Heroes Season 3 Wrapup

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    Heroes Viking Pyre ImageOh, what a long, strange trip Season 3 has been. After starting the “Days of Future Past-ish” imprisonment of mutants- I mean, “ones of them,” the suddenly sainted Sen. Nathan Petrelli may be our last, best hope. 

    Spoilers, intricate plot details and possibly (OK probably) some ranting about Season 3. So don’t read further if you don’t want to know!

    NBC Photo: Chris Haston

    Danko gets cocky and knives Sylar in the back of the head. But using his shapeshifting powers, Sylar has “moved” his off switch. Oops! Rather than kill Danko, he shapeshifts into Danko and sets it up to look like Danko has killed his own agents.

    Danko ends up in Building 26, along with HRG who had let himself be captured to give Angela and Claire time to escape. They both agree the mission is now to kill Sylar, provided they can figure out how.

    Armed with a secure cell from HRG, Claire and Angela set out to find Nathan and make sure he’s Nathan. Angela tracks down Matt Parkman, who wants only to shut down Building 26. Angela explains that having Nathan on their side will make that easier so now Parkman’s on the team.

    Also en route to Building 26 (this season’s hot new vacation destination) are Ando and Hiro. Ando is begging Hiro not to use his time-freezing power as he gets a nosebleed every time now. Hiro says he will do whatever he has to do.

    They find all the captured super people including Mohinder, who tells Hiro that his body is rejecting his powers. It’s imperative that he doesn’t use them again as his left side is now going numb. You might as well tell the sun not to come up tomorrow. Sure enough, Hiro uses his power to stop Danko from tranquilizing HRG. Hiro collapses.

    The man everyone is looking for, Sylar, has to quickly absorb as many of Nathan’s memories as he can to fool Claire.  Somehow that works and they head for the president. But she catches on when Sylar signs in with his left hand. Nathan is right-handed. Doh!

    HRG of course places a phone call to Claire, who’s now been captured by Sylar. HRG heads for Sylar, as do Nathan and Peter so we have an impending showdown.

    The Secret Service doesn’t know why Nathan Petrelli is asking to get into the building – again. Nate explains everything and then flies to get the point across. The guards draw down on him. I just love how they try to act like this flying power makes Nate dangerous in some way. The same applies as Nate and Pete prepare to take down Sylar. I want you to know I’m not foreshadowing here. In the grand scheme of superpowers, I have never found flying to be that impressive. Especially when surrounded by the people that he is. If you could take Peter, pre-sickness Hiro or Nathan into a fight who are you gonna bring? Just sayin.

    Claire gets tossed out of the suite and the Nate and Pete Show is on. But when Nate and Sylar fly away, Pete loses flight. This gives Sylar time to thrash Nate, throw him back into the room and slit his throat. Yes, that’s the big death they have been teasing. Here’s where things get strange.

    HRG, Claire and Pete convince the Secret Service they need to get to the President first. There’s a cool moment where Claire stares down a Secret Service guy and says she’ll kill him after he shoots her. You go invulnerable girl!

    Sylar, still shaped as Nathan, gets into the limo with the President. It’s Michael Dorn, everybody! What up, Worf? Don’t say to that to him, by the way. I’m betting he hates it. Call him Coldstone from Gargoyles.  He loves that reference.

    But it’s not the Prez – it’s Peter. He jacks Sylar with a tranquilizer and pause for, the dumbest idea the Petrelli/Bennets have ever had on this show. That’s saying something.

    Angela and HRG are drinking the Nathan Petrelli as savior of all of them Kool-Aid. I’m sorry, but wasn’t Nathan for all intents and purposes the villain of the Fugitives arc? It was his abuse of senatorial influence that set all this up to begin with. Sure, in true Petrelli fashion he realized he screwed up and got on board but he really, really screwed up.

    Angela plays the “protect your son” card and tells Matt Parkman that if word gets out that Sylar killed a senator, there will be 100 Dankos out there. So Matt “mindwipes” Sylar into thinking he’s Nathan. Um, does anyone really think this is going to work?

    They burn the body of the original shapeshifter, who still looks like Sylar. Only HRG, Angela and Matt know the real deal. Several weeks later, Angela goes to see “Nathan” because he hasn’t called her in weeks. He tells her he hasn’t been feeling like himself. Then he notices the clock is off by a minute and a half. Angela gets a terrified look and begins to realize this was the dumbest Petrelli/Bennet idea yet.

    In other news, one of the Ali Larter clones is killing off government agents by turning into water and drowning them. I’m assuming this is Tracy since she turned into water after getting shot while she was iced. But with that storyline, who can really say? And the fourth installment of Heroes is to be called Redemption. Considering the mixed reviews over the past two seasons, I wonder if that refers to the characters in the show or the show itself?

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