Choices for Your E-Book Reader

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    You can’t bring your computer all the time and even if it’s a netbook, you would rather have a device for the purpose of reading given that most reading materials are digital right now.


    Kindle has been wildly successful and it is the only e-book reader known by most consumers. But aside from Kindle, there are alternatives outside this Amazon device.

    1. Sony PRS-700 – This has clean interface and user friendly buttons. The gesture controlled pages adds to it’s attractiveness. The screen of the Sony reader strains the eyes though. Price of this is between $380 – $420 dollars.

    2. iRex Digital Reader 1000s – the 10.2 inch screen display is a winner; however, the proprietary pen is the only pointing device that works with the reader. The price is around $700 to $780 dollars.

    3. Astak EZ Reader – clear text, supports various formats, and has a fast transfer rate for files. The downside is the lack of note taking ability. The price is around $300 – $350 USD.

    4. Kindle – this is the leader for e-book readers with its 2GB capacity, text to speech capability, 3G wireless, you can download books, blogs, and periodicals. There is no SD card and can’t read PDF files. the price tag is $359 – $380 USD.

    The kindle still has the best feature for the e-book devices. If it wasn’t for it’s crippling PDF ability, I should have bought this device. If you want to buy at this time, go ahead and get a Kindle. I think I would wait for the 3rd generation Kindle and hopefully it has all the features I need.

    Image from Amazon.

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