope that there was a greater plan at work and that I had to be a little more patient. I started to think there’s going to be some great payoff to watching all these years. Misha is a great part of that…no it’s not just that fact he’s good looking, there’s plenty of good looking actors out there, but far few of them actually could do a convincing job of playing a modern day angel who hasn’t interacted with humans for over 2 thousand years. That sentence alone is so over the top, but there you have it. Misha doesn’t have a lot of references to go by to play Castiel, but with the use of his imagination and good instincts as an actor, he has allowed himself to fit in seamlessly into a show which isn’t very gentle with guest stars. Castiel is directly tied into the storyline with the brothers and is the reason they’re reunited, AND is the driving focus of the season (him/angels/God vs. Demon etc) as well as the brothers tense relationship so the creaters have every right to insert his character however they see fit. He isn’t some useless throwaway love interest to the boys, he serves his purpose and I hope the overzelous complaining doesn’t deter Kripke and gang from using him in the near future. Misha is a great talent discovered and I’m glad he gets an episode of focus….plus we havent even seen the episode yet to know the involvment of the brothers yet.. so give it a chance!

  • Erin

    Hey, give this episode a break guys. You never know what’s going to happen. I thought “What the hell? A cartoon created by someone about their live?” To “the Monster at the End of the Book.” But you know, that episode turned out so amazing.
    My first impression: How the hell can “Jimmy” possible be alive after being shot and stabbed so many time? Gotta be some sort of trap. I say, chances are it won’t be as bad as everyone seems to think.

  • Elley

    Oh. My. GOD. And entire episode about Castiel? *DIES* I… I can’t form coherent sentences.

    All I can say is that Dean and Castiel are the greatest things since AIR, and we really really need this episode. All you people whining about “I want SAMMY!!!!” Need to shove it because there have been PLENTY of episodes about Sammy, and NONE about Cas. Cas it AMAZING, he, and Misha (who is even MORE amazing) deserves this. Want a Sammy ep so bad? Rewatch After School Special while The Rapture is airing. Also, has no one noticed the HUGE plot twist this episode will provide?

    Castiel needs to talk to Dean. In private. Dean finds Castiel, but its not Castiel. His vessel has been abandoned. SO WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR CAS?!

  • jenny

    thnk you elley !!!!!!!! finaly someone said that!!!

  • nicole

    uhm ok. this episode is gonna suck. i miss sam and dean. why is misha taking over? i feel like sam and dean could just die and no one would even care. theyll just be like, “oh well we have castiel now” no this isnt right. this show is about sam and dean. DIDNT THESE PEOPLE WATCH SUPERNATURAL B4 CAS CAME?!

  • S

    How about going to check out the promo video for The Rapture, Nicole? For example from YouTube. Sam and Dean ARE there, don’t worry. Please, stop whining, Sam-girls and Dean-girls. You can’t say anything from just seeing seven, SEVEN pictures. Gimme a break.

    *having headache with the whiners*

  • Islandgirl

    Wow – I didn’t think it was possible, but you all are way more hilarious and entertaining that our beloved Show!

    I am so lucky that I love each charcter exactly equally so I don’t have the vapors if Sam has four seconds more screen time than Dean in any given episode.

  • Castiels_Angel_Wings

    Castiel is getting one single episode dedicated to his character development and people are freaking out? I suppose we should just ignore all secondary characters and their SL’s completely.
    If Kripke didn’t want to develop Cas he wouldn’t have him in the show at all. Characters need backstory or else what is the point to them? And I’m sure Jensen and Jared are probably glad they’ll get at least one episode they don’t have to carry all by themselves. Let’s just all take a breather. Castiel isn’t taking over the show. He’s just being added to it. Nobody is going to replace Sam or Dean. They are still the stars of the show and they will still get the majority of the screentime. :)

  • Amy

    I enjoy watching Misha portray Castiel. It’ll be interesting to see the changes he makes to become Jimmy.

    Next 2 episodes have Bobby in them! Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen but the wait for season 5 will be brutal.

    The Rapture will be the last episode I’ll get to watch before undergoing an exploratory laparotomy on May 4th so at least this gives me something to look forward to this week :)

  • Alyssa

    I honestly don’t see why people are complaining about this…

    Seriously – I’m not just talking about Castiel. Dean, Sam, Ruby, Lilith, Anna… heck, even Bobby have all faced their share of complaints from the fans. (The same goes for a number of past episodes of Supernatural.)

    I love *all* of the characters that have been, or are currently on, this show, and I love *every* episode that’s aired so far. Why? Because I’m a FAN – I really appreciate what Kripke, the actors, the writers – everyone – are doing. They’ve created such an awesome and unique show, they put all of their time and effort into making each individual episode. I don’t believe that it’s fair for the “fans” to complain about *anything.* Because really, we have no right to do so. We don’t expend any effort watching this show – all we have to do is plop down in front of a t.v. and change the channel to the CW. We aren’t the ones staying up until God-knows-what-time in the morning working hard to film an episode, we don’t write any of the material, and we certainly aren’t the actors. Kripke & co. deserve much more than the complaints they’ve been receiving as of late.

    So please… relax. Supernatural is nearing its series finale. There won’t be any more Dean or Sam after this. And like all good things, this will come to an end faster than you think. What I’m trying to say is… sit back and enjoy the ride. I, for one, intend to do just that.

    As a side note, I’m sorry if this offended anyone, but it’s been bothering me for some time now…