Dish Network Settles Lawsuit

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Dish Network has reportedly settled a lawsuit that the company improperly promoted, marketed, advertised and sold their services and products. The lawsuit was brought on by attorney generals in more than 45 states.

It’s believed that the amount of money Dish Network will pay in this settlement is between $5.5 million and $6 million. In addition, Dish Network agreed to be more open in terms of disclosing their fees and terms of service when they are advertising and distributing written contracts.

Although Dish Network has settled, they did not admit to any wrongdoing. According to the satellite television company, all of their business practices followed the letter of the law.

Dish Network was founded 13 years ago and currently has more than 14 million subscribers. The company is headquartered in the state of Colorado.

Dish Network (Image: Flickr)

Dish Network (Image: Flickr)

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  • Edith Bushong

    Are we, the customers or previous customers, get a share of the law suit from dish net work?

  • Rich S

    You must be joking.
    The gubimint got the money, with maybe, but probably not, anyone who filed a complaint with the states for that specific reason getting a small settlement.

  • Deanna Destin

    Dish network is still up to the not disclosing information or altering information to customers. I have had no less than a dozen Dish employees tell me my contract had ended and then when I go to cancel it the department that handles cancellations tells me I will be charged for terminating my contract early and their equipment has damaged my TV and they refuse to provide the equipment that would work with my TV without damaging it unless I buy it for 500.00. So basically they want me to pay them 90.00 a month for 12 more months and destroy a 3500.00 TV I can’t replace or pay them 180.00 in early termination fees plus for equipment because they can’t send return boxes unless I pay for another month of service I can’t watch because they won’t fix the problem.

  • Leonard Kelley

    Recently signed up for dish NW, what a mistake. The guy on the phone blatantly lied about monthly fee’s. I should of read the small print a little better. When I called to complain they basically told me too bad, so sad and if I get out of my contract it would cost me about $700.00 I wonder what would happen if several people called for installation and then refused to sign contract after tech shows up , might teach these crooks a lesson.

  • David Pillsbury

    I would like to make a public service comment regarding Dish Network:
    anyone considering service with this company in the Washington state area,PLEASE do your research,and don’t be fooled by there so called specials,they will miss lead you into believing you are getting a great deal,and by the time you find out the truth,you will be locked into a two year contract you can’t get out of .It is sad, that in this day and age we have to pay for TV, but never the less we deserve better than this. PLEASE DON’T BE FOOLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • adrian

    I am a new dish customer with wild blue sat internet. we ordered a dish on-demand all day pay per view movie, it buffered every few seconds all day and we were not able to view the movie, our internet service became very sluggish and encountered many errors, so i called custmer support to find out we were penalized for excessive usage particularly when we ordered the movie. I was not advised of such limitations when I subscribed for the service, who would think that when you pay the high cost of service you would have these issues when you upload and download. the only option i had was to upgrade my sat internet package to the highest priced one they offer. I have been very careful on what I view online in fear of spyware and viruses, much less downloading. since I have had problems with my computer in the past. In less than a month I know I have not downloaded or uploaded 7 gigs, on the 4th and 5th of this month a majority of my usage was when we ordered the pay per view movie. Not only was I not informed about usage limitations but how am I suppose to know how much I am using before I am penalized and my service runs into issues of very slow service and constant errors online which is what the sat internet service(wild blue) affiliated through dish network imposes on you when you exceed or nearly exceed your usage limitations and all this time I thought I had networking, spyware or virus issues and I could not figure out why when I have been so careful with what I do online, it was so frustrating especially paying the high cost of sat internet, come to find out it was a placement set to your computer by the satellite internet service.

  • Kelly Turner

    I have been with Dish Network for 3 years. During this time I have been over charged several times. Each month I open my bill there is a different charge on it for something I did not order or the monthly fees went up without being notified. My dish was messed up for several months and they finally sent me new one. This is working a little better but the charges were added to my bill. If I knew this was going to happen they would have never received my business in the first place. For anyone who lives in Ohio, DO NOT ORDER DISH NETWORK. They promise a flat rate and then next thing you know you are stuck in a contract with high rates..

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