Bing SEO Tips (Or Should it be DEO Tips?)

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With the release of Bing, one of the first things online marketers want to know is how to get their websites to the top of the search engine results page. After testing for the last few days, I’ve noticed some Bing SEO tips that should help those marketers get noticed on Bing.

Bing SEO Tips - Image: Screen Cap

Bing SEO Tips - Image: Screen Cap

(However, considering that Bing claims to be a decision engine rather than a search engine, perhaps these Bing Search Engine Optimization tips should actually be Bing Decision Engine Optimization tips.)

Here are the Bing SEO tips:

1. Domain Age is Key
Bing appears to put a lot of stock into how long ago a domain was registered. For marketers, this means that you may look to purchase older domains if you want to get on good position in Bing.

2. Text Rules
On most search engines, the amount of text on the page usually isn’t usually a huge factor. However, Bing appears to really like pages with at least 300 words of text.

3. Link Out
With Google especially, some marketers are scared to link out to other websites because they don’t want their Page Rank to be lowered. On Bing, linking out actually appears to be smiled upon.

4. Bad News for Bloggers
Google seems to appreciate the blogosphere more than Bing. This is especially true when recent news events occur and bloggers battle with major websites for space on the search engine results page.

5. Bing Loves Titles
If you want to make it to the top of Bing, be sure to have a title that correlates to the subject at hand. Without following this SEO tip (or is a DEO tip?), your other efforts may be lost.

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  • wasaweblog

    Great set of tips. Thanks.

    I still have the impression that the changes from Live to Bing are largely cosmetic than something really fundamental.

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  • colin

    Thanks for the tips, they’re great. Can i just add one thing, is that to get the right description on the SERP when it comes up you need to put a meta tag on the page, other wise it comes from DMOZ. see here

    Sorry if this comes across as spam, i don’t mean it to, just that its relevent

  • iPhone

    Not sure why but my site ranks really poorly on bing, but it #2 in google. What can I do?

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  • DSL Anbieter

    I think Bing is having different approach for listing sites. The results are based on some research and authority rather than relying heavily on on-page and backlinks factors.

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  • michaelj72

    thanks for the seo tips, especially about text length and linking out…

    in my niche at least, results seem to be influenced strongly by the words in the url, if those are a match then that site tends to me more highly ranked. i really doubt if Bing relies much on backlinks either.

    i’m rather not happy about the changeover, as i do much better with yahoo than bing; and much better in google than either of those. and i think Bing needs to get out there and do a lot more indexing of the net too.

  • Auto Tool Shop

    I am not very happy about bing. It index very few pages and update not so often as Google. Bing has a long way to go.

  • web design development services

    Thats great. You have observed this tips for Bing. But isn’t it confusing for which search engine we should have to optimize the site. As in Bing outgoing links are good where in Google it is not.

  • Christian

    so how do they index new businesses? I haven’t gotten on yet.

  • diet

    how did you check the claim that bing “smiles” upon outgoing links?

  • Gabinete de Topografia

    I think the method of google with the page rank is better then this one of the bing

  • Acai Acai

    I was on the first page of Bing for a while and then my site vanished, I can’t find it in Bing’s SERP. this is really strange and disappointing cause the traffic I got from this engine was very good. What to do now?

  • Zookii

    The basic rule: content first, then SEO!
    And this goes with any search engine.

  • Jenny Andreson

    Nice work. It is very informative and would be helpful for others. So keep on working to create such excellent pieces of information. Thanks

  • Paul Albert

    Bing (and Yahoo for that matter) show my navigation bar within the results abstract/excerpt. Any idea how to prevent that from happening???


  • tamaras

    My problem with bing: I can’t seem to add a website in my site list.Everytime I click on the button to add I get the following message:We could not find the page you requested.This is the first I’ve ever encountered. Is this a bug?

  • frank

    hi Stephen,
    I agree with you on the importance of your title for Bing SEO. It is CRITICAL. I haven’t heard about the importance of having at least 300 words on the page. How did you determine this? Frank

  • David Jr

    it’ Feb 2010 now and I have been looking for updates on SEO/DEO for Bing with not much success. The search continues.

  • Tube Site Surf

    great, i was up late last night after seeing a new bing curmircial on tv. It seems most of these tips are already praticed by me so i should be good =] – Great post and thanks!

  • Tag Calls Cheap Calls

    Cool tips and important!

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