Nestle Ad Campaign Incorporates Twitter

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Juicy Juice is going social. As in, using social networking in its ads. While Nestle isn’t the first to use Twitter in an ad campaign, it’s possibly the first to incorporate the ability to post tweets from within the ad and have them appear anywhere on the web.

The ads are being tested on mom-centric sites and ask questions that readers can answer directly in the ad. And if you’re already logged on to Twitter, your answers go straight to the ad.

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This type of ad allows a conversation to take place within the ad unit, rather than just pulling from Twitter. Although, the tweets can be followed via Twitter hashtags as well.

The company responsible for the ads, SocialMedia, is going to track metrics for Juicy Juice, such as views, click-through rates, and number of tweets. It sounds like an interesting prospect, but none of the articles actually mentioned that hashtag that will be used for the ads, which could have also driven traffic to the ad campaign. Incidentally, I went to the mom sites mentioned (BabyCenter and CafeMom) but never got the Juicy Juice ads to load. (It isn’t clear when the campaign started/ will start.)

Live tweets sound like a risky process for a company, but Nestle has the ability to monitor the tweets posted. That sounds more like it – few brands would risk the chance of inappropriate or disgruntled comments.

Have you seen the ads yet? What do you think – is this a new trend just waiting to catch on?

[via AdAge]

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