Complete Ultimate Fighter 10 roster leaked

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Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Marcus Jones - Image: Zuma Press

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Marcus Jones - Image: Zuma Press

Those debating how well Kimbo Slice will do on the Ultimate Fighter haven’t had much information to work with one way or the other. Without knowing who he’s going up against, how can you assume he’s going to fail or succeed? But now the full 16 heavyweight roster for the Ultimate Fighter 10 has been sniffed out, and rather than try to speculate on their skill level, I’m just going to order them from most intriguing to least:

  • Kimbo Slice: Mr Youtube Sensation himself, Kimbo Slice took Dana White up on his challenge to get into the UFC via the Ultimate Fighter.
  • Roy Nelson: Former IFL heavyweight champion the UFC refused to sign because he was too fat. Seriously.
  • Wes Sims: Went 0-3 in the UFC a few years ago. Can never seem to beat anyone above regional level, and even then it’s often a toss up.
  • Marcus Jones: NFL defensive end from 1996 to 2002. Training MMA since early 2007.
  • Matt Mitrione: Former NFL player and MMA virgin. Trains with UFC fighter Jake ‘the Blanket’ O’Brien.
  • Wes Shivers: NFL veteran and a late replacement for Rex Richards (who was also in the NFL … real invasion this season, huh?).
  • Jim York: New Zealand fighter who shares a common opponent with Kimbo Slice in James Thompson. York managed to knock Thompson out in the first round.
  • Justin Wren: A gigantic guy who has more wrestling trophies than most colleges do.
  • Mike Wessel: Wessel made it into the UFC by accepting a fight on a week’s notice. He lost, but was given a spot on TUF as a consolation prize.
  • Scott Junk: Another fighter who dropped the ball the first time the UFC gave him a try in 2007.
  • Zak Jensen: Wrestler out of Minnesota, has a 7-3 record with losses to TUF alumni Brad Imes and Mike Whitehead.
  • Darrill Schoonover: US Army veteran with a 10-0 pro and 5-0 amateur record.
  • Brendan Schaub: Trains out of Greg Jackson’s gym and is a Shane Carwin sparring partner.
  • Jon Madsen: Newb fighter out of Matt Hughes’ gym
  • Tom Blackledge: 8-6 fighter out of Michael Bisping’s camp.
  • Abe Wagner: Mystery man out of Nebraska with a 6-2 pro record

Fortunately for Kimbo, he doesn’t have to be the best out of the 16 … he just has to be better than the three fighters he’ll need to beat to make it to the TUF finale.

And just to get a few more TUF related tidbits out of the way so we can move on to other MMA related insanity, UFC president Dana White revealed in Germany that the Ultimate Fighter has been renewed through season 14 and another US versus UK season was on it’s way.

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  • Frickshun

    Ryan, I hope they pay you a lot of money to cover this “secret society of gays” that use wrestling & jew jitsu to grope each others sweaty, hard, muscular bodies. Uhhhh, I’ll be right back. I have to ummm, go to the bathroom.

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  • Jeff D

    why not get mma guys and not wrestlers and nfl players. Its starting to be a joke, because these guys dont have any mma skillz.

  • Joe

    Brock Lesner has relativly no MMA experiance and he is the reigning champ. He was a WWE wrestler for God’s sake, and everyone knows that “Pro Wrestling” is staged.

  • Hillbilly

    First off Frickshun wrestling has many key aspects of the sport not gays tryin to grab each other like you and your boyfriend the sport is very respectful and athletic i trained for it for years secondly if your going to use a sports name use it properly its JUI Jitsu not JEW Jitsu you moron and that to has many key thoughts on how to use ones body against themselves but then again someone who doesnt understand much about each sport wouldnt know what i am talkin about ive trained several arts to understand what the are about why dont i get in an octagon is because those guys are in it for one thing $$$ me i love to study the art for that word ART not cash just because the ability to make a person go to the floor doesnt make them gay because if so Frickshun you’d be a world class athlete have fun with your many boyfriends

  • Shaffe Jr.

    Frickshun, right now you sound like “that dude”. If you don’t know already who “that dude” is, he’s the one loudmouth who just doesn’t know when to shut the hell up. I bet you didn’t know that wrestling requires MORE stamina than football, basketball, any other sport you or your boyfriend play. Oh, by the way, “that dude” always has an ass-kickin comin. :)

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