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If you’re having trouble scraping up the time to go the gym, you can still use some of the items you have around your house to incorporate weight training into your regimen. Obviously, things are a lot easier if you have dumbells, weights, and barbells but you can still get the job done.


Push-ups are the best form of pectorals you can implement outside of the weight room.


Grab a backpack, but books inside and rep away single handed curls. Switch and repeat.


Have you heard of ITYs? ITYs are an exercise that gets its name from the letters you form at each stage. To do an ITY, lay stomach down on the floor with your hands to your side. Without touching the ground, move your arms to form a T with your body – pause 1.5 beats – then go further to form a Y with your arms above your head – pause 1.5 beats – go back to the T – pause 1.5 beats – and then go back to your sides again. That’s 1. Try doing sets of 10. If this is too easy without weight, grab two 16 oz water bottles to hold in your hand while doing these.

You can also add shoulder flies by grabbing a book and performing the flies the same as if you had a dumbell. To add difficulty, slow down the repitions.


Find a chair and do one legged squats where you lower your body until your butt touches the edge. Go back up and repeat. If you have a stair, you can add great calf raises and quick step on-step offs.

My workout from yesterday only consisted of a 39:30 run. Today was biceps. I’ll add these exercises as well as my next workout tomorrow.

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