5 Qualities a Man Wants in a Woman

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This weekend at the bar (No, I’m not an alcoholic — I own a small sports bar), I overheard three women complaining about men. They weren’t just complaining; they were ranting. A big part of what I heard was about not understanding what men want.

Image: sxc.hu

Image: sxc.hu

Well ladies, men are pretty simple. While females oftentimes like to play games and analyze things too much, men are much more basic. Though I’m not speaking for all men out there, here are five qualities that a man wants in his woman.

This is the most obvious, right?  But attractive doesn’t mean model looks or lots of makeup. Though beauty is in the eye of the beholder, generally men want a woman who is not overly thin, is physically fit, and takes good care of herself. (Side note: I love a girl with curves, but fatties need not apply.)

Like it or not, femininity includes superficial things like putting on lipstick, wearing a dress sometimes and not cursing in public. Though I like my women to be a little bit sassy, she needs to have a kind, gentle side to her. For a long term relationship, men want a woman that they can imagine as a good mother.

I don’t mean submissive in terms of sex or anything like that (unless that’s what you are into). But most men want a woman who knows her role. And part of that role is being submissive to her partner on occasion. For example, let’s imagine you are married or in a long term relationship and trying to make a decision about something important as a couple. If you can’t come to a compromise, then the woman needs to back down and trust the man’s decision. He’s the man of the house and there are times that she needs to let him dominate.

If you don’t know how to cook, please learn. If you want your man to put down the toilet seat and take out the trash, you should be able to fix a home-cooked meal. I find far too many women these days that think cooking consists of microwaving Lean Cuisine. Learn five or six dishes that you can make really well. Throughout time, the adage holds true: “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

No one wants a dead fish in bed. Don’t be squeamish or reluctant about giving oral sex or trying new things. If you going to go down on your man, don’t act like it grossing you out. Do it right and please swallow. Spitting isn’t attractive. Not. At. All. And missionary position should be a rare occurrence, not the only thing you know.

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  • JM


  • Caitie

    First of all, no one reading this assumed you were an alcoholic… Why you felt it was necessary to provide that information, I’ll never understand.

    Second, don’t ever call a woman fat. That’s rude, really ****** up, and completely unnecessary. Any man who does this, won’t get a woman to stick around for very long. Any man who does this, is an asshole and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

    And third… a woman should do what SHE feels conferrable doing. And, if she doesn’t want to swallow, then she shouldn’t feel she has to because, if she spits, it’ll “gross you out”.

    Just think about it this way: Which is more attractive, spitting your cum, or vomiting it? Or, which is better: Seeing your gal spit after giving oral, or not getting oral because you’re being a rude, selfish asshole about it?

    Just saying…

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  • eva

    OK… Yeah I am attractive, feminine,submissive and very sexual. I am not too into being domestic although if i wanted to i would. I do alot of things for the man im with but not because i feel obligated but because it comes from my heart to do so. I know my man is very happy with me and im just hoping that he will always appreciate it because i am a mans dream.. another thing I would ike to add to this I love to swallow and when it comes to sucking im always ready as well as triyng new things so yeah thanks.. :) PS. I am way over the top faithful as well….

  • Summer

    All this info you have provided is pathetic and you obviously dunno how to respect women. A relationship is based on mututal love, admiration and respect. Which dumb dyke would follow this info I really don’t know. And today many men can cook even better then their wifes. Sex is there to please each other not only the man. Any man who follows this info has seriouis mental issues. Narcissists, sociopaths and rapists alert.

    • tom

      No your attitude is pathetic and we’re going to prove it now.

      • “You obviously dunno [sic] how to respect women”

      It’s not anybody’s job to “respect women” just because they are born with a vagina. Respect is up to every woman to EARN. You are not entitled to free unearned “respect”. How hard would you laugh if a man said “YOU NEED TO RESPECT ME BECAUSE I HAVE A PENIS”. It’s just as preposterous.

      • “A relationship is based on mututal love, admiration and respect.”

      Oh really? That “mututal love, admiration and respect” disappears pretty fast when that bitch shows up in divorce court and tries to ruin his life. So sell it to somebody else. As you said…… Narcissists, sociopaths and rapists alert. That’s what the modern female is.

      • “wifes”??


      • “Sex is there to please each other not only the man.”

      If a woman didn’t pay for drinks, dinner or cook, then her pleasure comes secondary (if at all) tonight.

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