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JobSerf.com is an outsourcing organization for the job seeker. If you are struggling with your job search and you need some help finding jobs to apply for, JobSerf.com is willing to work for you. I am not big on job seekers sitting behind their computer, responding to job ads on various job boards, however as I listened to Jay Martin, founder of Jobserf.com, I like what I heard. Rather than you sitting behind your computer churning applications, resumes and cover letters, I like the idea of havingadministrative someone else doing it for you. Your responsibility as a job seeker will be to network, and prepare for your upcoming interviews.

Who can benefit from JobSerf help?

If you are unemployed, JobSerf can help you

If you are changing jobs, JobSerf can help you

If you are a student, JobSerf can help you

If your organization is downsizing or laying off employees, JobSerf wants to help you help your employees

How does it work?

1. You will sign up and complete an online search profile

2. You will need to provide JobSerf with your resume and cover letter. Up to five resumes is permitted.

3. The JobSerf staff will develop a search algorithm for your job search

4. Your job search assistants will begin looking for jobs on the Internet and than apply for those jobs

5. You will receive emails as your job search assistants begin apply for jobs for you. You will be blind copied on all jobs they apply for on your behalf.

6.There are opportunities for you to direct the job search assistants working on your job search.

7. You will wait for organizations to contact you about interviews

There is a cost of $98 per week for twenty hours of JobSerf. There is a price reduction if you retain them for multiple weeks.

Let me say this about JobSerf, first, I am still not high on online job searches, however what I like about this model is that someone else is doing the work for you while you invest time preparing to discuss your skills and abilities with hiring managers. That is huge in my opinion. As a coach, that is the focus of my coaching sessions with job seekers. You should be investing time in your preparation. It is the one thing that will separate candidates who are offered and opportunity and candidates who are not. If you decide to use JobSerf as your job search assistant, don’t give yourself permission to sit on the sidelines waiting for the phone to ring. Use the extra time you gain back to evaluate your interview presentation. Why are you the best candidate for the job and how do you say that to a hiring manager without ever saying that you are the best candidate? When you master that skill, you are ready to interview and you will see job offers coming your way!

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