Megadeth Contributing Music To New Land Of The Lost Movie

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Dave Mustaine and Megadeth have been contributing songs to cheesy movies for a long time. Super Mario Bros., Shocker, Last Action Hero, Beavis And Butthead Do America, Bill And Ted’s Bogus Journey and Tales From The Crypt Demon Knight. What’s one more? The songs are always pretty cool despite how the movie actually is.

Dave announced in his latest Liveline recording that they are sending some music to the new Land Of The Lost with Will Ferrell. Blabbermouth reports:

“I’m going to be working on the new Will Ferrell movie ‘Land Of The Lost’… and going to be putting some music on that. I went and saw the movie last week and it was hilarious. I loved it. I love Will Ferrell; think he’s hilarious anyways. But, yeah, we’re getting ready to send some music up to these guys right now and you’re listening to some in the background, and then I’ll be heading up there this week to hopefully finish all this off with their guys. And man, how exciting for me.”

Here’s the trailer for the movie, which is set for a June 5th release.


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  • Dave Fariz

    I liked the music and the extent that the band went to produce the song “Crush ‘Em” for the movie Universal Soldier: The Return. That was a good song marred by the cheesiness of the movie. Can’t wait to hear Dave Mustaine’s contribution this time around.

  • Scott

    Wow, how’d I forget Crush’em. Wasn’t their best, in fact that entire album was quite a disappointment.

  • shadowking86

    Yeah, Risk was an atrocity. Megadeth does do some good soundtrack songs: “99 Ways to Die”, “Angry Again”, and “Go to Hell” are some of my favorites from the band in general, and each of those was recorded for a movie soundtrack.

  • Scott

    That’s what I loved about the Hidden Treasures comp when it came out. All the sound track songs on one album.

    Diadems from the Demon Knight soundtrack is a killer tune as well.

  • Johann Donse Skotes

    You are the great concert goer, concert junkie, and the veteran of the inveterate. Sure, all those wonderful things such as memory of mud living in your skin, macTallica organized neurons, and caves of violence in the place of teeth (your trophies). And, we, of course were not skateboarding when you bought Peace Sells: But Who’s Buying. And we were too young to buy those concert tickets.
    However We have seen and heard what you could not due to the blood and mud stuck in your eyes and ears which won’t leave you despite ablutions. We hear the inaudible in Dave Mustaine’s creations. We see him leaving all the time, touching where dy/dx = 0, the modern history of music. We have “blood shot eyes”. Whereof, putting him as participant in your reveries of mud and in the league of those macTac makers of mud (who made mud even after a great deal of plagiarism) are no longer making any sense to us.
    We grant you the respect for performing those acephalous rites as the concert goer at ‘the end of history’. But, we however snatch from you our freedom to see Mustaine crack those very “ends”. We seize from you, the concert junkie totem, the freedom to hear the inaudible crack in the history of music that Mustaine makes.

  • Megafan

    Mustaine is a genius! or as I like to say…mad scientist ;)

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