Coming Soon: Tom and Jerry, Ben 10 MMOs

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    Typhoon Games is whipping up a storm with the announcement that it is developing two new massively multiplayer online games: Ben 10 Omniverse and Tom and Jerry. I’ve got to admit, this has got me all excited. I’m all for a Ben 10 MMO. Heck, I’ll probably even spend time playing the Tom and Jerry MMO. The only hitch is, I have doubts about Typhoon Games‘ ability to deliver knock-your-socks-off MMOs.

    No, this posting is not going to be a bashing session. Heck, I have friends working at Typhoon Games and I know they have good people under their wings. It’s just that Typhoon Games probably hasn’t turned out an MMO that I really like. Get my drift?

    Anyway, going back to the topic, yes, Typhoon Games is developing MMO versions of Cartoon Network’s Ben 10 and Tom and Jerry for TurnOut Ventures, a joint venture between Turner Entertainment Holdings Asia-Pacific and Outblaze Investments Limited.

    Ben 10 wallpaper from Cartoon Network

    Here’s the official announcement Typhoon Games dished out at the 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3):

    Typhoon Games, developer, publisher and distributor of computer games, has announced its social gaming and massively multiplayer online game development schedule for the coming four quarters. Titles under development include Hello Kitty Online for Sanrio Digital, and Ben 10 Omniverse and the Tom and Jerry MMOG for TurnOut Ventures.

    “Typhoon Games is establishing a leadership position as a developer of casual MMOG and social game titles based on premier brands,” said Robert Ferrari, vice president of publishing and business development at Typhoon Games. “We are fusing games and social networking to create an exchange between converging media that will enable players to enjoy a high degree of interaction, self-expression, social networking, and quality branded online entertainment. It is inevitable that gaming and social media will become unified, and Typhoon Games will be at the forefront of social gaming evolution.”

    Among the games being developed by Typhoon Games is Sanrio Digital’s Hello Kitty Online, the official online game of Hello Kitty and friends based on the popular Sanrio characters. It is the first MMORPG to integrate social networking web features into the game experience, and to make the use of such services relevant to the game. In addition to MMORPG features and content, Hello Kitty Online will offer a social networking platform with blogs, video sharing, email services, and other social communication services. Sanrio Digital is releasing Hello Kitty Online in Beta phase in various markets with commercial release schedules through the end of 2009.

    Ben 10 Omniverse is based on Cartoon Network’s widely popular BEN 10 television show. The game carries players through an exciting storyline featuring Ben 10, the boy hero who can transform into a variety of alien forms. Publisher TurnOut Ventures will release Ben 10 Omniverse in the second half of 2009.

    Also being developed for TurnOut Ventures is the official online game of Tom and Jerry. Players will create and control their own cat and mouse characters in a wacky cartoon world where they will engage in classic Tom and Jerry antics in both Player versus Environment (PvE) and Player versus Player (PvP) modes. Turnout Ventures will release the Tom and Jerry MMOG for both PC and Mac in 2010.

    Well, whatever Typhoon Games is cooking up, it better be better than the Tom and Jerry Trap-O-Matic game in the Cartoon Network website.

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