Use Family Hack for Household Tips and Tricks

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Here’s a quick tip for when you (or perhaps your kids) accidentally drop something down your sink. When you need to retrieve something like perhaps a piece of jewelry or just something else that shouldn’t be in the sink pipes, watch the video found at Family Hack.


Most of us have heard of Lifehacker, but the Family Hack site focuses the efforts to a little bit more of a targeted group of users. Those of us with kids and living in a home in the real world where our greatest act of increasing our productivity is to limit the amount of interruptions and challenges presented to us in area not directly related to our profession.

I’m absolutely adding this one to my RSS reader and will have to start scouring the archives to see other great posts I’ve already missed.

Image: Snagit of Family Hack website
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  • Michael Davis

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks so much for the kind words. Having our site appear in the same sentence as the big bad LifeHacker is quite flattering. I hope your readers enjoy us as much as you did.


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